10 Facts About Me

For the past month of so, I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had the opportunity to review lots of lovely things for some companies and…

For the past month of so, I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had the opportunity to review lots of lovely things for some companies and brands. While I love doing this as it gives me something great build content around, as well as allowing me to build up a portfolio of reviews for when I want to make a career change, I’ve been a little concerned about losing the personal touch to my blog! So, I wanted to do a more personal post by sharing 10 things about myself to let you all get to know me a little better and see the girl behind the blog! Let’s go let’s go:
10 Facts About Me:
  • I was a complete accident. My mum had three boys before me and fell pregnant with me when she was 40, nine years after her last son was born. She was terrified I was going to be a boy because she always wanted a girl, but had been cursed blessed with three boys. Who were quite frankly, little shits.  
  • The story of my name is not that interesting. Corinne is the French form of ‘Corinna’ and it means ‘maiden’. My mother did not know what to call me and didn’t pick out a name before I was born. She read it in a book of names and liked it. I always hated it growing up as nobody had every heard of it before so when I made new friends or met new people, they would always look at me funny and never be able to say it properly. People always spelt it and pronounced it wrong, or called me something completely different. I used to make up ‘normal’ names when I went on holiday and met other children. 
  • In 2007, I lived in France for a year teaching English in a French school while I was doing my French degree. I never would have thought that I could move to a different country on my own. It was very very scary, but after doing that, I know 1) I can do anything and 2) I have no patience to work with children.
  • Everybody at work thinks I’m a lesbian and often make jokes that I have a penis. I have no idea what draws them to this conclusion. Maybe it’s the long hair. Or the skirts I wear every day. Shrug. When I went to a concert a few months ago, I got asked of I was going to a lesbian convention to do a talk about life post-op. 
  • Before I started this blog in December 2012, I spent most of my free time on the xBox. Call of Duty, Skyrim, Assassins Creed, Bioshock were all favourites. I rarely play now as I’m too busy with the blog. Maybe this is where the previous fact about me comes from. 
  • I would make a terrible beauty blogger. I never wear make-up, only mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. I am trying to get brave with lipstick and wear BB cream on a really special occasion. I also own no Mac products. 
  • I hate my voice SO much. If could change anything about myself, it would be my stupid voice. I sound like an 8 year old boy. Sometimes my work phone does that thing were your voice echos back to you and I cannot bare to listen to it. This is why I quit doing YouTube videos and moved to blogging because I would rather stab myself in the face than edit my stupid voice.
  • I take pictures of everything. I have over 7000 photos on my phone and most them are what I have sent by text or twitter while having a conversation with people. Why write it when you can just photo it? 
  • I don’t have any pets, I can barely look after myself, never mind another living thing. When I was a teenager I had a dog called Ollie. She was the cutest little thing in the world, but I was not a good pet mum. She was more my Dad’s dog than mine in the end, he would take her on really long walks and she loved him the most. Weh. One Thursday evening I was waiting for my Mum to finish on the phone so I could use the internet (dial-up, ew) and I was laying on the floor of the living room. I decided to call Ollie so I could play with her, when my Mum stopped talking, looked at me and said ‘Corinne, are you being serious?’ and I was like ‘What’. And she said ‘We gave Ollie away on Sunday, have you not noticed? We thought you were just not talking to us about it’. When I complained and stropped about them giving my dog away, she said I didn’t pay enough attention to her. I decided this would be an argument I would never win and waited quietly for the internet.
  • My blog is a secret to everyone apart from my housemates and 3 friends. 
Tell me a fact about you.


  1. Corine you name is perfect like the idea is unique no one has it so you should feel special. Wow that is a lot of pictures you have I have not reach 2 hundred yet pretty cool and as per my blog only the people at my job knows they suggested it.

  2. My blog is still sort of a secret although a few more of my real-life friends are finding out about it through things like twitter and I’m starting to be ok with that.

  3. So fun to get to learn more about you!! Ha and you are my hubbys dream woman–if I would sit and play all those video games with him, he would be in heaven 🙂 And I adore your name–so unique!


  4. This post is great!!I liked knowing more about you.I am the opposite to you, I have three brothers too but I am the older. I like very much your name, I didn´t know the meaning but it sounds beautifully.As for the last fact, I haven´t got a pet either. I had a goldfish for two years!! but…it died one day without no reason. Kisses:)

  5. i think corinne is a lovely name! and i actually know other people who are called corinne&corinn:-) i’d think that having long hair and wearing skirts would not make anyone think you’re a lesbian, quite the opposite! that’s funny, though. when i cut my hair short for the first time and was ~12-13, there were rumours of me being a lesbian, so i can sympathize as well. also, my blog is mostly a secret! was great reading some new things about you! xx

  6. My birth was an accident too. I still wonder whether not being born a girl was a curse. The only reason I’m not sure is that if I were born a girl I might have to deal with more men (ugh). I love the name Corinne. You have something in common with Lady Gaga! (lesbian and penis rumours). You’re prettier but I love her knickers displays and music. I didn’t know you’d been a gamer. I’m lazy with makeup too but get away with it being a guy. I hate the tone of my own voice too, though I’ve heard it’s nice on the phone. I miss your YouTube videos like the snow angel one. Have you seen the quote about me on my Twitter, @Panty_Buns? Well I revealed my blog, Twitter and YouTube to her and she’s wanting to learn more. I may be in trouble – or if she loves it I’ll love her more. I guess my blogging is less of a secret. Oh yeah. The women at the nearest Victoria’s Secret where I shopped know about my blog too. Who knows what will happen next? I don’t.


