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#socialbloggers 5 and FAT

Hai Internets. It’s that time again where I share with you the highlights of our Saturday #socialbloggers chat. This week was all around things that…

twitter chat
Hai Internets.
It’s that time again where I share with you the highlights of our Saturday #socialbloggers chat. This week was all around things that make blogging hard (that’s what she said). A lot of people were asking questions about photography and cameras. Also social media – mainly Pinterest. Feel free to answer the questions or add anything you may have in the comments bellow. Also if you have any suggestions of future topics or questions – please let us know!
Question One : Do you face and barriers/difficulties to blogging?

@bloggerforums lack of motivation is my big barrier, especially when day job is getting busy #socialbloggers
— Alison Hope (@AlleyHope) March 1, 2014

One of my blogging difficulties include Photography and time management. How do you all manage it? #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) March 1, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums I would say finding the time when you’re really busy and also getting people to see your blog without spamming
— Kristina M (@KrisEvilCupcake) March 1, 2014

It can be hard having a full time job while blogging but I found a way around that by taking OOTD pics on my lunch break. 🙂 #socialbloggers
— LoveFromTwinkle… x (@lovefromtwinkle) March 1, 2014

@bloggerforums @KrisEvilCupcake @NoorsLense I saw someone say they do a morning, midday and eve tweet about new posts… #socialbloggers
— Danielle (@Frontiere_Girl) March 1, 2014

whoops, a little late today. But my biggest challenge is having posts ready to publish ahead of time #socialbloggers
— Rubi Mancilla (@rarerubi) March 1, 2014

@bloggerforums I try publish at a similar time each day, well I TRIED. That’s my newest goal, more consistency #socialbloggers
— Rubi Mancilla (@rarerubi) March 1, 2014

@AlleyHope @rarerubi @bloggerforums I find morning gives you a whole day to promote it if you like to 🙂 #socialbloggers
— Danielle (@Frontiere_Girl) March 1, 2014

Question Two: How do you over come your blogging difficulties? What tools and tips do you use to keep blogging easier/simpler/organised?

@NoorsLense I try to plan what posts I’m going to post in the following week and when I need to take pics/edit etc #socialbloggers
— Corinne (@bloggerforums) March 1, 2014

I have been scheduling my posts since one month and it seems to help quite a bit! #socialbloggers
— Chaitra (@PinkPot7) March 1, 2014

@NoorsLense Ive learned to schedule tweets and social media posts. That took off so much pressure! #socialbloggers
— Rubi Mancilla (@rarerubi) March 1, 2014

@NoorsLense I say organisation is key. I post Tuesday’s Thursday’s & Sunday’s and always plan what I’m gonna post beforehand
— Patricia Batatas (@peexo) March 1, 2014

I have a problem, guys. Or girls, most of you are girls, but some are guys. Or cats. The internet is made of cats, after all – there must be a few kittehhhs here.  Meow. Ok, what was I saying? OH YES MY PROBLEM. My problem is that I have some scales in my bathroom. And on Saturday morning I decided to stand on the said scales and then the world ended.

I’ve been really slack with working out, which has resulted in my gaining a million pounds. Ok, not a million. But between 10-12 of the nasty little fuckers. Get them off, now. Away. The scariest thing was getting on the scale, which I have been avoiding since around November. I must lose this weight before I fly out to Florida in 2 months as I want to look and feel good so I can take lots of photos and upload them to the interwebs 

I am going to sign up to a 10k race with one of my friends. It’s the 16th March which gives me 2 weeks to train. I’m not overly concerned about it. I run 5 miles on a standard run and a 10K is only 6.2 miles. Easy. 

The second part of my cunning plan is my diet. I must eat healthier. ARE YOU READING THIS CHRISTINE AND LILLY? STOP ASKING ME IF I WANT TAKEAWAYS. MAKE ME MOAR SALADS! (Christine and Lilly are my housemates, in case you are a n00b. And they read my blog).

I went to le shop on Saturday and got some soups and salads and all that boring tasty stuff! Yesterday I started with a healthy breakfast of poached egg on toast with pepper, and a strawberry and banana smoothie.

Supermarket branded smoothies are the best. Innocent Smoothies cost like £3 unless they are on offer, but you can pick up a supermarket brand one for £1! Winner. 

I took pictures, because that’s what I do.

healthy eatingpoached eggs
poached eggs

 Do you have any meals/foods you eat when trying to lose some weight? 

