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LovelyShoes haul and review

lovely shoes
Hi Ladies (and Gents)

You may remember these boots from this post. I was compensated for writing a post about LovelyShoes by being able to select some items of my choice. The items have arrived and I have done what I do best: taken photos of them on my living room floor for your reading pleasure.

I picked out some brown boots, some sneakers and a bag.

Shipping and Packing:

I completed my order on the 15th February and the items arrived on the 3rd March. This would have been satisfactory if the delivery was free, but it cost $45, when all the products put together would have only come to $42 had I bought them. 

expected much faster delivery from a website that charges, as most Asian based websites I have collaborated with have always offered free delivery or charged for an ‘express’ version if I was not willing to wait a couple of weeks.

You can view the shipping costs here and observe with your eyeballs that they charge a set amount for the first 500g and then a smaller amount for each additional 500g depending where in the world you are.

You could argue that the price of the products do make this worth it, if you buy in bulk, as the items are VERY inexpensive. 

The items arrived in a box and each shoe was packed individually in a mesh type ‘sock’. They did not come in shoe boxes, but had not been damaged during transit. I know some like to keep their shoes in the boxes, but I don’t so this didn’t bother me at all. 

The Items:

OK, the products, the first item were these boots that cost $24.21:
lovely shoes, boots

They were the item I was looking forward to the most, but also, unfortunately, the one I was most disappointed with. The quality wasn’t great and you could see the glue where the shoes were stuck together, also the black plastic part was uneven and ‘lumpy’ as you can see from the pictures.

lovely shoes, boots
lovely shoes, boots

I also found this white material at the top of the shoe where it had been sewn badly.

lovely shoes, boots

The shoes fit me perfectly though and felt comfortable to wear. It’s a pity about the quality as they are lovely! I will probably still use these in blog photos when I want an alternative from my standard black ones I always use. They are okay if you are just looking for a cheap shoe but I would not recommend them if you are looking for quality items that will last you a long time.

The second item I got was this bag, listed at $9.73

lovely shoes, bag

This bag gets a much more positive review! I love the lining on the inside and I couldn’t see any flaws on the back that suggested poor quality. It came with a shoulder strap that you can remove as and when you please. 

lovely shoes, bag

The last item I got were these sneakers, for £10.92

The quality of these were also a lot better than the first boots, thankfully! I am considering taking these to Florida with me in May because they are so cute. I just need to bed them in first!

Overall Thoughts.

If you are looking to get a lot of shoes that are cheap but not expecting much wear out of them, then go for it. They have some really lovely shoes and such bargain prices! If you are looking for a quality item that will last you a long time, I would not recommend them at all. The quality of the items is on par with Primark, I would say. I’ve had some fab items from Primark and some really bad quality ones. You get what you pay for, I guess!

What do you prefer – quality or quantity?

I tried the Soreen loaf that I got in my Degustabox the other day! I am already a massive fan of Soreen but I’ve never tried the pre-sliced version before, or toasting it! I must admit that I do prefer it without toasting and I had two slices untoasted this morning with butter and it was lovely. I find Soreen to be a marmite type affect on people – they either love it or hate it! Have you ever tried it? How did you find it?

You can find the rest of the items I got in my Degustabox here.

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