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Caught in that place + blog hop

Dress : Trollied Dolly via ASOS Shoes : ASOS  Remember my blog post ‘How do you take outfit photos?‘ Cool, me too.Well, I hope you’re…

trollied dolly
Dress : Trollied Dolly via ASOS
Shoes : ASOS
trollied dolly dress
trollied dolly blue dress
trollied dolly

 Remember my blog post ‘How do you take outfit photos?‘ Cool, me too.

Well, I hope you’re not here looking for TIPZ as things just got even awkwarder. I found a secret place full of no humans and have started taking some photos outside (things are getting serious!). Once a week, I go to my own secret place, set up my own tripod and snap away, minding my own bloody business. 

There is a main road behind all the trees which you can’t see in the pictures – but it’s there, I promise. As I was taking these photos, two boy-type humans must have seen my neon green shoes glowing through the woods and stopped to have a nosy lurk around and blatantly stare at me.

I don’t know what’s stranger – me taking photos of myself in a bright summer dress on a damp winters day, or two men stopping and starting at me taking photos of myself in a bright summer dress on a damp winters day.

As they they edged, closer I panicked and quickly replaced these heels with flats (I’m not even going to pretend I walked down that muddy path in those heels), put my coat on and pretended I was taking normal pictures of the OMGNATURES.

It then proceeded to chuck it down, so they left. 

and so did I. As I got onto the main road, they started to follow me down the street. Luckily, my car was just around the corner so I got in and drove off.

I recruited an assistant photographer the next day.

It does not feel anywhere near as weird when there is somebody else there.

How do you deal with stranger doom?

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Q: If you could travel to any place around globe right now , where and WHY would you go?

Jenn : 

I’ve had an obsession with the thought of traveling through South America since my Junior Year of College. I took a Latin American Architecture and Art History Course and felt like I was living through all of my professors stories. I would love the idea of being able to backpack through trails in the mountains in Peru, visit fresh markets in Brazil, and soak up the sun on the coast of Argentina. I also have to check out Panama, one of my Grandfather’s favorite places and where he lived for years before moving to the United States. I’ll just take a sketchbook and trek around documenting all the beautiful things I see and people I meet. 


If it’s about right now, I’d love to travel to Turkey. I’m obsessed to a Turkish drama series and I seriously want to meet some of those drama actors and see the places they’re showing in the drama seriel.

I would travel to Australia. When I was 19, my brother, his wife and two children moved to Australia. They’ve not been back to England since and I’ve not been to visit them! My parents have travelled there 3 times but I’ve never been able to join them due to money, studies and work. They go for 6 weeks at a time and I could never afford to take that much time out! It’s been almost 9 years since they moved, they have has two additional children in Australia that I’m dying to meet! I have 3 older brothers and the one that moved to Oz was the one I was closest to, I would baby sit my niece and nephew and they would stay at our house all the time. Now we only communicate though Facebook and Instagram, with the occasional Facetime chat when I’m at my parents house.

If I could go anywhere RIGHT NOW, I would pick somewhere tropical like Antigua! It seems so relaxing and warm and I’m feeling beach-y. (California has cold beach waters). Plus, I would be spoiled since we are going to Europe in 2 months!!


I’d like to travel to Australia right now because I need a grand vacation on beaches . Also , I’m craving summer so badly. So a quick Aussie holiday would be my fix.

Your turn to answer! You can either leave a comment or tweet us . You choose #DoItDoIt

Magnitone 7 day challenge.

Monday was day two of my 7 day challenge magnitone pulsar challenge. To find more information about it please see this post.

The first picture was taken in the morning at 5:30am, the second two were in the afternoon where I was able to grab some natural light.

I didn’t really feel much difference compared to day 1, my skin is a little less dry. I also woke up with a spot on my chin, but it’s nothing too dramatic.
magnitone pulsar
magnitone pulsar
magnitone pulsar

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  1. A secret place full of no humans, lol… 🙂 Places like that are rare these days! Cute outfit by the way, the dress looks adorable and the shoes are just fab. And I’m intrigued by you skin care challenge, I’m going to go check out the details.

