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The busy blogger.

Dress : Persunmall Tights: Tesco Belt : c/o Fiigirl Shoes : c/o LovelyShoes I’m so happy it is Friday! Two full days off! I have…

Dress : Persunmall
Tights: Tesco
Belt : c/o Fiigirl
Shoes : c/o LovelyShoes
I’m so happy it is Friday! Two full days off! I have tonnes to do though. I plan to spend most of today taking photos for zee blog, I have lots of posts to prepare for next week, which is exciting. I was hoping for a sleep in, but do you know that problem when you need to wee, but you know when you get up you might as well say bye bye to anymore zzzzzzzz’s? Well, that is my problem right now. Boo hoo, woe, doom. Screw you, bladder. 
It’s probably a good idea that I am up early though so I can sort my life the hell out. I can’t believe I’ve posted every day this month – I’ve even had to start a editorial calendar which is something I’ve never done before, to enable me to plan posts ahead. I currently have a post per day planned every day until the 15th April – oops! When I heard other bloggers say they had one, I used to never understand why. I thought it was a bit poncey, to be honest. I was more than capable of keeping my post ideas inside of my head. I guess that is okay when you only have to fit three in there at a time, as soon as I realised I was having to plan sometimes a month in advance – I knew my poor brain would not cope so I now have them all written out when when I am going to post what. 
I do need to get some running done, I’ve not ran since Sunday – I ran 5 miles both Saturday and Sunday and managed to do it in under an hour both times, which is great. My best time was 55:55, so I need to get under 55 next, I guess! I don’t know where I’m going to fit the running in along side the blogging as both require daylight. I’m kid of hoping it rains so I can just sort out the blawwwwggggggggggg and worry about running on another day.
I cannot wait until the days get longer so I’ll have more time to do everything!
Look at these cute AMINALSSSSSSS. The first picture is of Terry being pathetic. This is what he does when you say bath to him. It’s kind of hilariously heartbreakingly cute. He slowly falls to the floor and rolls on his back. I need to video record it. You have to say bath in Greek though because Terry and Penny only speak Greek
The second is Terry being all noble like the Lion King.
And look at Chloe. CHLOE. I love Chloe. Best cat ever. One time I locked her in the airing cupboard without realising but I don’t think she remembers that. I have a million photos of Chloe doing the best things. I should do a post with just pictures of Chloe. Chloe in a box Chloe laid like a non-cat Chloe being a baby CHLOE CHLOE CHLOE. Should I?
What are your weekend plans?


  1. Doll you made me laugh so hard the office workers are looking at me like I’m crazy ha ha. I agree with you with the bladder issue I have to get up at 4 am so for some reason I get interrupted to go at 2 am is a killer because I cannot go back to sleep this is why my weekends are for me I cannot post blogs to exhausted by the time Friday comes around but do enjoy visiting and reading others. We also have something in common writing the ideas to post for a week or month you are awesome. Enjoy your weekend. By the way the puppy and kitty are precious.

  2. Wow sounds like you’re so busy with the blog. Do you do it full-time? I’m amazed if not!! Good luck with the run time…you can do it 🙂 Danielle x

    frontière girl

  3. I totally hear you and wish you may be able to find the right balance. Something I am definitely struggling with and result: nasty cold forcing me to take a rest. Oh well, happy blogging to us, right:) Have a good weekend and I love your belt with the shoes. Got a similar one. Sabina OceanblueStyle

  4. Hello from Spain: I always say that the key is a good organization. I am happy that you have everything planned. Funny pictures of pets. The weekend will be walking. Keep in touch

  5. Wow Corinne, well done on planning posts ahead! Something I still never learnt how to do lol! Btw, the dress is so cute and u look adorable! As well as all these sweet faces!:) Kisses and happy Fri! xo

  6. Haha I am so loving the photo of your little one when you say the word bath–totally adorable 🙂 And I love your outfit–such a cool fun look! Congrats on posting everyday this month–that is a great accomplishment!


  7. Lovely dress!

    ♥ Oxana
    Bloglovin | Facebook | Tumblr | Instagram

  8. The print and drape of your Persumall dress are lovely and the blue colour of your Tesco tights looks nice paired with that dress. I suspect your dress looks even more lovely when it moves in the wind. Congratulations on your increasing running prowess. I doubt I’ll get it finished but I’d like to make progress on a new post for my blog and my YouTube sometime this weekend. I have a terrible time struggling to get half decent photos and videos taken. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  9. What a lovely print has your dress, Corinne! I think it is perfect for spring. As for the weekend I hope you enjoy it and get relaxe . I couldn´t post everyday as you do, you are so hard- working. I just post 4 times a week and sometimes I feel I can´t do everything . Kisses:)

  10. I really like the look!
    nice post! and also very impressive that u managed to post everyday! .. I should try that.

  11. Omg , so true.. i get so urritated when i have to get up and pee , it gappens when i am in my best sleep ..
    15 posts planned already, OMG.. How do you do that..
    I plan for 3-4 days and still never stick to it..
    But I am going to try planning in advance..
    Your pets are sooo cute. U must do a post only with their pics and ya with terry’s rolling on floor vedio too

  12. My kind of dress, adore the cute print and your styling with the belt and blue tights is superb. Thanks so much for kindly stopping by…wishing you a marvelous weekend!

  13. i love that dress, the print is so cute! i should be sorting out my life too, but i’d much rather just watch buffy slay some vampires all weekend, haha:-) and you should definitely do a chloe post! xx

  14. I’ve had a stressful week, next week begins Lima Fashion Week and I have been attending the preview of the designers who will participate, for the weekend I must take a post more about that and on Sunday I rest as it comes another grueling week on Friday will attend two fashion shows and I can not be happier!

  15. i love that you’re levelling up with the blogging!!!!

    always had nothing but the best hopes for you to make it big & strike it rich! (or whatever it is they say, lol!)

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