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Gosh – you’ve put on weight!

I was sent some items from BornPretty to review on zee blog.  Soooooo, let’s go. Postage and Packaging: I was able to select the products…

I was sent some items from BornPretty to review on zee blog. 

Soooooo, let’s go.

Postage and Packaging:
I was able to select the products I wanted to try and I ordered them on the 8th February and they arrived on the 3rd March. They offer free international delivery with no minimum spend which is great. The delivery estimation is between 7-20 working days. I really don’t mind waiting for products if they offer free delivery. 

They sell lots of items at a very cheap price, such as make-up, nail products, phone and tablet cases and more. It is very much one of those high fashion, low price websites that can give you a lot for you money but the quality is not the best.  

First item was this smile Necklace.

It does look a bit cheaply made and the word ‘smile’ isn’t as clear as the photos on the website, but for the price it feels a bit harsh to complain!

I picked this nail ring because it looked fun.

I made Lilly model if for me. It’s a fun little item and I can’t really say it’s bad quality, it’s exactly what I expected and I’m glad I got it. It is a little awkward to wear and you cannot really ‘blog’ while wearing it 😉

The last item I got was this bracelet, because I love my road bike. Even though she is currently acting as a dress holder. 

I do love this, even though I don’t think it looked as good in real life as on the website as it looked a bit ‘thicker’ but in real life it looks a lot more delicate. It’s still a item that I love wearing though. 

Overall, the price is great for the quality of the items. If you’re only going to spend a couple of dollars on something, than you would probably expect not to get amazing quality. I’ve had jewellery from similar sites before and experienced terrible quality, to the point where I didn’t even want to wear it before. This isn’t the case with these items. If you’re wanting to pad out your collection quickly, then it’s a good place to get tonnes of items to mix and match with your outfits.

I’d be interested to see if their other items are as good value for money in regards to quality.

Which do you like the best?

Life stuff: You’ve gained weight!

I know in this post, I got a lot of comments saying that don’t need to lose weight.

Well, I was at work yesterday talking to a couple of the other managers a work alongside, when one looked me up and down and said ‘You’ve gained weight, haven’t you?’.


I just love it when people tell me that I have gained a noticeable amount of weight. Don’t you? It’s the best feeling ever. Can you tell me I’m ugly too? That makes me even happier.

Humans baffle me sometimes, they really do. Some of them are just idiots. I cannot remember one time in my life when I’ve ever thought it was acceptable to tell anybody that they’ve gained weight, or have lot of spots lately, or have greasy hair, or anything else like that. I might have thought it, but didn’t say anything. 

Because it’s awkward and hurtful and it doesn’t really have anything to do with me. I don’t think I could care any less if anyone had gained weight or changed their physical appearance. As long as they aren’t a dick to me or make my life hard in anyway, then you can do whatever you want and look like whatever you want and I don’t see any reason for pointing it out. I’m too far up my own arse worrying about what I look like to notice anyone else. It’s kind of a miracle if I notice a housemate has a new haircut. 

It’s like when people ask ‘Corinne, why haven’t you got a boyfriend yet?’.

‘Well, clearly it’s because I’m fat. And ugly and nobody likes my personality.’

Are there any questions or statements that make you feel simply terrible about yourself? How do you respond?

The. End. 

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  1. Uggh, I can’t believe your manager said that, It’s really not encouraging in any way! Really it’s not necessary at all, because whatever the issue is, it’s not affecting them! Sorry you had to go through that!
    And I honestly think you look great! You beautiful thing!

  2. Great post doll I do not like a company that is too cheap that means items that going to be worth getting. As per your weight you look great to me very pretty girl but you do what is best for you and what you will like to accomplish when it come to the goal of losing weight if that is what you will like to do. My point who cares what others think when you are happy in your own skin. (manager should not care unless he or she is trying to make you feel insecure)

  3. Aw that’s nice of them! I find people only point out things they are worried about themselves, had THEY gained weight? 😉
    India xx

  4. Hi Corinne, that guy is clearly an idiot. I dont think u gained weight at all, for me your body is just perfect for your whole figure. If there is a bad thing someone who tells a woman is just that. How would have replied, yes maybe, you always look the same instead, really ugly 😛 Btw, the accessories are cute, the nail ring is very fun! xo

  5. How could I not love the messages of the Born Pretty jewelry? I love the Smile necklace. It makes me smile. Your manager sounds like they have a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease. I think your figure is perfect. I’ve gotten more teasing comments in person than I have on my blog – maybe that’s because the vast majority of fashionista Fbloggers I follow are classy polite people. In general I don’t mind the teasing or even insulting comments (some of which I shouldn’t repeat) unless they are trying to instill guilt. I actually enjoy some of the teasing questions. If I can answer with something funny I usually do.

  6. Those look like fun jewelry pieces even if they do look alittle cheap. I hate it when people are mean like that. I don’t know if I have had very many people say mean stuff about my body- except my mom who told me I looked fat a lot growing up. Funny thing is she had the SAME curves- way to go mom! But she isn’t very complimentary in general. Think of good things today, laugh, and pray if you pray for uplifted spirits. Rachel xo

  7. Sometimes people can be very very naughty with their commentaries. I hope you don´t take them into account because they just want to hurt you ( If they were good people they wouldn´t have tell you this because everybody knows we don´t like hearing this comment) These accesories look like good quality. Kisses:)

  8. omg that’s horrible, how dare they say something like that
    clearly they have no manners and you need to pay no attention to them!