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  1. I just try and eat more protein and lower my portion of carbs. Cutting out carbs completely is a no-no because who can do that for long? My husband and little boys, well even me, don’t like wholegrain pasta or rice. So, everything in moderation I guess! x

  2. Thanks Corinne been great to be able to catch up with the chat from Saturday. Like many others I find fitting blogging around work is difficult. I’ve recently worked more on scheduling posts to try and get round this and having posts I know are on specific days helps. However I would like to improve my forward planning (says the unorganised girl) for, say, the week.
    I’ve not been conciously trying to loose weight but since doing more exercise I’ve lost loads. My jeans don’t fit anymore so I might just have to go shopping! Also eating smaller portions (or not having time in my lunch break to eat that much) has helped.
    Kate xx

  3. So glad to know a new twitter chat! Will definitely join this coming Saturday. By the way I’m struggling to trim down a little too, high five 🙂 Reminds me of that Friends episode where Ross and Joey are trapped on the roof and Ross has to “climb” down Joey! Joey: “Geez Ross how much do you weigh!?!?” Ross: “Umm, I prefer not to answer that right now, I’m still carrying a little holiday weight”


  4. A homemade vegetable salad in vinaigrette dressing for lunch is usually my go-to meal when I feel that I´ve gained a pound or two and no rice too because I love rice! 😉

  5. Hi Corinne! The topics you discussed are interesting, for me the hard thing is always the time, is often hard to manage organizing posts and replying to the comments, but as u I usually prepare the post the night before. Btw, I think you are already in shape and dont need to loose weight, but you keep to train hard and try to avoid snacks or much carbohydrates; I drink green teat too every day, they say is good to it 🙂 Kisses xo

  6. You have a stunning figure Corinne, you don’t need to lose an inch. But eating healthy is good for other things like blood pressure and cholesterol. I find it difficult to keep up with blogging and responding to comments every single day, haven’t found a proper solution for this as yet. Thanks for sharing your fashion views with me…Have a great start to March!

  7. I try to follow a healthy diet but sometimes when I need to loose weight I prepare special food based on boiled fish or light salads. Kisses:)

  8. I definitely am a healthy diet person because of how I’m now a serious athlete (never thought that would happen!) but I’ve been off the bandwagon this past week. If you’re into losing weight (I had keep weight for a while for wrestling), I recommend cutting out bread. you can eat rice, pasta, but no bread. If you’re craving something sweet, sweet potatoes with cinnamon definitely help! And don’t say no to dark chocolate; a bit once every few days helped keep me motivated. AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Hope this helped! x

  9. I missed the chat. Everybody seems to be struggling with full time job and photography.

    All the best for the race. I wish I could run 10K. I’m not even close to that, cannot even do a mile without gasping.

    It is tempting when you have friend that order takeaways and you want to stay healthy

  10. Hi Corinne,
    When I try to lose weight I generally like healthy foods, such as salads, juices among other things.
    I really liked the picture of your breakfast.

    Páginas em Preto


  11. The winter makes it so hard to be healthy, I think you look great but it’s frustrating to not feel like you’re at your best 🙁

  12. Lots of SALADS. Ugh, kind of boring but what can you do?

    Also, it helps to have a cheat day once a week. That way you don’t lose your mind and eat everything in sight!

  13. Ahhh Corinne I want to do a 10k!! I ran 10k on Saturday technically…only in 2 sittings several hours apart, but yessss I shall do one at some point!!
    And gurl I think for all that running you still deserve the odd takeaway 😉 I try and eat healthy but like, I’m not the best cook…I have poached egg envy right now, wouldn’t even know where to start haha…

    Holly Mixtures

  14. some good discussion over blogging.. i definitely need to motivate myself especially when i feel like i have the time now.


  15. Thanks for these tips, i generally have time management issues!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  16. Great chat and some useful tips definitely taking pics all one go is a great help, edditing all in one go (when I say edditing those who are new don’t panic this means cropping and adding a signature so no one pinches my pics) and then writing a few in one go. Really helps.

    On the weight front I feel the pain Corrine I really do. Watch out for supermarket smoothies that all the sugar is natural and that it isn’t bulked out with too many bananas.

    Drinking plenty of water helps to fill you up and trying to not sit at a desk all day. This is my advice because I don’t do any of the above 😉 x

  17. I try to eat protein, egg whites, fresh fruit, vegetables, plenty of fluids, watch the sugar and salt content as well. I drink protein shakes as well as I work out, so it helps give proteins that I need while I work out. But, most of all, I keep positive and not look at it as losing weight, but getting fit and healthy. Sometimes we put too much stress on ourselves to lose weight…you are gorgeous as you are, but getting in shape and healthy is what matters most and moving as your body moves, it may take a while and it may not, but don’t put pressure on yourself, just go as you can. I look skinny, but I need toning really, I like sweets and cakes, but I know their not good for my health, so I try and eat better and work out, but I don’t put pressure on myself and I love myself as I am. You will get there. I also make a lot of things myself as I know supermarket stuff puts hidden sugars and salts in there that you don’t need. But, protein shakes – like natural whey is very good, fills you up and it’s a great addition to healthy eating and exercise. Just look for an all natural one as some put artificial sweeteners in theirs and those are no good. You can do it doll, keep moving and keep positive :)) xx

  18. Hi there !
    You see ?
    I’m on it ( catching up^^)
    Good food is realy important for a good health !
    By the way, I love your pics ! Always !
    See ya soon !
    Amandine from Amandyne’s World blog

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