There’s horses on my top. HORSES.

Top: c/o OASAP Skirt: c/o OASAP Belt: c/o fiigirl Shoes : ASOS   Since the whole being watched and followed, and then the slight stalker…

Top: c/o OASAP
Skirt: c/o OASAP
Belt: c/o fiigirl
Shoes : ASOS


Since the whole being watched and followed, and then the slight stalker incident, I thought it best I recruit a photographer to come with me to take some photos. That lucky person is Christine, my housemate. She now has accompanied me on two adventures. The first one to come later in the week.


Let’s adore this beautiful top from OASAP. It has horses on it. HORSES. I think it’s an adorable pattern and I’m dying to style it with some other items as I’m not really digging the length of the skirt, but I love the colour of it. 

The diet I spoke about yesterday was going well. I went for a 5 mile run also, which kind of hurt but made for beautiful Instagram opportunities. The sun was in the sky and I saw loads of fellow runners. Or should I saw the backs and bums of fellow runners as they were over taking me…..
I’m down a pound also, whoo!! I kind of do what I want because I’m a massive brat, so I weigh myself every day. I don’t care if you’re supposed to only get on it once a week, I need to see instant progress or I get bored. I need to get on so the number on the scale can dictate my mood and self-esteem levels for the whole day. Yay. Sometimes I get on twice a day if I’m feeling extra feisty.
Here is a picture of Christine stuck in a tree:


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  1. Taking someone with you definitely seem like a good shout,
    You look gorgeous,
    I am soooo in love with that top, it is STUNNING.

    Oh, I have a giveaway at the moment! Would love you to enter. Kelly from |Daydreams & Daisychains

  2. Aww..bless Christine. She had to climb the tree to take pictures??LOL

    But it is nice to have someone with you to take outfit pictures, rather than being on your own and have people stalk you.

    Love the top, especially the horses makes it even more beautiful.

    Glad that the diet is making a difference.

  3. I didn’t have to even see the top, I just read horses and I was sold, its the most charming blouse, love it!! Its always great hearing from you hun (“,)

  4. You have paired the top, skirt and belt so gorgeously…So pretty and girly..Love it 🙂 <3

  5. You look fabulous! I also love your outfit! I love everything about both your green OASAP skirt and your horse print OASAP blouse. The green colour of your skirt would make it perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day. I love the colour, the length, the drape, and the look of the fabric. You have a lovely figure. I also like the upside down horse and small diamond prints on your blouse, the collar and the gathering at the short sleeves. It’s a lovely outfit. That’s extremely impressive to me that you went for a 5 mile run. I also love the photo you took of Christine up in the tree and your entire post. P.S.: I finally got around to doing another post myself.

  6. I love horses.. this would be perfect where I live (the horse capital of the world). Love it!

  7. be safe, people are creeps sometimes!!
    good idea bringing your trusty companion 😉
    love that top! reminds me of the clothes horse blog
    xx Corinne

  8. love the print of your top! looks really great with that skirt 😉
    very nice blog by the way 🙂

    kisses from Russia,

  9. What is Christine doing in the tree? Beautiful pictures, Corinne. I loved your top and green is my favourite colour so, your skirt is great too. Kisses:)

  10. love the print on your top, too cute!

    the vaseline handcream absorbs really quickly so i think you’ll like it, you really can’t feeling after abou a minute or less


    Inspirations Have I None

  11. Ohh my gosh, I friggen love that outfit!!
    You pull it off real swell. c:


  12. I really love this combo. The shirt is super cute! I will have to check their stuff out because everything you have from them looks awesome! Glad you took a friend along for the shoot too, much safer and more fun! Sarah 🙂

  13. That’s so sweet of your room mate to be your photog 🙂 I have to really twist my boyfriend’s arm to help me out with my pics! Also love how you do your hair by the way, have you considered a tutorial? Xx

  14. You are hilarious as always and also read the stalker(isn) incident; quite scary actually. It’s always smart to take an assistant with you to photoshoots ( if they don’t get stuck in trees that is :)) Stay safe!Your horse top is really cute too! XOXO, Elif

  15. I’m afraid to get on my scales right now, I’ve got a full on double chin on this mornings parkrun photo’s, and me and my friend destroyed a Nandos whole chicken last night.
    Coming to run and climb trees with you asap.
    Then might borrow your scales.

    Also you look gorgeous as per 😀

    Holly Mixtures

  16. Oh poor Christine stuck in the tree haha! Bless her.
    You look lovely btw. The belt completely brings it all together.

    Best wishes, Danielle x

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