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Hai Internets.
It’s that time again where I share with you the highlights of our Saturday #socialbloggers chat. This week was all around things that make blogging hard (that’s what she said). A lot of people were asking questions about photography and cameras. Also social media – mainly Pinterest. Feel free to answer the questions or add anything you may have in the comments bellow. Also if you have any suggestions of future topics or questions – please let us know!
Question One : Do you face and barriers/difficulties to blogging?

@bloggerforums lack of motivation is my big barrier, especially when day job is getting busy #socialbloggers
— Alison Hope (@AlleyHope) March 1, 2014

One of my blogging difficulties include Photography and time management. How do you all manage it? #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) March 1, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums I would say finding the time when you’re really busy and also getting people to see your blog without spamming
— Kristina M (@KrisEvilCupcake) March 1, 2014

It can be hard having a full time job while blogging but I found a way around that by taking OOTD pics on my lunch break. 🙂 #socialbloggers
— LoveFromTwinkle… x (@lovefromtwinkle) March 1, 2014

@bloggerforums @KrisEvilCupcake @NoorsLense I saw someone say they do a morning, midday and eve tweet about new posts… #socialbloggers
— Danielle (@Frontiere_Girl) March 1, 2014

whoops, a little late today. But my biggest challenge is having posts ready to publish ahead of time #socialbloggers
— Rubi Mancilla (@rarerubi) March 1, 2014

@bloggerforums I try publish at a similar time each day, well I TRIED. That’s my newest goal, more consistency #socialbloggers
— Rubi Mancilla (@rarerubi) March 1, 2014

@AlleyHope @rarerubi @bloggerforums I find morning gives you a whole day to promote it if you like to 🙂 #socialbloggers
— Danielle (@Frontiere_Girl) March 1, 2014

Question Two: How do you over come your blogging difficulties? What tools and tips do you use to keep blogging easier/simpler/organised?

@NoorsLense I try to plan what posts I’m going to post in the following week and when I need to take pics/edit etc #socialbloggers
— Corinne (@bloggerforums) March 1, 2014

I have been scheduling my posts since one month and it seems to help quite a bit! #socialbloggers
— Chaitra (@PinkPot7) March 1, 2014

@NoorsLense Ive learned to schedule tweets and social media posts. That took off so much pressure! #socialbloggers
— Rubi Mancilla (@rarerubi) March 1, 2014

@NoorsLense I say organisation is key. I post Tuesday’s Thursday’s & Sunday’s and always plan what I’m gonna post beforehand
— Patricia Batatas (@peexo) March 1, 2014

I have a problem, guys. Or girls, most of you are girls, but some are guys. Or cats. The internet is made of cats, after all – there must be a few kittehhhs here.  Meow. Ok, what was I saying? OH YES MY PROBLEM. My problem is that I have some scales in my bathroom. And on Saturday morning I decided to stand on the said scales and then the world ended.

I’ve been really slack with working out, which has resulted in my gaining a million pounds. Ok, not a million. But between 10-12 of the nasty little fuckers. Get them off, now. Away. The scariest thing was getting on the scale, which I have been avoiding since around November. I must lose this weight before I fly out to Florida in 2 months as I want to look and feel good so I can take lots of photos and upload them to the interwebs 

I am going to sign up to a 10k race with one of my friends. It’s the 16th March which gives me 2 weeks to train. I’m not overly concerned about it. I run 5 miles on a standard run and a 10K is only 6.2 miles. Easy. 

The second part of my cunning plan is my diet. I must eat healthier. ARE YOU READING THIS CHRISTINE AND LILLY? STOP ASKING ME IF I WANT TAKEAWAYS. MAKE ME MOAR SALADS! (Christine and Lilly are my housemates, in case you are a n00b. And they read my blog).

I went to le shop on Saturday and got some soups and salads and all that boring tasty stuff! Yesterday I started with a healthy breakfast of poached egg on toast with pepper, and a strawberry and banana smoothie.

Supermarket branded smoothies are the best. Innocent Smoothies cost like £3 unless they are on offer, but you can pick up a supermarket brand one for £1! Winner. 

I took pictures, because that’s what I do.

healthy eatingpoached eggs
poached eggs

 Do you have any meals/foods you eat when trying to lose some weight? 

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