How to turn guys down.

ginger fizz
Dress : Ginger Fizz via ASOS
Tights : ASOS
Shoes : New Look
ginger fizz dress
red shoes
I’m writing this at 6:30pm as I schedule my posts the night before (especially when I work at 6am!) I was just about to post about how I have nothing to post about. And then there was a knock at the door.

Chirstine answers.

Him: I wasn’t expecting you to answer, is your friend there, what’s her name?
Chirstine: Corinne? Errr, Corinne it’s for you.
Corinne: Who is it?
Christine: You live across the road, right? 
Him: Yes

I get up and go to the door…
Corinne: Hi
Him : I’ve been thinking.. you’re beautiful and I’m single, would you like to go for a drink?
Corinne: Er.. no, thank you.

I awkwardly close the door. I mean awkwardly, because I locked it before I shut it and it would not shut and doooooooom.

Christine was reading this blog post  at the time and said ‘You write here that you can’t trick anyone into being in a relationship you and you have men knocking at you door, it’s your own fault, Corinne!

30 minutes or so later, there was a knock on my door again. We didn’t answer and then this came through the letter box:
Wasn’t joking about your friend being beautiful by the way, just been too shy to say anything. xx <3 lol my heart x
Is this cute or creepy?

OK, it’s now 10pm and this just came through my letter box:
Just wanted to let you know that I liked you because I’ve been finding it hard to take my eyes off you lately. Didn’t want you to get scared. Haha. xx

Ok, this is creepy not cutes.

Another reason why I’m single : I attracted weirdos.

Magnitone Pulsar Day 4.

Yesterday was the fourth day of my 7 day challenge, if you missed my original post and are wondering why on earth I’m posting photos of my face, please refer to this post:
I really noticed how clear my chin was yesterday, the scars around my mouth have reduced a great deal after just 4 days which I am happy about, unfortunatly I am not seeing much difference in the lines on my forehead or a reduction in my pores. The skin on my forehead was dry again, my skin is always dry! Some skin was even flaking off by the end of my work day. I need to add my moisturiser and stick to the ‘sensitive’ setting for this reason!

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