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Corinstagram – February

I hate February. I hate that I can’t ever spell February and how it only has 28 days. It’s a stupid month and a stupid…

I hate February. I hate that I can’t ever spell February and how it only has 28 days. It’s a stupid month and a stupid word and I am glad it is over. Despite my hate for the month, it was a pretty good ‘un. Apart from the whole stalker incident.

For those of you that asked, the guy was pretty average on looks. He wasn’t beautiful but wasn’t ugly. Just your average looking guy. I am now calling him my stalker because at 5:45am the next morning, he was in his garden in the rain and I saw him looking at me through the window. Doom. It’s been a couple of days now and there has been no attempt to make any further contact so I might take away his stalker title and give him something more respectable. Like Josh, which is his name, by the way.

I feel like I’ve made a lot of improvements with the blog in February, the twitter chats are going well and I’ve branched from of doing solely outfit posts to doing some beauty reviews, food posts and other things which I’m happy about! I never ever thought, this time last year, that I would still be blogging consistently! I often wonder what I would be doing with my time if I wasn’t blogging, probably playing xBox which is just as fun, but not as rewarding.

Here are my instagram photos for last month.

corinstagram, instagram, instamonth

  1. A Lilly Salad.
  2. A spider in my bathroom. Part of my nightly routine is to hoover all spiders out of my room/bathroom because I get so many. I’m a basement dweller, see. It’s distressing and even though I searched Google extensively to ensure that spiders die when hoovered up, and yahoo answers, the spiderwebs that have appeared inside my hoover drum tell me otherwise. It makes hard to sleep at night.
  3. Pasta with the Lilly salad.
  4. My snitch!
  5. I went to Toby Carvery with one of my old work colleagues!
  6. The Carvery. 
  7. Another food masterpiece a la Lilly – she made me this wonder breakfast.
  8. Terry came to visit!
  9. More Carvery!

corinstagram, instagram, instamonth

  1. Hi again, Terry!
  2. Siblings =)
  3. The Perfect Salad.
  4. Photo I took for this post.
  5. Who downloaded, loved, hated and then forgot about Flabby Bird in February?
  6. Chloe the cat =)
  8. A salad I had at work. 
  9. Taking blog photos.

corinstagram, instagram, instamonth

  1. More taking blog photos.
  2. I got my lovely Macbook Pro!
  3. I came home from work and the dogs were here, cutie Penny had just had a bath and was looking beautiful.
  4. I went to the gym and the machines had their own screen with TV on them!
  5. You could also play games.
  6. Chilling out on a Friday night.
  7. I got my Magnitone Pulsar to review on the blog.
  8. I was taking a gym selfie and somebody walked by and I got distracted.
  9. Time to clean up my desktop!

corinstagram, instagram, instamonth

  1. Cycling at the amazing gym.
  2. I worked early a lot. I was not happy about this and was going mental towards the end of the week.
  3. Only good thing about working early is the cooked breakfasts at work.
  4. The salad bar at work, this is a new things and I love it.
  5. Christine and I chilling out – this is exactly the position we are both in as I write this, apart from we have exchanged blankets.
  6. I discovered the ‘breakfast wrap’. The guy who works in the canteen was not happy because I kept asking for this and he has to make it separately. He told me not to tell other people about it. So I told other people about it and now we all enjoy breakfast wraps. Sorry, Adam!
  7. A naturally occurring kringlet after letting my hair dry on it’s own.
  8. I watched a live concert by one of my favourite bands, The National. It brought back memories.
  9. Salad and risotto. Don’t worry, I took photos and they’ll be coming soon.

corinstagram, instagram, instamonth

  1. Letters from my stalker.
  2. My beautiful camera.
  3. My new top from c/o OASAP.
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I didn’t publish a post yesterday so I have photos from day 5 and 6 to share. I only have today left and then can publish the results. Thank goodness because I’m getting really fed up of taking photos of my face and having to upload them/look at them. I’m very sick of my face. Let’s punch it.

My skin is still dry. I don’t feel like I’ve had any improvement with pore size or the lines on my forehead. The only change to my forehead is that it seems to be flakier and dryer. I may switch my moisturiser to something more intense. On the plus side – I’ve only had one spot this week! After the 7 day challenge, I will most likely continue to use it and do a few weekly updates with any changes that are happening. 
magnitone pulsar, blog review
magnitone pulsar, blog review
magnitone pulsar, blog review
magnitone pulsar, blog review

Bloody hell, I’m so glad that post is written, it took me ages! 

Tell me your favourite thing about stupid February.

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  1. Don’t give up and care for your skin. I have to treat my skin more than normal – my skin is so difficult!
    Nice pictures honey!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. The food looks absolutely amazing! I’m starving right now… have a great weekend. (need to read about your ‘stalker’ now)

  3. I know I think about that too, what DID I do before blogging with my downtime? And oh a stalker that is creepy my friend had a stalker and she was living by herself in a remote area in Oregon. The was pretty brazen and I will not give you the gory details. Luckily she moved back to the east coast.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. February is at last gone! Even if it’s a short month it’s too cold and humid. The best thing of February is that it comes before March, one of my favorite months.

    Jasmine xx
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

    Such a lovely post! ♥
    do u want to follow each other on Instagram?I’m @chicstreetchoc I’ll follow u back for sure!!

  6. Although you hate february I think it was a very good month for your blog, Corinne. You did lots of things. Kisses:)

  7. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures of your favorite moments of February. A by March .. We keep in touch

  8. Haha I can’t spell February most of the time- that God for spell check right? Great photos and sorry still for your stalker at least he got the message- kind of. Thanks for your comment you made me think about what colors to pair the zebra print with. Loved your input! Xo Rachel

  9. I used to vac up spiders too…consequently I never emptied my vac in fear of them all crawling out to get me – eventually it was so full almost completely stopped working…
    Also used to be terrified when the vac actually got near enough to them that the suction would actually send the spider flying towards me and it would miss going up the nozzle.
    Of course in my vision it landed on my face every time…this never happened but it totes could, right?

    Holly Mixtures

  10. Terry is SO cute!! I’ve got a Yorkie too – they’re nuts aren’t they?

    As for stalker/Josh, I think for the moment we should call him Stalker Josh. It covers all the bases.

    Penny xx

  11. And still on it ! ^^
    Awe ! You got Instagram ! Well , me too 🙂
    Thanks for your pics I’m starving now .
    Nice pics and cutie cat 🙂 and dog !
    see ya !
    Amandine from Amandyne’s World blog

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