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How to turn guys down.

Dress : Ginger Fizz via ASOS Tights : ASOS Shoes : New Look I’m writing this at 6:30pm as I schedule my posts the night…

ginger fizz
Dress : Ginger Fizz via ASOS
Tights : ASOS
Shoes : New Look
ginger fizz dress
red shoes
I’m writing this at 6:30pm as I schedule my posts the night before (especially when I work at 6am!) I was just about to post about how I have nothing to post about. And then there was a knock at the door.
Chirstine answers.
Him: I wasn’t expecting you to answer, is your friend there, what’s her name?
Chirstine: Corinne? Errr, Corinne it’s for you.
Corinne: Who is it?
Christine: You live across the road, right?
Him: Yes
I get up and go to the door…
Corinne: Hi
Him : I’ve been thinking.. you’re beautiful and I’m single, would you like to go for a drink?
Corinne: Er.. no, thank you.
I awkwardly close the door. I mean awkwardly, because I locked it before I shut it and it would not shut and doooooooom.
Christine was reading this blog post  at the time and said ‘You write here that you can’t trick anyone into being in a relationship you and you have men knocking at you door, it’s your own fault, Corinne!
30 minutes or so later, there was a knock on my door again. We didn’t answer and then this came through the letter box:
Wasn’t joking about your friend being beautiful by the way, just been too shy to say anything. xx <3 lol my heart x
Is this cute or creepy?
OK, it’s now 10pm and this just came through my letter box:
Just wanted to let you know that I liked you because I’ve been finding it hard to take my eyes off you lately. Didn’t want you to get scared. Haha. xx
Ok, this is creepy not cutes.
Another reason why I’m single : I attracted weirdos.
Magnitone Pulsar Day 4.
Yesterday was the fourth day of my 7 day challenge, if you missed my original post and are wondering why on earth I’m posting photos of my face, please refer to this post:
I really noticed how clear my chin was yesterday, the scars around my mouth have reduced a great deal after just 4 days which I am happy about, unfortunatly I am not seeing much difference in the lines on my forehead or a reduction in my pores. The skin on my forehead was dry again, my skin is always dry! Some skin was even flaking off by the end of my work day. I need to add my moisturiser and stick to the ‘sensitive’ setting for this reason!


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  1. great shoes! 🙂

    ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page
    ChocolateFashionCoffee INSTAGRAM!!!

  2. Curious to know, is the guy attractive or simply a total weirdo? (I’m assuming the latter due to the way he handled all this lol)

    Great post by the way, thanks for sharing!

    Mr Joiee The Blog

  3. Hello from Spain: that boy is in love with you. You have to meet with him. He deserves a chance. Invite him for coffee. Keep in touch

  4. I like that dress with the lace detail on the tights matching the detail on the top 🙂

    And yeah that guy seems really creepy – scary that he knows where you live being your neighbour!

    Away From Blue

  5. beautiful shoes! And I totally get your situation..I dunno how even I feel that I always tend to attract weirdos..the cute ones are either too scared or too gay 😛 Thankfully I found 1 normal man and married him before he could run away 😀 😉

  6. Bahaha , I can totally feel you right now. He sounds creepy but a little part of me says he was trying too hard. I’m stuck with my crush on someone whose weird for everyone so I think our problem is same , uh not yours. Mine and that guy’s 😉

  7. Sometimes de difference between creepy and cute is based on beauty. I mean, if he is handsome, then, he is so cute but if you receive this note from an ugly guy, then , he is creepy. In my opinion he was very friendly and he just wanted to be nice with you. Kisses:)

    1. It wasn’t ugly – he was average in looks so it wasn’t anything to do with that. It was the constant knocking on my door after I had already said I wasn’t interested and then putting notes through my door when we didn’t answer, it was pretty scary actually!

  8. how creepy! some people just can’t get the hint, eh? love those tights!

    Beth, x

  9. I think the first note was cute, but that second one I think he shot himself in the foot with that one! Such a cute outfit by the way! also I tried to reply back to your comment on my blog but it says your a no reply blogger? Just thought you should know!

  10. I guess that’s both cute and creepy! 😀

    ♥ Oxana
    O X A N A M.U.A Makeup Blog NEW SMOKIN HOT POST!
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  11. Wow you look gorgeous doll, no wonder you’re attracting attention! I really love the whole outfit, super sexy! Fun post, enjoyed reading it but not so fun if you’re feeling weirded out. Hopefully he got the hint :)xx

  12. Hey you´ve a great blog!
    Please check out mine and if you want we can follow each other here,
    on bloglovin and via GFC?
    Let me know, now it´s your turn!

