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Lilly vs Christine

I conned into asked Christine to make me a salad last Saturday after we went to the gym. I totally took the opportunity to photograph…

I conned into asked Christine to make me a salad last Saturday after we went to the gym. I totally took the opportunity to photograph this, just like I did with Lilly’s salad. Because that’s what I do, apparently. The perks of living with chefs = immense.
Christine pan friend some chicken and bacon then cut them into pieces, she added them to a salad which consisted of iceberg, spinach, rocket, bell peppers, spring onions and cucumber.
She then added sweetcorn, some oven baked croutons (see how to make the croutons here) and drizzled some salad dressing over the top.
She also tried to do some egg thing, but the eggs weren’t cooked enough so she kind of failed in regards to that when she tried to roll them to get the shells off. 
This was the finished salad. It was lovely!
Which one do you prefer?
Magnitone Pulsar Challenge day 3.
Yesterday was the 3rd day of the Magnitone pulsar challenge. To find out the details about it, please click here
I am still using the sensitive setting as I feel my skin isn’t used to using this yet, it still feels a tiny bit tingly/painful throughout the day. Not enough to make me concerned, but I still feel it, I think this is relating to the dryness of my skin. I didn’t have any new spots this morning, the one from yesterday has healed pretty well, better than usually in fact and the scars on my skin seem to be fading. My main concern is that the pores on my cheeks/forehead seem bigger. I’m not sure if this is because I’m having more focus on them and looking at them twice a day to try and compare rather than just ignore them, but I feel like the smoothness of my skin is getting worse. There are patches that remind me of leather and I had a dry, flakey patch on my forehead. I’m hoping this is just a process and things will start to get better from now on.
First two pictures were in natural daylight and the second two in my bathroom in artificial light.
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  1. I sometimes think my pores are getting bigger too when I do some new cleaning routine! Maybe that’s because all the fat and dirt that’s in them goes away (they’re properly clean) and then they look bigger (because they’re empty:D). Or maybe that’s because our skin doesn’t appreciate the new treatment, I have no frigging idea…

    Anyhow, you’re mean!! I can’t say which salad I prefer, I don’t want to offend any of the two chefs!:D They both look yummy as hell and I’d be honored if I could stuff my face with both of them, there.

  2. YOU LIVE WITH CHEFS? You are so lucky. They both look good but Lilly’s would be more to my taste 😉 I’m a sucker for colourful food too!

  3. Lucky you Corinne, your friends are great cook!:) Love also Christine’s salad, both are appetizing, cant choose! Regarding the skin, Im sorry hope it improves, Im curious to see how it looks at the end of the process btw. Kisses xo

  4. I think Christine´s salad looks like more tasty but I love salads so I would try both without any problem. kisses:)

  5. I want to try both! its hard to judge without the taste!!

    Defining Me

  6. Hi Corinne! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I always look forward to reading your comments. I don’t think your skin looks bad at all! It looks really clear to me. Your skin looks as smooth as glass, with no pores. I envy you. My skin actually used to look terrible. I ate a lot of sugar and drank a lot of sodas. Well, when I found out I had Acid Reflux, I had to cut out anything acidic, and that included sodas. When I did that, my skin cleared up a great deal. I drink tons of water now and try to eat healthfully, though I have to confess, my sweet tooth has not abated. Thanks for your compliment though. It really made my day. In answer to you question about the camera, I actually just use the basic Nikon lens that came with my D3000. However, I have a secret weapon. I use a remote! It is literally the best thing I have ever bought for my camera. And I usually hold the camera in front of my face myself for the close ups. Some of them turn out really badly. Those people will never see. 🙂 Both the salads above look really good! I would have a hard time choosing. Sorry for going on and on about myself. I was wondering if I could join in with the social bloggers group thing on twitter? I’m just not sure how to go about it.

    1. I can’t get a remote for mine, it’s really annoying! I would love to get one.

      My skin isn’t that clear, the photos look better than in real life!

  7. i want to live with chefs too, or marry one! i’d probably go for christine’s, because bacon. i don’t even like salads, and these both still look delicious:-) xx

  8. Both of those salads look just delicious! I don’t think I could possibly choose – but then again, I married a chef, so I’m very spoiled, I almost never have to cook for myself and think almost anything not made by me looks delicious 🙂

  9. Hey girl… well as a salad expert (not in making them but in eating them, I have to say… They both look great). For your skin My pore look biffer too but I think they dilate so the dirty stuff goes out so maybe they just stay dilated for a while ? It seems to me like that.

  10. lilly’s salad because it has brighter colours!! 😀 how wonderful that both your housemates are chefs. i’m jealous!!!!

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