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What do you look for in casual clothes?

Dress : Newlook via ASOS Shoes : ASOS Necklace : Amazon This is my second post in this location. It wasn’t easy, guys! It was very…

butterfly dress
Dress : Newlook via ASOS
Shoes : ASOS
Necklace : Amazon
new look butterfly dress
blue butterfly print dress
This is my second post in this location. It wasn’t easy, guys! It was very windy and have you seen those bloody cobbles? The cobbles and my heels did not get on very well at all. Let’s all take a second to picture an awkward looking version of Corinne trying to not fall while setting the self timer. If anyone were to catch me (it will happen one day) I am sure they will think ‘What a dick’. But I do love this dress. It is very easy to wear. 
That sounds a bit odd, huh? I have a few dresses that I deem as ‘easy‘ to wear and I can’t really explain why. I guess I mean they are:
  • a good length so I’m not tugging the skirt down and pulling tights up
  • they are not too dressy that I feel overdressed
  • pretty enough to make it look like I’ve made an effort
  • fit me well
  • they’re comfortable
  • can dress down or dress up with footwear/accessories 
  • can blend in easily
  • can wear in winter/summer/rain/snow/sun
I feel like a have so many dresses that are a bit too much for every day wear. I hate feeling overdressed, it makes me feel like a bit of a twat, even if the dress in question makes me swoon. I have some outfits that I would wear amongst certain crowds, but not others. This dress is one of those that makes me feel confident and comfortable no matter the day, time, weather or company I am in. 
What do you look for in an every day look?

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  1. Such a pretty dress – I love tea dresses, you can never have too many of them :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Good length and can wear on different seasons are the points I take into account when I buy a casual dress. Yours is lovely! and I liked the pictures, I didn’t see anything wrong with the wind. Kisses, Corinne:)

  3. Hello from Spain: nice dress. I agree with you. I have dresses that I would wear every day. They are comfortable. Keep in touch

  4. I love dresses, too! And yes, I look for the functional ones. I like dresses that can be worn out on the town or just to the store. I also like dresses you can layer things over, like sweaters or button downs.

  5. You just have the cutest dresses! Seriously! I love wearing dresses as well; they can make or break my attitude for the day haha (: x

  6. Gorgeous dress. I definitely think that you hit a lot of great points in finding a fantastic everyday dress! I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’, GFC, or Instagram! Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

    s a r t o r i a l d i n e r
    Instagram @ sartorialdiner

  7. I know what you’re talking about, that dang wind, that dang cobbles, I have ruined many a heels that way!! Duh! Great pics nevertheless honey. I like that backdrop!

  8. You are too cute- and mastering those cobblestones like a champ! 🙂
    For me, everyday is a pair of cigarette pants, a chambray shirt, and a pair of ballet flats. Easy, and can be dressed up a bit with some statement jewelry.


  9. LOVE that dress and I have to agree with all your points! I’m in the process of upping my dress collection (i.e turning my whole wardrobe into nothing BUT dresses!) I love dresses that are easy to wear and make me feel comfortable and confident with an effortless pulled together look – it can be difficult to find many dresses that tick all those boxes!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  10. I adore the location of your shoot-it’s so pretty and looks so quiet! In addition to the location your dress is beautiful! Your posts always inspire me to go out on little walks to cute little places to take outfit pictures, but then my bed seems a lot more appealing haha. Brilliant, intriguing post once again! Lauryn x

  11. I love this dress – and the location of the shot! I feel like I still haven’t found my everyday style tbh, I’m always overdressed! x

  12. I can see why this dress is easy for you! It’s great! I definitely look for a lot of the same things – something that is mindless and effortless, yet makes people *think* that you really tried and cared that morning. Something that makes you feel good – no matter if you’re actually feeling bloated or not. Something that is low maintenance – not fussy or easily wrinkly. So based on that criteria, I think your dress would suit me also! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing with Manic Monday!

  13. That dress is beautiful on you and I can understand why it is a go-to “easy” piece. I also understand about the cobblestones. Italy IS FILLED WITH THEM! And if you’ve seen the shop windows you know there is no shortage of 4 inch heels hear, after a while you learn to look in advance a little so you never step in the cracks, as long as you aim for the flat part you are ok, and if your heel gets caught between the cracks try to be GRACEFUL as you tumble to the ground….at least that’s what I do!

  14. Such a pretty dress and amazing location! When I go casual I want something I just feel comforable in, without having to worry that I look fat or I can’t eat much because it’s so tight. I just want something I feel good in .

    XO Imke

  15. That dress is adorable. I love it. I’m glad you didn’t fall (yeah taking pics is not easy) down. Cobblestones are tricky. Sorry to hear that everyone is sick. Hope you get well soon.

    xx Mira

  16. The dress is so pretty, great colour. I agree on all your decisions on picking out casual clothes, well fitting, comfy and adaptable to all weather conditions.

  17. You and your New Look via Asos dress look very pretty. The blue colour would coordinate nicely with pink. I love the setting where you took your outfit photos but can just imagine trying to keep from turning an ankle on the edges of those widely spaced cobblestones. I’m sure you look fabulous and pretty letting your dress move with the wind as well.
    P.S.: Thank you for the weekend wishes. Sorry I haven’t updated yet. Have a wonderful week and weekend yourself 🙂

  18. Hi dear! I loved your comment yesterday and I just look for comfort in what I am wearing. As long as I don’t have to constantly pull something down or pull at something too much all day long, I am okay. I think this is one reason I decided to start making clothing. I am so tired of stuff not fitting me right. LOL! Here are random pictures from my show days. I weighed more, so hope you recognize me and I was a lot younger! LOL!

    I am the girl with the P above me:

    Me in the green dress at the front:

    Have a good day dear and sorry I don’t have any videos of me. They are all stored away somewhere in a box in my basement.

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  19. Great post and love your styles!! I just found your blog and really like it! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks 🙂 xx

  20. Ah, your commentary cracks me up. I am loving the visuals of you setting the timer, delicately rushing over to pose so you don’t fall on the cobblestone, then trying to strike a natural, ladylike pose to show your dress. It’s not as easy as you make it look I’m sure! Very cute dress, and thank you for linking up with Manic Monday. 🙂 -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  21. That is such a lovely printed dress! I find jeans and a tee always comfortable, or of course printed dresses, they seem to work for most casual occasions 🙂

    Away From Blue

  22. These are just the things I like about a good dress myself 😉 Also I hate it when it’s so windy, that was the case for my last outfit as well and it almost drove me mad xD

  23. I’m very comfortable in dresses, but I like anything with a loos skirt for comfy, casual, everyday wear. My husband likes me in fitted dresses or pencil skirts, but I feel much more self-conscious in those!

  24. Gorgeous dress! I doubt you’ll fall in haha. ;p
    I definitely look for the same qualities in an everyday dress as you!


  25. Good on you for making twice , you are getting there. Please don’t fall down (:

    With casual wear, it should be comfy, not too short so I don’t keep pulling the skirt down as you mentioned. It should have sleeves ( I’m guilty of buying sleeveless dresses and then struggle to wear them)

  26. Your legs look like they go on for miles! Love the belt with this cute dress. 🙂

    What do I loo for in casual clothes? Comfort, definitely! And I would always rather be overdressed than underdressed, but I also grew up in the South. That’s NOT the common perspective here in the Pacific NW, but hey, I don’t mind sometimes being the most dressed-up gal in the room (or workplace). 🙂

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

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