  13. Corinne has a stalker. That is really creepy, he keeps opting these letters to you. Thank you for the translation because I was trying to read and couldn’t understand.

    What if he is realign your blog Corinne??

  14. Oh man…I had a stalker back in college, but he was a very nice stalker, so I didn’t mind. 😛 That is pretty hilarious and creepy too…but mostly I’m impressed that you could translate those notes!

  15. lol im cracking up! Of course someone sweats you, you are beautiful! I love your piercing green eyes!

  16. Aww Corinne, it is kinda cute, I think he is just super shy…the letters were very sweet. What if he is a perfectly normal and kind person who is hiding behind bad writing and low levels of confidence. You are killer in this dress, wow and those heels!! No wonder you have stalkers, just kidding hun. It was great hearing your thoughts, Happy Friday dear!

  17. he should’ve left you alone after the first note. hahaha and then him saying he’s watching you. not cool. you did the right thing. your skin looks good. i was worried at first. but sometimes that happens when using a new tool like that. i did the same thing with my clarisonic.

  18. I loved this post! It sounds just like me. I know it’s not funny to you at all, I mean, the guy is really creepy, but I couldn’t stop laughing at the way you reiterated it. You are a really good writer. Also, your skin is looking great! The dress at the top is really cute. And I love the shoes! I’m a big fan of red. 🙂

  19. Okay, I can’t stop looking at those wonderful red heels. Fabulous. Great post and so much fun here. WE so appreciate you joining Fashion item Friday. It means a great deal to me. Yes, it does! ♥

  20. Hey, I am really liking your blog, it is so interesting to read 🙂 Thanks for stopping by mine and for your sweet comments, I really appreciate it 🙂 You really have amazing style and your reviews are informative too. I got a clarisonic and I am absolutely loving it. I hope you have an awesome weekend!!

    xo, Alyssa

  21. Love the dress and shoes. Really lovely. Why would someone knock to ask someone out I too would find this odd salker like behaviour. X

  22. Love your red shoes, wow never a dull moment eh, take it as a compliment 🙂 I ‘m with Lizzy in what happens next though, you must tell us 🙂

  23. At first it was kinda sweet how he knocked but the notes are creepy. The scribbles!

    Love the outfit though! The shoes are lovely 😀

    I want to try out the clarisonic since I’ve been having breakouts. Yours seem like a good investment though.

    Amy |

  24. Yeah, I was with him until the second note. The first note was a little weird, but you could let it slide. Plus, he has serial murderer handwriting…lol 🙂 Cute stockings and dress, and the shoes are awesome!!!

  25. Nice Blog you have here! perhaps we could follow each other? Follow me and I’ll follow you back for sure 🙂

  26. Your skin looks great!!
    Yeah the notes are kinda weird. I don’t think him knocking on your door is weird, though, it’s flattering!!
    I love love love your tights.

    x Stace

  27. Ahaha Corinne, I think if he just left the first note would have been nice but then he kept to do it so is pretty scary! Is he cute? Btw, pay attention if you are alone around his place! Looking lovely, I really like the tights. For the skin, I see it very good u know, put the moisturizer on the forehead too. Have a lovely Sat dear xo

    This has provided me with wayy too much entertainment for the night, sadly at your expense but oh my goddd ahaha…I’d change the locks if I were you.
    Or just put a note on your door instructing him not to bother posting the next one at all – your cat will have nibbled it before you even get to read it, and if it happens again you’ll be making him clean up the cat vomit, lol.

    On another note I was asked out the other day in a FaceyB message by my 19 year old neighbour, and I’d be flattered but he’d already asked out a girl from down the road, and…her mum 😐 snm.
    I don’t know what’s sadder; that I’m third pickings behind a 45 year old divorcee, or that the poor guy was turned down by all 3 of us.

    Holly Mixtures

  29. Your skin looks great! I just posted about being comfortable enough with yourself to believe you are beautiful and I’m doing a week of Instagram pics with no makeup – would love you to join w hash tag #makeupfreethisisme

  30. LOVELY photos 🙂 I hope you had a great weekend dear

    Check out my new post…Hot Scandinavian decor 2014 🙂

    have a fab week

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor 🙂

  31. this outfit of yours is my favourite to date!!!

    & BAHAHA at the guy at the door. was he not cute?? i think it was quite sweet what he did. maybe sometimes creepiness can’t be helped. lol. #creepyisthenewcute (???) lol. give a guy a chance, corinne!

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