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The first thing I saved up for #throwbackthursday

  I was contacted about being part of a campaign for Legal and General to get people thinking and talking about saving. The question is…

I was contacted about being part of a campaign for Legal and General to get people thinking and talking about saving. The question is simple:
What was the first thing you saved up for?
I was eleven or twelve when Furbie first came out in 1998. I believe they were around £30 and I used to get around £2.50 pocket money, so I know it would take me months to save up for one! At that age, a few months seems like a few years.
My older brother who is 9 years older than me had one. He was living with his girlfriend (now wife) in a caravan in Bridlington on the holiday park where they both worked. I remember being so jealous of their Furby and thinking I’d never be able to buy one of my own.
We drove back to our home town in South Yorkshire and was feeling disheartened that I wouldn’t get one of my own. Christmas had just passed and my Birthday wasn’t until July. Pants.
The next time I went to visit them, they decided they were ‘over’ their Furby and my brother offered to sell me it for £10! What a bargain! I had to do a deal with my mum – we agreed I would use this weeks pocket money and the next 3 weeks. So I had to go three weeks without any pocket money to pay for the Furby.
In that weekend I learnt how to save, how you sometimes have to sacrifice things to get things you want and how you get a great deal if you are willing to get something second hand!

I still have the Furby, his name is ‘Sumoo’ I think. Well, he says ‘Me Sumoo’ a lot, so I guess that is it.
That’s me, my Dad and Sumoo on the day I got him. 
He is 16 years old. I look like a totally different person, but he, however, has not aged one bit. I was a very ugly adolescent!

My favourite thing to do with Sumoo is to turn him upside down. See – he still works!

What was the first thing you saved up for?
The post is now on the L&G website. See what other bloggers saved up for here.
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  1. I’m horrified of the whole Furby comeback!
    That’s such a cute story though. ^_^
    I remember mine would ring just before the telephone would. O.O
    First thing I saved up for? Probably a baby doll or barbie.


  2. aw wow, I remember when I got my first furby, I loved him!! and I agree that saving is very important! I’m currently saving for a car! 🙂

    Tabitha Beckett – xx

  3. Ahaha so cute :’) the first thing I saved up for was Gareth Gates’ single that he released right after he didn’t win pop idol 😉 I was so gutted that Will Young had won so I saved up my pocket money and bought Gareth’s CD and a poster of him for my bed room wall! I was such a lame kid haha.

    Natalie |

  4. They are so adorable! Best throwback!!!

    Defining Me

  5. Wow! I remember those! We were all obsessed with them. I really don’t remember the first thing I saved for, but my dad did instill that value in us from an early age.
    I laughed at your “ugly adolescent” comment. I look at my pictures and think the same thing!
    Btw, you were not ugly.

  6. What a cute story Corinne. What was the first thing I ever saved for…….truly I haven’t the faintest idea. Some trash probably, lol.
    hugs sweetie

  7. Those childhood savings and getting what one wants was so special, nothing now gives that satisfaction..
    I don’t remember spending my pocket cash till I was 15-16, I use to put it in piggi pranks and never used them..
    After that I stared shopping and everything was blown up.
    U look compleatkyvworth changed
    Keep in touch

  8. Furby! You have no idea how much I wanted one! Of course, it was too expensive and never got mine lol! (I had the tamagotchi though) Your story and memory is so nice Corinne, you have been very wise! The photo with ur dad is super sweet! And well done for the project you are taking part. Sweet dreams! xo

  9. I remember Furby’s, soooo cute!! I can’t believe I didn’t have one, and you kept it too, thats really sweet and sentimental. I still have most of my childhood toys stored in a storeroom somewhere. I enjoyed reading your opinion on my last post. Think a darker hue will look stunning on you and bring out your eyes. Happy Friday Dear!

  10. Yeah, the problem with saving is that the last time most of us did it was when we were kids. Except for my 401k and rainy day fund, it’s hard to discipline myself to save for much else. I feel like I was more disciplined as a kid…

  11. oh. my. god. i haven’t seen one of those in AGES! i’ve never owned one (they kind of scared me, haha) but i was all over those giga pets. I think i had like three, and they always died on me. as for whats the first thing i saved up for, i can’t even remember. probably some book 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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  13. I can share Corrine that I was too old for ferbies however would have loved one. The first thing I saved for was a Sylvanian house and like to still have it Lucy x

  14. I loved my furby! It was grey with a white belly but it kept talking in the night and waking me up aha! I still how it now somewhere in the attic I think x

  15. gosh.. a cell phone! haha. a blackberry, to be exact. your furby still works.. that’s incredible. I LOVE FURBY’S. omg.

    ps: i was a very ugly child + adolescent, too. high five.

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