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#socialbloggers 8 Your influences

  Saturday night was the eigth #socialbloggers twitter chat, hosted by myself and Noor of Noors Place. The topic tonight was all about what influences…

Saturday night was the eigth #socialbloggers twitter chat, hosted by myself and Noor of Noors Place. The topic tonight was all about what influences us as bloggers.
There are multiple things that influence me and my blog. It can be layout of other blogs and they way they present their posts. It can be stunning photography, whether it be outfit photos, photos of products or just photography in general. It can be the style of writing. I really enjoy it when a blogger has a ‘voice’ that you can read and know it has been written by this particular person. Individuality and quality are key things for me – with a massive dose of humour.
Although blogs can inspire me, they can always make me feel like I’ll never be ‘good enough’. I start getting mind talk, then I manage to convince myself that my photography will never be that good, my hair will never look that perfect, my style will never be amazing and I will just never be the type of blogger that is up there with the best. But I have to remind myself, as should we all, that there will always be people that are better than me when it comes to blogging, and there will always be people who are not as good – due to less experience, being new to blogging, not putting as much importance on it or lack of knowledge. I know I’ll never be the type of blogger that looks like I’ve just stepped out of a magazine as I am just an average girl, with an average body just trying to do something I enjoy. And that’s okay. 
I just look at how different my blog and posts were last year and wonder where I will be this time next year. 
On to the chat:
Q1: What is it about other blogs that influence you and your blogging ideas? 

A1. Writing style, photographs and creative topic ideas usually inspire me! #socialbloggers
— Melissa Rosa (@melrosaa) March 22, 2014

@bloggerforums I’ll say Originality Of Content.I like to see new and twisted ideas with pretty photos. It always inspires me #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) March 22, 2014

Hmm influences for my blog? Just my everyday life in general! Plus the odd site: news, Twitter, pinterest, blogs, etc 🙂 #socialbloggers
— CACHOO (@CachooJoo) March 22, 2014

I am influenced by other blogs’ constant ideas…it feeds mine and makes me keep finding new things! #socialbloggers
— Jess Atkinson (@jessatkinsonxo) March 22, 2014

@bloggerforums @noorslense A1: by “chatting” on other blogs, some ideas write themselves as a follow up to a conversation #socialbloggers
— The Trollbead Troll (@TrollbeadBlog) March 22, 2014

You can twist a regular day story into a great post. Just focus on photos and a good writing style #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) March 22, 2014

My blogging ideas generally come from the beauty products itself or just from day to day happenings ?? #socialbloggers
— eLLa (@evrylttlethng07) March 22, 2014

I like a little bit of humor and genuine tone #socialbloggers
— Anu (@visceralmaze) March 22, 2014

@upbeatuplifts @bloggerforums @NoorsLense There are so many clones & they bore the tits off of me. #socialbloggers
— Emily Gibson (@CuriouslyEmily) March 22, 2014

A1: anything and everything! When I find something in a blog that I really enjoy (design, content, style) I make a note. #socialbloggers
— Traci J (@bowsforjustine) March 22, 2014

Reading blogs lets me find ideas of posts I wouldn’t think of, like regular features and stuff #socialbloggers
— India Benjamin (@IndiaBenjamin) March 22, 2014

I always pay attention blog design and make a note on what I like and do not like about them #socialbloggers
— Anu (@visceralmaze) March 22, 2014

Q2: Does your content influence other bloggers? Would you want it to?

@bloggerforums @NoorsLense that would be really nice. but I think you need a good following to see the influence on others.— Anu (@visceralmaze) March 22, 2014

@bloggerforums I’d love it if someone, even just 1 person, felt that i was influencing them or their blog
— Kristina ? (@KrisEvilCupcake) March 22, 2014

@bloggerforums @NoorsLense 😮 I think that would be so cool!! I’d take THAT as a compliment! 😀
— CACHOO (@CachooJoo) March 22, 2014

If your blog isn’t a BIG one , don’t think it doesn’t influence others. Maybe a post or word or photo has influenced someone #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) March 22, 2014

#socialbloggers I would LOVE to have my blog influence others. I think every blog touches someone in someway. Its not all about numbers.
— Nichole Josey (@upbeatuplifts) March 22, 2014

In terms of influencing other bloggers – Not yet. But I know I influence some people who follow and that’s beaut #socialbloggers
— Jess Atkinson (@jessatkinsonxo) March 22, 2014

Q3: Does seeing great blog photos/content inspire you or make you feel not good enough – that could be a good question?