  2. Oh I so totally hear you! It has taken ages for me to find a location where I can shoot pics and nobody else is there. But actually I am starting to accept them staring. Cannot be helped. But in your case thats weird. Have a great day and keep enjoying it! Love, Sabina OceanblueStyle

  3. Eek that’s so creepy that they followed you! At least you had heels and a tripod to defend yourself with 😉

    That dress looks lovely! I always say I’ll buy pretty dresses for spring/summer but never do.


  4. Oh Gosh! I can totally feel how weird that kinda situation can get! I remember I put loads of make up to take photos and suddenlymy uncle showed up. I ran quickly to wash my face because I didn’t want him to see my face painted with make up! We bloggers are just so COOL!

  5. I wish I had a better place to take outfit pics. Usually I just do them in the backyard. SOMETIMES in the front of the house if there’s too much snow in the back. But I live on a BUSY street and it’s awkward =-/

  6. I have my own secret place too, Corinne. We share the same method to take photos ( with a camera and a tripod) I loved this outside home pictures. Your heels are really lovely. Kisses:)

  7. Your dress is so pretty and I am loving those neon heels, they make a fabulous statement, I think you have some fans/stalkers 😉 This location you found is so serene, the perfect spot for photos. Thanks for lending me your thoughts on my last post dear.

  8. I know what you mean about awkward. I usually take my pictures in places where there are no people, but occasionally, I’ve ventured forth into new territory and found that it’s really strange taking pictures of ones self with no one behind the camera. I love the dress and the heels! Perfect pairing.

  9. Well no secret places full of humans here 😉 no wait, that’s a lie, last weekend we went to the park and there was no one but us, though. but then, the park isn’t really a secret place is it. Anyway before I start writing a book here, lovely dress, awesome shoes!!!!

  10. i love those shoes!

    i haven’t tried the johnsons oil yet, I’m trying to use up another body lotion that i’ve got but when it’s finished i’ll be reviewing the oil on my blog


    Inspirations Have I None

  11. I love this dress and shoes! Very pretty and definitely a pick-me-up on a yuck day. I would have been scared by those guys creeping up closer. Glad you got out of there!!

  12. it’s always awkward when someone catches you taking photos.i always chuckle when i think about what they must be thinking! how awesome are those shoes, tho??

    $600 SPRING Giveaway!

  13. Those shoes are so amazing. I wish I could wear shoes like those but I just couldn’t walk haha. You’re very brave venturing out in them in the current British weather!! x

  14. It’s so creepy when people just stop to stare at you while you’re taking pics! Also, I think visiting your brother is a perfect excuse to go to Australia. 🙂 For me, I would have to choose Korea. Being a phone ESL teacher has given me the opportunity to learn so much about Korean culture without every having stepped foot in Korea, but I would love the chance to experience it in person. I think it would be a wonderfully fascinating experience!

  15. Beautiful photos. Love your dress and shoes Corinne. If you felt uneasy, you did the best thing by leaving and bringing someone with you the next time. Some people are just curious, but I don’t know about those two boys. You never know what people are thinking and therefore should always take precautions. I don’t do many outfit photos, but I wouldn’t use the same place because some people try to pick up a pattern.

  16. I love pairing blue with yellow like this! So springy and pretty. Those shoes are amazing by the way. I too have a crazy fear of being discovered by humans as you call them while taking pics of myself, haha. Its just sp awkward when poeple come across you with a tripod taking pictures of yourself posing for no one! I don’t know how some bloggers pose in the middle of the street. You look so cute though! Totally worth getting caught.

  17. Omg… I am going to try taking photos in the park with a tripod and remote tomorrow, wish me luck! It’s usually deserted in the afternoon but you never know, eep!

  18. Oh my God, cannot believe that happened to you. That is so creepy of them to do that. You are very brace to go out and take the pics Corinne. Hats off to you for doing it.

    I don’t know what I would have done. Imagine if you had to walk home with all that stuff. Thank god xx

  19. aw no, that sounds awkward and it’s just slightly creepy to have people stopping&staring.. but both the shoes and the dress are gorgeous! xx

  20. ahahahaha!!!! omg, your lil story just made me laugh out loud SO LOUDLY. cray. speaking of, i need to invest in a tripod for.. get this, my iphone! lol. i use it too much for photos now. got dependency issues..

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