    Inspirations Have I None

  9. Whenever I need a confidence booster, I shave my legs and paint my toenails. It always makes me feel 10x better! 🙂 P.S. The people who are the quickest to judge are usually the ones feeling the most insecure about themselves. Just Sayin’! Don’t let the mean girls get you down!

  10. It’s all about remembering you are you and you are beautiful. As long as you are happy with where you are in life that is all the matters! (My post today is actually about this!) People get jealous for all sorts of reasons and like to put others down. They may have had a bad day and needed to make themselves happier and they get pleasure out of doing it. I don’t understand it and I never will as well as I still struggle with not understanding it. But together we can work to not let them get to us!

  11. ooh, that’s just rude. people really should leave negative comments about other people’s appearances unsaid. my weight and my lack of boyfriend(s) is what i get most comments on, but it doesn’t really make me feel terrible about myself, just makes me like the person that says the things less, ha! people are never happy whether i’m underweight or put on some weight and nosiness about my love life (or the lack of it) is just annoying. i find it strange that people always ask me if i have any boyfriends in plural, as if i couldn’t keep one for a long period or as if i’m such a lil’ bitch that i keep a selection of guys on the side.. anyway, i really like your bracelet! xx

  12. Cute accessories! I think for the price they’re nice. Usually those type of items we eventually outgrow or wear them occasionally so you don’t have to break the bank. People need to learn how to be quiet. If you’re thinking it, you shouldn’t say it. I told you my thoughts already, but in the end it’s what you think and how you feel. People will always have something to say. I use to get, when are you getting married? Right now it looks like never. HAHAHA

  13. I LOVE the Smile piece!

    Wow @ the comment on your weight. Although, I can’t say I’m surprised mainly because people can be shit, especially at work. I’ve been sexually harassed, not just once but on several ocassions. Sometimes I feel that people feel comfortable saying such things due to the culture within the workplace?

    But yes, next time, challenge it as soon as a comment has been made, you have the right girrrrl!

    If you ever need to talk, you know where I am. 🙂




  14. I’m expecting some things from Born Pretty as well. These are nice items. As for the comments on your weight…doll, why do you care what others may think or say about your weight!?! Who are they, you are who you are & if you accept yourself, then no one else’s opinion matters & if you don’t accept yourself, then that’s the only worries you need to work through!! People can say things because they don’t think & they think they can say these things or they feel comfortable saying them to you…you can just politely reply that you are not your weight and that it’s not their business. Say something when it happens, so you don’t go away wondering and worrying and then second guessing who you are!! Stand firm in loving yourself as you are & don’t let someone’s words effect you. You’re gorgeous & your size has nothing to do with beauty!! But, I do think you are super gorgeous as you are!! Know it & always remember it xoxo

  15. p.s. don’t want to sound fired up about the weight issue, but that stuff really annoys me, we don’t go around asking me if they’ve put on weight, why do we do it to women & why do women do that to each other!?! Annoyance. You are stunning doll 🙂

  16. I’ve gained some weight. I kinda like it. 🙂 Don’t let people get you down. Some phrases that irritate me is when they make feminist comments that misunderstand the whole feminist thing. But I straighten them out.

  17. Love the bracelet! And Corinne, you’re an amazing person. You’re worth so much more than your weight. You’re beautiful 🙂


  18. I love that nail ring–I’ve never seen something like that!

    It’s funny, in some cultures, saying “You’ve gained weight!” is totally normal and acceptable and not seen as offensive. My family ran into that in Malaysia. But I highly doubt that that is the norm in the UK, in the Western world, you shouldn’t really comment on people’s appearance in general unless you have a specific compliment!

  19. I cannot believe someone actually had the NERVE to say that to you! Horrible! You are beautiful, and as long as you’re happy and healthy, that’s all that matters. People are silly. Oy!

    Happy almost-weekend, doll!


  20. Who on earth says that to somebody else who isn’t completely socially incompetent!? And you definitely don’t look like you’ve put in any weight haha. Maybe he thought it would be ok to say that because you have a nice figure? Who knows lol x

  21. What an absolute idiot!
    I’m like you I would have been mortified if someone mentioned my weight but then I get defensive if people say I’ve lost weight because then I start over thinking what they must have thought of me before!


  22. I can relate. A few months ago a coworker of mine asked me if I was pregnant. I wasn’t, so I told her no and then asked her why. She told me that it’s because I looked like I’ve put on some weight, and then proceeded to comment on how skinny I was when I started working there. I was pretty dejected.

  23. i used to be quite sensitive about a lot but then i thought, why should i be? because clearly, these people are nobodies to me & in that, they don’t know me well enough to know what’s a sore point. so i just smile & say thanks (even when they say “you’re fatter now!”) or poke fun at my hair (which is a HUGE sore point for me!!!) by saying “gosh, your hair’s so dry and thin/ugly. why’d you bleach it? what a shame.”

    lol. humans baffle me, too hon. so you’re not alone there (:

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