@bloggerforums @NoorsLense Inspire almost always. It’s not good to do comparisons, we’re all at our own level. #socialbloggers
— Kelly FlatEleven (@KellyFlatEleven) March 22, 2014

@bloggerforums @NoorsLense Photos inspire me, I’m constantly thinking of improving because I’m never happy with mine #socialbloggers
— Naaj Rona (@Naaj_Rona) March 22, 2014

@bloggerforums It’s a 50/50 . Sometimes I am SO inspired by other blogs but sometimes I just think I should improve my blog #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) March 22, 2014

A3: Great q. Spurs me on to make my own blog even better with my own content/ideas. Always wish i started blogging earlier! #socialbloggers
— Danielle (@Frontiere_Girl) March 22, 2014

@bloggerforums @NoorsLense I hate my photos. Its something I really want to improve, everyone’s are so pretty! #socialbloggers
— India Benjamin (@IndiaBenjamin) March 22, 2014

#socialbloggers A3: inspires me. it gives me something to strive to reach. especially being a new blogger
— Nichole Josey (@upbeatuplifts) March 22, 2014

A1: I’m a perfectionist and therefore really great bloggers simultaneously make me feel useless/inspired #socialbloggers
— Jess Atkinson (@jessatkinsonxo) March 22, 2014

@bloggerforums A3- it definitely inspires me but also drives me crazy if I notice something is majorly lacking in my blog #socialbloggers
— Kristina ? (@KrisEvilCupcake) March 22, 2014

Bonus Q: Link your post you’re most proud of, or is most influential and tell us why.  

Feel free to answer any of the questions and if you would like to answer the Bonus Q, I’ll try and check your posts out.

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My shins are bloody hurting, I did a 5 mile run on Saturday and Sunday morning – time for a rest day or two. How was your weekend?

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  1. Hello from Spain: I agree with your reflection. There are better blogs than ours but there are worse blogs. The key is to be different and do what we like. Keep in touch

  2. Seeing successful blogs inspires me to do put my best foot forward and give it my all to get the same success and validation!

  3. I missed the Saturday night #socialbloggers Twitter chat – again! I must remember to log into my Twitter account, @Panty_Buns, in time to participate. I think it would do me a lot of good since I’m prone to rambling on at great length, and since Twitter’s 140 character limit helps keep things snappy and to the point (as evidence by some of the remarks from the #socialbloggers Twitter chat shown above). Those tips on writing an interesting blog are great! I know you like to be more perfect in your blogging but you have a good grasp of the most important things: Content, humour, and a nice photo or two – your posts are fun to read. One of the things I enjoy most about blogs and especially embedded videos is the bloopers. They’re funny and it’s wonderful when people don’t take themselves too seriously. I do get influenced by how other bloggers approach fashion. The link to the post I’m most proud of would be my: “Outfit Post and Review: Hanes Her Way Women’s Nylon Brief Panties”, because of the relative shortness of the embedded video and how enthusiastic I was in it. In that post I asked for an opinion on the colours. Most commenters said pink or lavender, but in hindsight I’m now wondering whether they may have been a shade of Radiant Orchid. I’d still love more opinions. Rest well and heal those shins! Congratulations on completing your 5 mile run!

  4. We can only be the people we are. My blog can only be a reflection of me and the same goes for your blog. And that’s absolutely OK. So it’s great to hear that you are seeing that what makes your blog great and special is it’s uniqueness to you.

    Awesome social blogger thread as well.

  5. Great post I do not look at other bloggers and compare, I like our individuality and creatively that makes us all an individual blogger. So I do enjoy a good read like this one as well as a cool image and diys. It motivates us to come out of our shells and not be afraid to be yourself and show your creative side.

  6. Hello dear,
    As part of my dissertation I prepared a questionnaire for shopping clothes online. It would be great if you had five minutes to answer it.
    Thank you very much

  7. I always feel inspired to blog at the most inopportune times and I take so many pictures ‘to blog about’ and then completely forget. I really should try to blog as soon as inspiration takes me haha! I’m inspired by fun days out, great restaurants, flowers…everything 🙂

  8. it’s nice to see what other bloggers are influenced by! i need to start taking part in the socialbloggers chat 🙂

    L x

  9. I really like your perspective on blogging! It’s so important to be who you are and not focus on what other people are doing 🙂

  10. My blog will turn two next month and has already gone through several changes in layout and content. I think it’s important to figure out what your niche is and focus your energies on reaching that demographic effectively. I think you’re doing a great job. I like your authentic POV very much!


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