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#socialbloggers 3 – Blog Design

Before the #socialbloggers Twitter Chat round up, I want to take part in a link up: You can write about :-How much do you love your…

Before the #socialbloggers Twitter Chat round up, I want to take part in a link up:
Bloglantine Day

You can write about :
-How much do you love your blog
-What are you planning to gift your blog
-What are your plans for your blog in future
-The good times of you & blog
-Some good blogging memories
-And everything about you & your blog.
I started my little space on the internet in December 2012. I am little sad to say that I didn’t celebrate the one year mark of my blog – it’s mainly because I find it hard to pin point when I really started it. I bought a few months before I attached it to my blogger account but didn’t do much with it. So I’m not sure if my birthday should be in September – or December. Anyway, that is irrelevant. I really only started blogging because one of my best friends had just started. Unfortunately, she has not updated her blog in 11 months. It’s safe to say she has left blogging behind her for a few reasons. It’s a bit sad because I really miss reading her blog, she’s a funny lady with a beautiful eye for dresses. Come back, Janine!

I did not for a second think that it would last this long! I did have a bit of a dry patch this summer. I dropped down to posting every 3 days instead of every 1 or 2, I didn’t read as many blogs and it didn’t feel as fun as it used to. But I got over it and now I am 100% motivated! I’ve put a lot of thought and effort into my blog over the past few months. Since December, specifically. I’ve started the forums and met some great people on there and have also started a twitter account for my blog which has helped me connect with a whole new level of people.

There are so many different ways to find new blogs, meet new bloggers and connect with them it’s difficult to know where best to invest your time!

I probably spend at least 30 hours a week blogging. Whether that is taking photos, editing, writing posts, reading blogs, researching or learning new things. I’m not sure what I would do with myself if I didn’t blog. I probably would have bought Call of Duty Ghosts, completed Skyrim and built myself a whole town on Minecraft. And got father than level 6 on Flappy Bird.

So yes – that is me and my blog. I am gifting my blog a MacBook Pro for Blogatines day, for totally selfless reasons, of course. It should be with me tomorrow. I can then take it to Florida with me and hopefully still update a few times! 

What’s your blog story?
We had another fabulous chat on Saturday, we spoke about blog designs, layouts and what attracts you and encourages you to read or follow a blog.
I have the questions and some of my favourite answers for any of you that missed out. Please feel free to add your thoughts on the questions or answers! 

For those of you that are just here for the outfits, I’ll be posting a new dress I got tomorrow.

Q1 : What makes a blog attractive? Photos/layout/writing style?
@NoorsLense I like a really simplistic layout so all the focus is on the posts and large photos that are all the same size! #socialbloggers
— Alex Stella (@stella_et0ile) February 15, 2014

A bloggers layout is the first thing I see and if I’m not initially attracted to it, I wouldn’t be staying very long #socialbloggers
— Claire Fearon ? (@televisionary_) February 15, 2014

@lovefromtwinkle simple layout with big pictures and clean fonts with good content, automatic follow #socialbloggers
— Stephanie (@stephanieslook) February 15, 2014

@bloggerforums I think it’s good to have a mixture of posts on your blog. Finding one-off handy DIY’s is the best! #socialbloggers
— theperksofbeingamy (@perksofamyblog) February 15, 2014

@stella_et0ile: #socialbloggers do you prefer a writing style that’s to the point or a rambling type?” bit of both. I’m very converstional
— Self Love (@selfluvfromshan) February 15, 2014

Centered is like italics, it’s supposed to MEAN something. All-centered text looks just wrong. #socialbloggers @rarerubi
— Lix Hewett (@LixHewett) February 15, 2014

@NoorsLense Same here!I like when authors make like little comments in parantheses or italicize when theyre being sarcastic #socialbloggers
— Rubi Mancilla (@rarerubi) February 15, 2014

@Gingerlypale I think massive blocks of text put people off – I try to include some relevant photos every few paragraphs #socialbloggers
— Alex Barker (@serpentineshore) February 15, 2014

Q2: What tip(s) would you give to a new blogger to make their blog look attractive?

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums Q2 Make your images all the same width, and large enough to really see without clicking on #socialbloggers
— Hello Pretty Bird! (@RebeccaBBird) February 15, 2014

#socialbloggers For a new blogger, I’d definitely invest in some HTML/CSS lessons to improve your design so it doesn’t look too bland 🙂
— Claire Fearon ? (@televisionary_) February 15, 2014

I’d actually say if in doubt keep it fairly simple. A cluttered, loud looking blog can be off-putting I think #socialbloggers
— Joiee Birch (@mrjoieebirch) February 15, 2014

@televisionary_ and if you are having photos from elsewhere make sure you source!!! #socialbloggers
— Victoria Reilly (@vickieblogs) February 15, 2014

Bad grammar, typos & spelling mistakes really put me off. No point spending so much time on a post then not editing it #socialbloggers
— Little Wonder (@littlewondering) February 15, 2014

Q3 :Is there anything you wish was different about how your blog looks?
@NoorsLense @bloggerforums My sidebar image! I really don’t like it but that’s so and so #socialbloggers
— Brooke ? (@thefudgecake_) February 15, 2014

@NoorsLense I just feel like my blog could be more polished. I’ve kept it really simple though #socialbloggers
— Chelsey Prentice (@ChelseyPrentice) February 15, 2014

What do you think is most important when it comes to the layout, design and content of your blog?

