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#socialbloggers 7 – Blog Niches

Saturday evenings #socialbloggers chat was all around niches. I was particularly excited to ask these questions because, as some of you may have noticed, I’ve…


Saturday evenings #socialbloggers chat was all around niches. I was particularly excited to ask these questions because, as some of you may have noticed, I’ve stopped posting only outfit photos and have started posting about beauty products and food/recipes. 

I wanted to do this for a few reasons:
  • An increased personal interest in these areas.
  • To give me more to blog about.
  • It allows me to experiment with photography.
  • It enables me to attract a wider audience and connect with new bloggers.
It’s a bit of a scary thing, to come outside ones niche. For a year I was posting outfits 2-4 times a week and built a network of followers and friends that were mainly fashion and style orientated. I am not a very fashionable person and I’ve never been very stylish.

I don’t have that edgy, perfect, confident, beautiful or sexy vibe that some fashion bloggers really rock. I’m awkward and creepy and I just I wear what I like to wear but I’ve never been one to wear the latest trends or follow the latest fashion looks – so started to see myself more as a blogger that posted ‘personal style’ posts rather than ‘fashion posts’ which slowly transitioned into this whole new thing. 

I do notice that certain topics tend to get less love than others. 

This lead me to question whether I should stick to posts that my readers enjoy the most, or post about whatever I feel like. 

After a lot of internal debates, I’ve decided to blog about whatever I wish, but still post outfit posts at least twice a week. That way I can still explore new ideas with my blog, while keeping those that my not be interested in anything but style posts happy. 

I know, I know – my mentality should be that this is my blog and I can do whatever the hell I like with it. I guess what I want to do with it is keep my loyal readers happy while experimenting with different posts – I hope you’ll enjoy the ride! 

Anyway, on to the chat! Feel free to ask answer any of the questions and leave your opinions on this topic in the comment section below.

Q1 : Does your blog have a niche and do you read blogs from outside of your niche?

A1: Not really a niche I don’t think… hmm… maybe lifestyle(?) because it’s a variety, but I read lots of diff kinds 🙂 #socialbloggers
— CACHOO (@CachooJoo) March 15, 2014

#socialbloggers I guess I’m a mommy blogger, but I live to read about everything, especially food, fashion and travel
— Modern Housewife (@Modern_Wife) March 15, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums I think my blog is more beauty related but I read all different types of blogs! #socialbloggers
— Touchofbelle (@makebeautyblog) March 15, 2014

A1. I like to read blogs related to travel, lifestyle, and marketing/PR, and the odd few outside of these niches. #socialbloggers
— Melissa Rosa (@melrosaa) March 15, 2014

I blog all sorts mostly life, crafts & food & I love all blogs but mostly those that inspire me to do/try/make something #socialbloggers
— Thea (@theasthinkings) March 15, 2014

@NoorsLense @Naaj_Rona LOL tbe reason why I envy lifestyle bloggers at times haha. There’s such a wide pool of ideas. #socialbloggers
— Somdyuti Datta Ray (@ashleysteve17) March 15, 2014

Q2 : If a blogger  posts outside their usual niche, does it make you less likely to read/comment?

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums no I still read because i appreciate the time thats put into each blog #socialbloggers
— Nichole Josey (@upbeatuplifts) March 15, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums makes me more likely to comment!!, it’s nice to see variety on a blog


  1. Hello from Spain: interesting comments in chat. Anyway your blog is always very original and personal. Keep in touch

  2. Such an interesting topic for a chat! I think I definitely have a niche – squarely personal style blogging – but that’s only because otherwise I’d bee too lost with what to share. it’s good having a “formula” every day.

    If it stops being fun or I get bored, I’ll stop doing it. But for now I’m enjoying it. And I’m determined to document every day of my pregnancy this way – even the outfits I feel miss the mark. As it’s been so fun looking back on some of my mum’s pregnancy photos, maybe baby will get the same giggle seeing how I dressed when I carried them! 🙂

    Away From Blue

  3. I want to include new posts about meals and beauty too in my blog . Maybe next month I will start. I like your new posts about meals, salads, cakes…Kisses:)

  4. I love to blog everything I like.. So u can find basically anything on my blog 🙂 like you said.. it aslo gives you more to blog about!

  5. On the #socialbloggers chat subject: I do follow a number of blogs that are in my niche but the bloggers I follow are somewhat diverse. The majority are fashionistas. Many do some lifestyle blogging or personal posts about what’s going on in their lives, and some include posts on beauty products or makeup tutorials. Some posts are on shopping and some are on modeling or lingerie. Some are on interesting things they’ve have found or D.I.Y. projects or interesting vacations they’ve taken or books or movies or current events. I usually seem to miss the #socialbloggers Twitter chats even though I think they’re around noon or 1 PM here on my side of the pond – but I like reading them after the fact anyway. What I like most is having other Fbloggers, Lbloggers and Bbloggers leave comments on my blog – that makes my day and then I follow whomever commented more closely, hoping to think of something intelligent to write in comments on their blogs.
    As you know, my blog does have a niche. I do customer lingerie reviews of full brief panties styled with fashion tops and embed YouTube videos of my reviews. Sometimes I stray completely off-topic.
    I hope you don’t mind me disagreeing with some of your self-criticism: I think you do have a beautiful sexy vibe, are fashionable, stylish, and fun to read. I love the YouTube videos you’ve uploaded that have you in them.

  6. i don’t know about “niche” but i think over the years, i’ve become quite concrete in the kind of “image” i want my blog to have. it’s a bit hard to describe, but yes. generally i think the rule should be IT’S YOUR WORLD AND YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE HECK PLEASES YOU!! hahah.

    more power to you, skinnedcartree ♥

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