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#socialbloggers 4 – Social Media

Saturday was the 4th #socialbloggers chat! We spoke about social media networks and how they can work with blogs. Check out last weeks round up…


Saturday was the 4th #socialbloggers chat! We spoke about social media networks and how they can work with blogs. Check out last weeks round up if you missed out! 

Unfortunatly, my co-host Noor was ill, so I hosted the chat on my own. It went okay but I did miss my buddy – hope you feel better soon, Noor! Go send her some well wishes! 

Okay, now onto the chat and some of my favourite replys:

Q1 : What’s your favourite social media site and why? #socialbloggers

A1 Used to be facebook but fast becoming twitter #socialbloggers
— Angie SilverSpoon (@SilverSpoonUK) February 22, 2014

Mine has to be twitter, it’s fast, you can get so much info from it and network with a huge amount of people…#socialbloggers
— Basik Attire (@basikattire) February 22, 2014

A1: twitter, as it’s not full of long pointless statuses like fb. I like instagram but twitter is my true love in life #socialbloggers
— India Benjamin (@IndiaBenjamin) February 22, 2014

@bloggerforums I am a massive pinterest lover, it’s where I get my most referrals from! #socialbloggers
— Amy (@LoveAmybecca) February 22, 2014

Q2: What social media site do you wish you were more involved in, or had joined earlier? #socialbloggers

@bloggerforums by the sounds of this chat I think Pinterest sounds like something I should get more involved with #socialbloggers
— Basik Attire (@basikattire) February 22, 2014

@bloggerforums i wish i started using twitter more earlier.. #socialbloggers
— Emily Pye (@aficklefox) February 22, 2014

A2: I wish I used pinterest properly- just use it for makeup/food/travel etc I wanna do but never look at what I pin! #socialbloggers
— India Benjamin (@IndiaBenjamin) February 22, 2014

@bloggerforums i wish i started using twitter more earlier.. #socialbloggers
— Emily Pye (@aficklefox) February 22, 2014

@bloggerforums I also feel that Google+ joined the social media game way to late #socialbloggers
— Aimee (@TheAimeeTales) February 22, 2014

@bloggerforums I wish I had joined twitter when I first started my blog! #socialbloggers
— Lauren Rebecca (@LR_daydreamer) February 22, 2014

Q3: What’s the best way to get engagement/followers on social media? #socialbloggers

@bloggerforums twitter i think! All the blog chats are great! 🙂
— Abi Kempen (@Kemples1) February 22, 2014

@bloggerforums chats like these for sure! You meet so many bloggers who then become followers. #socialbloggers
— Kendwy Valdez (@Mindofkiwi) February 22, 2014

#socialbloggers I find that engaging with other bloggers and asking questions will almost guarantee a response from them!
— Jess (@Gingerlypale) February 22, 2014

@bloggerforums These chats are invaluable for engagement/new followers…helps that they’re also pretty interesting 🙂 #socialbloggers
— Danielle (@Frontiere_Girl) February 22, 2014

@bloggerforums also, you need to comment and show love on others’ blogs also. It’s not a receive, receive community #socialbloggers
— Kendwy Valdez (@Mindofkiwi) February 22, 2014

Q4 : What tips do you have for using social media alongside your blog? #socialbloggers

@bloggerforums Make sure you’re social media links to your blog and vice-versa. I’ve come across many that don’t link #socialbloggers
— Lauren Rebecca (@LR_daydreamer) February 22, 2014

With social media alongside your blog, be chatty, approachable and don’t spam your link every 5 minutes #socialbloggers
— Amy (@LoveAmybecca) February 22, 2014

@bloggerforums You’ll get a further reach on FB if you share the link in the comments & just share text+a photo in the post #socialbloggers
— Rubi Mancilla (@rarerubi) February 22, 2014

What are you thoughts on this subject?

Join us next Saturday!

Magnatone Pulsar 7 day challenge.
In yesterdays post, I introduced the Magnitone Pulsar and told you about the 7 day challenge I am taking part in. I have some pictures of my skin for day one. I used it on Saturday night before I went to be for the first time and then again on Sunday morning before taking these photos. I only have moisturiser on my face and eye makeup.

The first photo is in my bathroom, unnatural light and the second one is in natural light. The reason I took one in unnatural light is I will be going to work before the sun wakes up for the next 4 days and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take photos of my skin in natural light, unless I manage to leave at a decent time and take them in the afternoon! 

Apologise in advance for the photos of my face – but it’s all in the name of blogging. Ha.
 You can see my ‘before photos’ and more about the challenge and product in my previous post. I’ve not noticed much difference after the first two uses. I do have large pores on my nose and cheeks and they do seem a little cleaner. I’d love to reduce the appearance of my pores on my nose, cheeks and forehead. I’m going to keep going and hope it works!

Tell me the most exciting thing about your weekend.

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  1. Reposting this with corrections (it’s late in the US haha)
    Corinne, I had a great time at the socialbloggers chat this weekend. Thx so much for hosting! It was my first time ( abruptly ended for me as my battery was gone and I was outside) and the short time I was able to join in was wonderful! I agree with a lot of the bloggers that said they wish they started certain social medias before. I am so familiar with Facebook and it was much easier to grow as I had a good base to start with; wish I got on Twitter at the same time. Well never too late I guess.:)
    Btw totally intrigued by your Magnitone Pulsar challenge. I love anything skincare and will follow your trial to see what you think of it! XOXO, Elif

  2. This looks like a really interesting discussion, its always good to hear what other bloggers and thinking and their suggestions. Happy Monday Darling, hope its an enlightening one.

  3. Hi Corinne! as for your question …I don’t know if Pinterest is a social media site but it is my favourite. Before it was Facebook but I am a little bit fed up of wathching the same all day. Kisses:)

  4. Hi Corinne, I think my fav social is becoming Instagram, if only have signed before!:) Also love Pinterest. Regarding the Magnitone Pulsar, Im so curious to see the result at the end of the challenge, I think is too early for just one use, though u made me very curious. Kisses dear xo

  5. Hah social media networks will remain a mystery to me!! Sorry about Noor. I hope she gets well soon. I’m really curious if the product works. Keep us updated!! Happy Monday!!

    xx Mira

  6. Now this is such a cool idea. I love that you host this chat on Twitter. For me, my favorite social media platform is currently Instagram. I’m surprised no one said that. I wish I had gotten into it sooner, but when it first came out, it wasn’t available for my phone.

  7. My favourite social media is pinterest, love the twitter chat idea. Will join you guys next Saturday.

  8. I need to set my phone alarm so that I stay in Saturday evenings and Social Chat with you! Great questions and great answers. I agree about Pinterest I’m just starting to use it now, but I find that there is SO MUCH to do socially when you have a blog, I have little time let over to really concentrate on my posts. I am still searching for that happy medium and would love to hear how you approach this.

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