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Lilly vs Christine

I conned into asked Christine to make me a salad last Saturday after we went to the gym. I totally took the opportunity to photograph this, just like I did with Lilly’s salad. Because that’s what I do, apparently. The perks of living with chefs = immense.
Christine pan friend some chicken and bacon then cut them into pieces, she added them to a salad which consisted of iceberg, spinach, rocket, bell peppers, spring onions and cucumber.
She then added sweetcorn, some oven baked croutons (see how to make the croutons here) and drizzled some salad dressing over the top.
She also tried to do some egg thing, but the eggs weren’t cooked enough so she kind of failed in regards to that when she tried to roll them to get the shells off. 
This was the finished salad. It was lovely!
Which one do you prefer?
Magnitone Pulsar Challenge day 3.
Yesterday was the 3rd day of the Magnitone pulsar challenge. To find out the details about it, please click here
I am still using the sensitive setting as I feel my skin isn’t used to using this yet, it still feels a tiny bit tingly/painful throughout the day. Not enough to make me concerned, but I still feel it, I think this is relating to the dryness of my skin. I didn’t have any new spots this morning, the one from yesterday has healed pretty well, better than usually in fact and the scars on my skin seem to be fading. My main concern is that the pores on my cheeks/forehead seem bigger. I’m not sure if this is because I’m having more focus on them and looking at them twice a day to try and compare rather than just ignore them, but I feel like the smoothness of my skin is getting worse. There are patches that remind me of leather and I had a dry, flakey patch on my forehead. I’m hoping this is just a process and things will start to get better from now on.
First two pictures were in natural daylight and the second two in my bathroom in artificial light.
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