How do you take your outfit photos?

oasap dress
Dress : c/o OASAP
Shoes : Internacionale
Necklace : c/o OASAP
stripy dressblue and white dress

Okay, I was not sure about this dress one bit when I first yanked it out of it’s OASAP packaging, but once I donned it, it was pretty much love at first sight! I couldn’t wait to get it on and take photos. The next day, the sun was shining through the window making it a great day to take some pictures.

My housemate, Lilly, was in the kitchen while I was taking these snaps, she said she now feels extra special because she has seen the ‘behind the scenes’ of my blog. Which isn’t as glamorous as I wish it were, it’s more awkward.

It basically consists of me rearranging our living room, pushing the sofa out of the way and dragging the coffee table across the room to set my tripod on, then walking stumbling back and forth to set the self timer, contemplating whether I should look at the camera or not.

I always wonder how other bloggers take their photographs.

  • Are they as awkward as me? 
  • Do they have to take 20 pictures and then go through the one’s that are out of focus and delete all the durp faces? 
  • Do they stumble around in heels weighing up which fake pose to do next?

In my head you all take a couple of photos that all come out simply perfect while I’m pottering about my house rearranging everything to make space! 

How do you take your outfit photos?

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