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Dress: c/o Choies
Jacket : Primark
Tights : Tesco
Shoes : ASOS
I love this dress form Choies, it’s so colourful and full of summer. I’m very excited to wear it!
I was tagged by Rebecca in this makeup mishap tag, and as my head is mashed from work and I can’t think of anything interesting to talk about, a tag is what you are getting. 
You’re going to a high end beauty event – would you rather:

Have really thick, dark, sharpie eyebrows or a major neck/foundation line?
Probably the sharpie eyebrows because at least I could pretend I had done it myself for the lols. Foundation lines are just grim and you can’t really play that off as a joke.
Have chipped nail polish or horribly faded lipstick?
Chipped nail polish. This is because I have chipped nail polish about 90% of the time I wear it. I know it’s kind of a sin, but I hardly ever take it off with remover and will pick at it for days until it’s completely gone. I’m a really lazy human.
Have smudged all your eye make up or have lipstick on your teeth?
Lipstick on my teeth, probably. I’m kind of socially awkward so it’s not like I’d be talking to any of these people anyway. I’d just sit in silence and tweet. True story.
Over highlight – a la disco ball – or over pluck those brows and look constantly surprised?
Over highlight – it would be much easier to fix than waiting for my brows to grow back in.
It’s a typical working/school day, and unfortunately your beauty products have gone missing. You can only find a few things hidden at the bottom of your makeup bag, and have to use what you can find. What do you choose?
OTT unsubtle fake lashes or clear mascara?
Mascara? I usually end up sticking one of the fake lashes to my eyebrows or something. I can never get those damn things right.
A foundation five shades too dark or five shades too light?
I’ll go with five shades too light as I usually wear the lightest or second to lightest anyway. So I win that game as you can’t get paler than a skinned-car-tree whee! I don’t even know what that means. 
Hair-gloss (a beautifully sticky gloss: perfect for getting your hair stuck to in the wind) or gorgeous concealer lips?
I don’t know what concealer lips is. So I pick that one for the adventure factor.
Finally, it’s the middle of summer – you can have either a manicure or a pedicure. However, the other set of nails have to be bare – what do you pick?
Pedicure. I don’t like showing my feet without nail varnish on them. But I don’t follow rules very well so I’d probably just paint my finger nails afterwards. Just to be a brat.
I tag anyone who wants to do it. 
But especially newer bloggers looking for things to post, or those of you that are not feeling motivated to blog.
Please send me a link to your post if you make one, or answer any/all the questions in the comments if you wish =)
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