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Kirstall Abbey

Dress: c/o Choies Blazer : Primark Tights : Tesco Belt : New Look Shoes : ASOS Necklace : ASOS  It was a lovely day yesterday,…

bow dress, choies dress
Dress: c/o Choies
Blazer : Primark
Tights : Tesco
Belt : New Look
Shoes : ASOS
Necklace : ASOS
bow dress, choies dress
bow dress, choies dress
bow dress, choies dress

 It was a lovely day yesterday, so when Christine said ‘Do you want to play out?’ I said YES. I had just received this package form Choies with this lovely Bow Dress and wanted to take some snaps for zee blog.

We went to the secret place of Corinne and took photos. I took some shots of her, all of her outfit is from ASOS apart from the bag, which is from Jane Norman.

asos dress, jane norman bag
elephant belt, love heart dress
love heart dress, asos dress

After creating the blawg photos, we went to Morrisons and got a salad from their amazing salad bar and then went to Kirstall Abbey. 

Kirstall Abbey is a ruined Cistercian monastery in Leeds. Established in 1152, It’s now set in a public park and has a visitors centre. You can visit it free of charge and there are even guided tours. There’s also markets, fair grounds and other events throughout the year. Those of you that follow my Instagram account may recognise it, as I often run up to the Abbey, do a few laps of the grounds and return home.

kirstall abbey
kirstall abbey
kirstall abbey
kirstall abbey
kirstall abbey
kirstall abbey
kirstall abbey
kirstall abbey
kirstall abbey

 We went back to the car park where there are a handful of shops. Doom, this means I have to be the things because I’ve got a spending problem. I got some new work out gear and some makeup and hair things from boots, as well as a few other bits and pieces from Dunns. We proceeded back to Morrisons to get some monkfish and scallops for tea. Yay. 

Overall, it was a good day.

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  1. Love the bow dress ill have to check them out! Christines belt is so darn cute too! Lovely shots today! I love wandering around places like that when the sun is shining! Very pretty and picturesque!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Those maroon tights are so gorgeous with that dress! Beautiful pictures!

    I think I may have been to this beautiful place when I was quite young 😛 xx

  3. You both look nice, love your dress Corinne, it is just adorable! Kirstall Abbey is very stunning, I see often in your photos and Id love to visit it, quite impressive! Kisses! xo

  4. Beautiful dresses, and I love the photos – it looks like such a gorgeous place :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  5. bows! i need a dress with a bow pattern! loving your roomie’s elephant belt too. that monastery looks beautiful.


  6. I was in Oxford in the spring once and looking at your lovely pictures made me miss how gorgeous England is, with bluebells, greenery and that soft breeze. You look beautiful in both outfits, and I love the heart-printed dress the most! xx

  7. i love your dress and christine’s bag, they’re both so cute! and i also love kirkstall abbey, really need to visit it soon again:-) i’ve not actually ever been “inside” it ’cause it’s always closed when i walk that way, haha! xx

  8. Hey there!
    Do you wanna join my giveaway at:

    You can win a 50Dollar gift card at 🙂
    Check it out if you dont mind to!

  9. I loved these pictures . This place is magical and the Kirstall abbey ruins are so special. You looked amazing with your new bow dress. Kisses:)

  10. Love both dresses Corinne. So no stalker this time 😉 just kidding. Stunning pics honey. Look at all those lovely flowers!! Gorgeous. Thx for sharing.

  11. Both of your dresses are so cute! That bow dress makes me smile Corinne. So cute. I love your friend’s sandals. So cute. That monastery and it’s surroundings are spectacular. Gorgeous photos you two took. HaHa Yes! They discontinued the blush and I loved it so, I found it online and bought a massive bunch. First time I had ever done that. It’s just a great everyday blush. Thanks for asking.

  12. Hi dear!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!! I’m following you through GFC.

    Freaky Fashion Friday

  13. Wow! Both of those places you took photos look absolutely amazing. We don’t have scenery like that, or buildings that amazing in the US!


  14. love your ribbon dress! is that flower a bulb? so pretty! the place is enchanting, just like ones from the movies 🙂
    -angel of

  15. It does sound like a great day and looks like the spring is finally here with all that sunshine and flowers on the photos! x

  16. I love this post so much, the photos of that church are beautiful!! And your friends HAIR…I need that hair…if I had guts I would have that hair!. Your dress, belt and tights are all super cute, but mostly I’m jealous that you can be outside without a heavy sweater!

  17. What darling dresses! I love them both so much! Printed, girly dresses like these have become my new faves and I think I need to buy one for spring. 🙂

    xo Always, Abby

  18. Isn’t this just the cutest dress! And such great scenery! Love the blog!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  19. Those dresses are gorgeous!!
    I love how you mixed in the colors with the first one. c:
    Also I love the Cistercian monastery, it looks like an amazing place to visit!!


  20. That’s a beautiful snap at the end. I love leeds. I also love your heart dress, and the purple tights! Fab blogger 🙂

    The Thrifty Firecracker

  21. Both of the dresses are so pretty! And perfect for Spring!
    Beautiful pictures btw, and glad you had a good day!

  22. Congrats on seeing the Abbey, my gracious! Thanks for being at Fashion item Friday so consistently. I love it. I am feeling a bunch better and wanted to let you know I appreciate your being here, week after week, yay! ♥

  23. your scenic pictures quite nearly made my heart stop beating.

    SO SO SO BEAUTIFULLLL. omg. why can’t malaysia have stunning places like these D’:

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