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Purple Tights!

Dress: ASOS Tights : Tesco Shoes : ASOS Watch/Bracelet : Christmas Gifts There’s nothing like a pair of colourful tights to brighten up an otherwise…

Dress: ASOS
Tights : Tesco
Shoes : ASOS
Watch/Bracelet : Christmas Gifts
There’s nothing like a pair of colourful tights to brighten up an otherwise boring dress. Purple is always my favourite, I have a few pairs of tights in this colour!

My hips are massive in these photos, childbearing hips, see. It’s because I’m pregnant. Actually no, I’m not pregnant, I’m just big boned. I am unable to trick anyone into even having a relationship with me, let alone giving me a baby. Let’s cry. Then get some cats. 
I don’t think I have really posted pictures of these lovely gifts I got for Christmas. My mum got me the watch and my Aunt got the matching bracelet. 
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  1. i just read your comment and it made me chuckle. you are honestly the cutest thing :’D i wish i actually lived in the uk, then we could be friends irl! you’re legit the kind of person who’d just crack me up all the time i know it <3

    your purple tights are daaarling! i’m in need of a MASSIVE wardrobe overhaul but i just haven’t set aside the funds and/or time to properly do so. (can you believe thattttt?! insanity.)

  2. Oh gawd, I miss Tesco tights so freaking much! Tights over here cost a minimum of 12 dollars, when you can get like 6 pairs for 5 pounds in the UK!! I dont know why Im rambling about tights right now lol

  3. Oh childbearing hips, the bane of my life, especially as I don’t want children! It’s like nature decided to have a laugh that day.

    Love the way that tights can jazz up a black outfit. I’m far too dull to wear coloured tights but they look awesome.

  4. I love those tights! I recently bought a black dress so that I can wear brightly coloured tights/leggings with it… adds a little bit of excitement haha! xxx

  5. Ahah you made me smile Corinne! You are just perfect, believe me! And you wear the purple tights in such nice way that you inspired me to wear mine more often!:) The bracelet and the watch are a very lovely match. Have a great weekend dear, kisses! xo

  6. I love your purple Tesco tights, your Asos dress and your figure! Sorry if I seem like a bit of a lecher, but I think your figure is fabulous. Additionally you’re sweet, pretty, intelligent, and funny. If there is anyone who would not want to have a baby with you they must have some kind of mental defect. Oh, wait, I forgot. Most humans are mentally defective, especially the males of the species. I ought to know. I have those defective “Y” (male) chromosomes. Getting back to your outfit, your ASOS dress looks very classy and shows off your lovely figure well. I like the buttons, the waist and the white collar. The purple hosiery is very pretty too. I think pinks and purples are very much in vogue for this coming Spring and Summer. I hadn’t decided what I’m doing this weekend yet. Maybe I’ll work on my next overdue post (no new one yet, sorry) and maybe try to follow some of the #socialbloggers Twitter chat. 🙂

  7. Love your look and your hips look great! I’ll try to join the chat 🙂

    Jasmine xx
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  8. You are hilarious………….and SO CUTE………you will have boys, and babies, and maybe some cats too! No worries!

  9. That dress and those tights!!! Ahhhh..I LOVE!!!
    You are so funny. Just think of Shakira….hips don’t lie.
    Big hips rock! 🙂

    Kendwy @ MindofKiwi

  10. It is a lovely watch, so elegant! and..for the look, I loved it! I don´t think you´ve got big hips, I think you are wearing this dress very well and you ´ve got a beautiful silhouette. Very nice the touch of purple in your tights. Kisses:)

  11. I don’t think that you have massive hips, but anyways … cool tights, it’s always great to add color to this dull season.

  12. Love your watch bracelet girl and your shoes. So chic and feminine. Oh and btw you have an impressive blog 🙂 New follower from Sana’s Fashion Ramblings. Its always been so nice to meet with a person who shares the same passion like me .
    I am following you now with a name Sana Sadiq

  13. I am a big tight fan as well especially when the weather turns cold. I also love wearing tight when I am feeling swollen. I feel like it kind of helps me to suck everything it haha. While most of my tights are dark coloured, I do own some bright ones like purple (like yours) and deep red 🙂

  14. You are hilarious! And I don’t think your hips are big at all. In contrast, your waist looks so small in these pics! I think purple tights are my favorite of the colored tights. You look great!

  15. haha you do NOT have big hips! and i love that unexpected pop of color with those tights. I have about a dozen colored pairs but always forget to wear them :/ This post inspired me to reach for them a little more often. And lovely gifts, that’s such a pretty watch!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  16. I love tights of all colors, and yes, I have a purple pair, too! And I do have the slightly wider hips too, which my husband ALWAYS calls “Child-bearing hips” and I think he loves using those words for whatever reason

  17. You look lovely and I don’t think you have large hips at all. Enjoy what you are now, when I look at pictures of me when I was younger, I think I was so stupid focusing on what was wrong with me whereas there were also very good things! (and believe me, I felt so fat after giving birth to my twins that it gave me a lot of perspective).
    Mafalda ❤

  18. Ha ha, funny about the pregnant thing, though your hips don’t look big to me!! By the way Corinne, forgive me for being the rudest if the rude! You left me SUCH a helpful comment about my blog url issue (and another nice comment) and when I’ve tried to leave a comment back after reading them, my internet has dine its usual stupid thing of freezing or timing out on a,comment and I’ve got so annoyed, I’ve given up. Then forgotten about it. Which is just plain rude and forgetful of me. But thank you for your advice, I’ll definitely investigate a url at some point! Incidently, it was seeing your comment on Sophia’s blog that reminded me. I saw Corinne and thought, “oh no!!!” So hopped over here.! Enough grovelling, that’s a super dress and yes, purple tights rock!!! X

  19. Corinne, love colorful tights and your purple ones are adorable! I think you look really cute in the dress and appreciate your sense of humor ( you will have all those things plus cats which is amazing cause pets are cool 😉 Your watch and bracelet are really feminine and pretty; love how your mom and aunt coordinated the gifts! <3 XOXO, Elif

  20. you look so pretty! I love the purple tights, you styled them so well (…I can never figure out what to wear coloured/patterned tights with)!

  21. I’ll be in a relationship with you!!! lol!! j/k!! …unless you want to ;P
    Ilove that dress!! I have it too!!! I love tight!

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