  7. Lol owning something from Mac seems almost necessary to be a beauty blogger these days! I bought my first mac product last year, but we don’t have one in my town so that’s why. I’d love to see your family’s reaction if you told them you write a blog that has 800 followers!


  8. My grandmother had my mom at 40. She couldn’t believe she was pregnant. My mom is the strongest out of the other 3 my grandmother had. That’s crazy they think you’re a lesbian. You always come across feminine to me. But there are feminine lesbians. LOL I love your name! I think it’s so pretty. I follow another blogger whose name is Corinne. Let me find the link: She’s really cool!


  9. Great post lovely, I really enjoyed learning more about you! We have quite a few things in common – mainly that I take pictures of everything & hate my voice too (it either sounds too young or can can be too hoarse for my liking!). Corrine is an absolutely lovely name chick! Look forward to reading more from you, Aimee xx

    The Belle Narrative

  10. I love the fact about photos! I’m a photo freak and recently had to clear my phone because I didn’t have any more space!!

  11. I love playing on the XBOX myself, definitely a stress reliever to play on CoD for a couple of hours :’) love this post, think i’ll do one myself pretty soon, adds a nice personal touch to the blog 🙂 Also, your very brave moving to France for a year, i’d love to do it but have never actually made the move so congrats for that!

    Sarah @ theblossomcart.blogspot.co.uk

  12. This is a great post! It’s always nice to find out a little bit more about the person behind the blog posts! Fab idea!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs

  13. great post ! nice to know a little bit more about you !
    assassins creed !! good choice i used to play that lol 🙂
    The Inked Blonde-Melissa

  14. Hello from Spain: I like to know you more. I just got back from Paris. It is a very cosmopolitan city. I read that you know speak French. It is a very difficult language for me. You now live in another country. Very interesting life. Keep in touch

  15. It’s good to get to know you better. I laughed when I read that you couldn’t take care of a pet let alone can’t yourself. Too funny! I think your name is pretty and don’t worry I hardly wear make-up but trying to change that. Rachel http://Garaytreasures.wordpress.com

  16. Well Corinne…I had wondered if you were a lesbian, I’m not gonna lie…JUST KIDDING. Defo think you wear those flowy dresses to hide your huge-ass man stick though, haha 😉
    On another note, I’m crap with animals too, I mean I’m currently planning my life and future as a cat lady, but I know full well the cat would die and I’d be done for animal cruelty and cast away to live alone in one of those sheltered housing places for all of eternity, with only a photo of my poor deceased kitty, (who shall be named Barbara aka Barbs) for company.
    Ah well Corinne, ah well…
    P.S it seems happy accidents come from Yorkshire, (um hello your voice MUST be epic cos you’re a YORKY LASS yo!) my mama was out partying, raving and being a full on animal for a full 4 months before realising she’d grown the bump which would turn out to be me…then out I popped at 7 months, needless to say I was one huge surprise haha :p


    Holly Mixtures

  17. I love read these facts on you. Your french name is beautiful and I do not know that you lived in France. It must be a very nice experience. Bisous et à bientôt 🙂

  18. this post made me LOL for real. and i’m so so glad you’re making it a point to intersperse some personal posts, too (((: i love reviews as much as the next person but yeah, a blog full of ads or paid posts is actually kinda off-putting. love this so much, i may steal this idea off you if i run into a mental block soon. haha!!

    your work people are kinda dumb to conclude you’re a lesbian. you were so many dresses and your hair’s reallyreally pretty!! any guy would be lucky to scoop you! BONUS: YOU GAME, TOO! 😀

  19. this was a fun post. thanks for sharing.. funny that you give off a lesbian vibe.
    i feel the same way abut pets.. kids are hard enough and at least i know they’ll grow up and move out one day.. a pet seems like just so much extra work

  20. It’s crazy how cruel some people can be! I love this post. Thank you for sharing more about you! I love your writing style! Honest and to the point! You do an awesome job! We have had dogs most of lives, and even though I miss the one that ran away terribly, it’s kind of nice being free of the responsibility. And we won’t get anymore! It just hurts to much when something happens to them. Most of my husbands family and him, know I have a blog and they don’t really care. I just love writing and meeting other people!

  21. I was banned by my flatmates from using a headset while playing CoD because I used to argue with the 14 year olds on there. They wouldn’t believe a 27 year old woman was owning their asses! Fact. x

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