Don’t forget to join in on next Saturdays Twitter chat  – 6pm GMT!

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  1. Happy belated blogoversary! It was really curious to read through the chat messages… I’d agree with what others said about the layout etc. I like it to be simple and readable, too. And interesting to read, of course. x

  2. Corinne, another post full of information; I love these! It’s also great to read the chat answers and get a perspective on blog issues from many bloggers. For me I love beautiful pictures, good spelling &grammar ( for me it shows attention and love for what you do) and definitely a personal feeling with lots of original content. XOXO, Elif

  3. Your blog story is nice Corinne, Im glad to have met you through the blogosphere and hope one day to meet you. Regarding the questions, I think is always better having a simple and clear layout, good photos with attention to details. Happy Monday xo

  4. Sometimes is very hard to keep posting daily that is the reason why I changed my original routine of posting everyday and I just do it 4 times a week. I wish you a happy blog anniversary! ( the date doesn’t matter, the important fact is we have fun everyday) Kisses, Corinne:)

  5. This was great doll…Happy Blog Anniversary to you as well…so great!! I hope you are well & wish you a gorgeous week xx

  6. Corinne love this post and your blog is cute
    I posted a new article, I’d love to know your opinion
    would you like to pass from my blog?

  7. I didn’t realize that you and Janine were friends, I miss her too! Blogging is such a fun hobby 🙂

  8. Thx bunches for your great post!! I like blogs with a simple and clean design. I am a minimalist sort of thing, though. I have problems with those blogs cluttered with to many things, where navigation is a PIA, I loose interest immediately when I have to click a thousand times just to comment. But well that’s just me. I like it simple and clearly represented.

  9. Keep posting when you’ve time, don’t blog like a duty, blog like you love it! Love your blog & the blogger behind it! And Macbook pro is such an awesome present 😉

  10. I think if the layout can be pretty but it should be easy to navigate it, nothing tedious or may take too long to load, definitely a good content is important and that.

  11. I found here excellent tips for blogging. I think the blog design is super important, it’s the first thing you see, has to be appealing!

  12. Hahaha I also gifted myself a new laptop this Christmas, trying to do anything on my old one was impossible. It was definitely my motivation to start my blog “officially.” 🙂

  13. Hi dear Corinne, how great that you finally decided to start your blog after you bought the domain 🙂 And this sounds like as if we have our blog nearly since the same time because I started on 2012-12-31 with my blog. I started my blog because I read in a book about the meaning of the lines of hands that it it necessary for me to write and to speak – to be happy these are two important things for me. So I started immediately my blog although I said already since a long time that I would like to have a blog when I have enough time for it 🙂 To be honest I don´t really have the time but in a special way it works although I spend surely as much time for my blog than you (but why to sleep so much when it is possible to blog?).

    Wish you further many success with your blog – because I like you and your blog really! And your dresses <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  14. Yes! I love this post! I have just gotten back into the flow of things with blogging with my last post last November :(. But now I’m at it and feeling very inspired! I was wondering how many hours I should dedicate to my blog!
    Stay in touch : )

    I am Marie Liv
    I am Marie Liv on bloglovin

  15. i love blogs that are minimalistic and simple. that makes concentrating on the post a lot easier. font is a big issue for me. one blogger had everything in script. i could not read her posts without getting a headache. loved her. hated her font. i had to stop reading. glad you got into blogging. we all need to create incentives.

  16. WOW! Is blogging your fulltime job? to spend 30 hours a week on it seems incredible to me!


    Danielle Faith @

  17. Oh hey Corinne! Long time no see!!! Reading your blogs always makes me want to start my own blog!!! Especially with all these helpful tips!!!! You’re going to Flordia!!! Me too!!! When?? Maybe I’ll see you there 😉 xxxxxxxx

  18. Girl , your blog story is incredible. I’m glad you’re blogging and we have this wonderful #socialbloggers 😉 Macbook Pro makes a great gift , let me say WOW!

  19. congrats on that macbook! saw it on instagram & was instantly envious..! lol. but you’re a darling & you deserve(d) it. (: happy belated, blogantine’s! <3

    ps? i think your blog’s birthday should be whenever you decide! lol. on a free domain, i always counted it by the date of the first post (so i’d cheat and pick “nice” dates, i.e. 1 of Jan to start posting) but since i purchased a domain, i just go by the date of my purchase (:

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