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Boots Haul

On yesterdays adventure with Christine, I mentioned how we did a bit of shopping after visiting Kirstall Abbey. We went to boots where I purchased…

On yesterdays adventure with Christine, I mentioned how we did a bit of shopping after visiting Kirstall Abbey. We went to boots where I purchased the following nine items.
Nine being the magic number because, as any of you that have been to Boots will know, basically everything is on 3 for 2. I always manage to select the first two items with no problem, but the third one seems to cause me a few issues. I like to get something I will actually use, but that is a decent enough price so I feel I’m getting good value for my third piece.
I only actually wanted to buy a headband, but ya know, I’m a sucker for offers and advertising so came out with a lot more. Everything only came to £25 though so it’s not that bad! 
Okay, on to the spoils… 

Alice band – Hair Grips – Bun Doughnut
I wanted the Alice band to wear for work, as my hair is really long and everywhere and I saw a girl with similar hair length to me and it just looked a lot neater. I’m thinking of wearing my hair in a bun for work also sometimes because it gets in the way and I trap it in everywhere and dunk it in everything and if I turn around fast, it hits people in the face. It’s a bit awkward.
It’s going to be really exciting to not get it trapped in my car door anymore.
Boots Botanics All Bright Soothing Eye Makeup Remover
Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream
Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream

 I bought this eye make-up remover after the drama of not being able to remove that waterproof mascara last week. It was recommended to me as it is apparently the only thing that works unless you’re willing to spend £20 or more on a high end one. 

I’m almost out of moisturiser so I decided to give this a go. The day cream has a SPF of 15 which will be good for my runs! The sun is so bright lately and when I run along the canal, there’s no hiding from it.

Collection Volumising Mascara
Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick 13 Vintage Rose
Barry M Fine Glitter Dust 7
I bought the mascara because I was attracted to the bright orange packaging. and the 10x more volume it advertises (again, I’m highly influenced by like.. everything). When my current mascara runs out, I’ll do a review of it but I probably won’t be opening it for a month or so. 
I bought the Barry M eye dust after seeing a girl from work with it and thinking it looked beautiful. The lipstick is a way to ween myself onto bolder colours as I’m pretty timid when it comes to putting things on my lips! I’d love to wear bright red lipstick but I feel like it just doesn’t suit me. This colour isn’t too far from my normal lip colour but makes my lips a bit bolder. Yay!
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I tried the two Sketchers Organic Energy drink I got in my box. I was given the original and the lite version to try. 
These organic, fair trade, vegetarian, all natural energy drinks are a great alternative to red bull and the like. I had no idea what to expect with these and was delighted to see they were bright pink in colour ,similar to cranberry juice. They both have a very refreshing pomegranate taste. The lite version is a bit fizzier and has a bit more of a bitter taste but they don’t differ too much. I would repurchase this if I needed a pick me up and I’ve seen them in a few shops.

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In other news: I ran 8 miles yesterday.

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  1. I love the Botanics range, I’ve tried a couple of things so far. I think the organic facial oil is my absolute favourite though! xxx

  2. ugh, i don’t miss getting my hair trapped in the car door, that used to happen to me all the time when my hair was long! and i’d only realize it’d happened when already on our way and have to be like “stop the car!” in the middle of the road, haha.. and i want to see what you look like with a bun, you never have your hair up! the glitter dust and the lipstick look lovely! xx

  3. Boots always have something or the other going on. I use to work for them long time ago and everyday gave out vouchers. You always end up buying more than you intended to do so.

    I am on the hunt for eye and lip make up remover so please let me know whether the botanics one is good enough.

    I have too many mascaras, some of them are still in their packaging LOL. The lipstick shade is gorgeous Corinne, I see myself wearing it.

  4. I love the eyeshadow and lipstick. Looks so beautiful on you!! Why don’t have we a Boots? They have an online shop but shipping is 10 GBP!! Too much is you ask me. Funny thing I always have difficulties to find the third product too (3 for 2). The L’oreal micellar… lotion or whatever it’s called always removes waterproof makeup, mascara easily and it’s so cheap. Btw Dumb Blonde is Holly’s admin name. Yeah she thinks she’s funny.

    xx Mira

  5. Both the lippie and eye dust look gorgeous on you! I really want to try out Barry M. products since they’re supposed to be good dupes for MAC products? The eye dust really does make your eyes pop! xx

  6. I truly love Barry M eyeshadows, I got the same as you do but I feel the need to buy another one now lol The purple one is also really nice, I saw a girl wearing it too lol

  7. I’ve done my little sisters hair with the donuts to make a bun, it’s so easy and very cute!! I’m not sure I’ll ever have long hair, though!

  8. Only 25 ! I think it is a great price favor all these things. The bun doughnut is very useful, at least for me. Kisses:)

  9. The All Bright range looks quite promising! I can’t wait to go to Boots again on my next trip to London 😀

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  11. Hi Corinne! Well done, you get spoiled! And you found also good bagains. The eye dust suits the color of ur eyes, very lovely. Also I like the lipstick, but u have to try a red one as well, believe me, once you tried it on ur lips you will become addicted!:) The drinks sound good, didnt know them. Kisses and goodnight!:*

  12. Great haul! I should read this before I went to Boots today. Anyway thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!! Really like your blog! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks 🙂 xx

  13. congrats on all that running, lady!! and hooray for brighter, bolder lips 😀 make-up is most definitely my kryptonite and i, too am highly influenced by like, everything!!!! haha. birds of a feather, we are ♥

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