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A Bloggers Desk

I’ve been thinking about doing a bloggers desk post for a while now, but just never got around to it. When I had the opportunity…

bloggers desk
I’ve been thinking about doing a bloggers desk post for a while now, but just never got around to it. When I had the opportunity to review some office supplies, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to both get more organised and make this post happen.
Viking sells stationary, office equipment, office furniture, cleaning supplies and even food and drinks. I decided straight away that I wanted to use this chance to tidy things up a little. I have a desk with two ever shallow draws – and to be honest, everything was just basically chucked in there, leaving me scratting around trying to find the things I need. 
I’m a messy person by nature and will shamefully admit that I find it very hard to keep things neat, the amount of STUFF I have in my room does not help me – so I need all the help I can get. Then some.
I browsed through Vikings many sections, until I came across the products I wanted. 
desk organisation
desk organiser
The first thing I opted for was this desk organiser, I knew this would sit next to my computer screen and would hold the things I use most often. 
draw tidy
The shallow draws are a nightmare, so this wooden tray tidy would sit perfectly inside my drawer housing all the little bits and bats that get lost. 
post-it, azera nescafe
I selected the post-it notes as I want to start writing in my notepad a bit more and these are perfect for keeping a track of pages, as well as using them in my work diary. I wanted the coffee because, honestly, I don’t think you could really call a bloggers a desk a ‘bloggers desk’ without a cup of coffee on it!
I could not wait to get my life sorted and get this stuff on my desk, so here is the result, along with everything else I have on my desk. 

A Bloggers Desk

bloggers desk
This is the layout of my desk. I have my Mac Mini connected to a 32 inch screen. I LOVE having a big computer screen and cannot imagine having a small desktop screen ever again. I have my Macbook Pro there also, as when I blog, I import and edit photos on my Macbook as my desktop needs upgrading and sometimes struggles with large files. I then put the photos into the post from my laptop and usually write the rest of the post on my desktop. My iPad is usually in one of the draws, or by my bed. But I left it out just to look cool. True story. 
bloggers desk
In the desk organiser, I used it to store a mixture of makeup as well as stationary, #bblogger, duh! These are the things I use all the time. My every day makeup: Naked 3 palette, eye liner, mascara and my favourite lip products. My work phone and online banking keypad, my electric cigarette which I don’t use much anymore but like to have it around still (I stopped smoking over 6 months ago). There’s the remote to my TV, some pens, highlighters and a nail file. On the ‘shelf’ lives my day moisturiser and my other camera lens. Inside the draw is some hair ties, the post-it notes and some ear plugs. 
bloggers desk
bloggers desk
The tray tidy is inside one of the draws, helping to keep things organised. It has a mixture of things in it, such as batteries, nail varnish, sunglasses, cables and nail scissors. My GHD straighteners sit on top of my iPad mini and next to there is a box of makeup I use often, but not daily. 
bloggers desk
I’m not showing you what’s in the other draw. Ha. Let’s just say it’s not as organised. It’s also boring as fuck. It’s basically full of dull adult things, such as wage slips, documents, envelopes, passports and popping candy. Wait, what? Yup. I have a supply of popping candy that my ex bought me, in massive quantity, for my for my birthday. Wheeeee!
bloggers desk, tardis mug
My coffee in my Tardis mug, best mug ever. I’ve just realised how much of a geek this post makes me look.. 
bloggers desk
So there you have it, where the magic happens.
I’m really impressed with Viking, actually. The quality of the items seems really good, they came well packaged and are solid and sturdy. I really like their ‘desk organisation’ section as it is full of lovely things that are great for storing not only office supplies, but beauty products also, so get yourself over to Viking and have a nosey for yourself.
What do you have on your desk?
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  1. Amazing screen! I love big computer screens too. I have a desk with 4 drawers and use an organiser try inside one of them. I’m usually very tidy, so I have no problem with my stuff.

    Jasmine x

  2. That wooden tray tidy looks like a great idea for keeping your drawers nice and tidy 🙂

  3. Oh I sooo love your desk! Mine is so cluttered whatever I do because I share it with my husband and son. Haha so what do I expect?! I love the organizing products you use. I get so obsessed with anything that can organize my things, baskets, boxes, jars etc! 😀

  4. Thank you for sharing! I am sure the review motivated you to organize and stay organized. Nice desk space. This post made me wish I had a desktop and office. Rachel xo

  5. Nice, the big screen got me thinking. sounds indeed better then a tiny screen! I also need one of those organizing thingy!

  6. You are very tidy!! you should see my desk, it is full of things. I loved that organiser. Kisses:)

  7. good post
    book review blog ♡
    personal ♡
    *check them out please*

  8. I wish I had a desk at home. I tend to blog from my sofa and my work desk is just covered in too many pieces of paper to even mention. Sometimes I do wonder whether I have a desk at all!

  9. I’m afraid if I wrote down everything that’s on my bloggers desk it would take up many times more space than your entire post. If I were to buy that Osco Desk Organiser, which I think would be excellent if my blogging area were less cluttered, I’m afraid the organiser itself would get buried and difficult to find. Your Bloggers desk area looks great!
    Congratulations on quitting smoking! That’s a tremendous achievement – much harder even than quitting drinking or drugs, so well done you!
    Thank you for the intimate look at your Bloggers desk – it’s lovely and interesting!
    P.S.: My Twitter account is back but I probably won’t do #Fbloggers #FFs tomorrow since I’d like to let whatever errant algorithms and or false-flaggers get sorted out first. I’m considering unfollowing some people don’t follow and or Tweet me but I may mention my last post since not all of my usual commenters who are on Twitter have commented on it yet and I probably won’t do another post until the beginning of May. It looks like I’ll be unable to join the #Socialbloggers chat Saturday either due to a scheduling conflict.

    Have a Happy Friday and a lovely weekend!

  10. Awww!! you’re soo organised!! I love your desk, particularly how neat and clean it looks!! And omg that mug is to die for!!! <3

  11. What a great space to write, mine consists of a laptop on my lap or blogging on my phone. Love the tardis mug Lucy x

  12. i don’t know how people do it with two/three (sometimes) screens all at once. i just find it far too confusing for my puny little (bleached) blonde brain. lol!! i’m happy enough with one computer that houses all my photos, music & whatever else i may need to blog(!) which is how i can blog from anywhere with an internet connection and not be confined to a desk (:

    ps, love? it’s STATIONERY! with an E. the a spelling is for things that are stagnant/non-moving. haha! sorry to point that out but it’s a bit of a thing for me. i hate when people spell the word wrong. i’m a huge stationery geek, too though <3 lovelove pens & notebooks!! have a TON of them layin around.

    sorry if i was rude about the spelling thing. :

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