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Why have my Facebook views dropped?

As I’ve had the past week off work (oh, I’m lucky, I know), I’ve been spending a lot of time in twitter chats getting to…


As I’ve had the past week off work (oh, I’m lucky, I know), I’ve been spending a lot of time in twitter chats getting to know some new bloggers. A few topics keep cropping up and one that particularly caught my attention was regarding Facebook and Page engagement.

why have my facebook views dropped?
Why is my Facebook reach dropping?

A lot of bloggers were speaking out about how they get hardly any or very little user engagement on their Facebook pages, despite have a descent number of ‘Likes’, their Facebook reach is low. They seem concerned that not only is there a dramatic decline in the amount of traffic to their blogs from Facebook, but also the ‘reach’ of their Facebook posts are dwindling. This massive decline has even led to some bloggers toying with the idea of deleting their Facebook page all together and concentrating on social networks where they get more engagement, such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+

facebook likes
My Facebook likes

I can vouch for this. I currently have 2700 Likes on the my Facebook page. I post a picture and/or a link every time I update my blog. I get an average of 1 like per post and my organic page reach sits at around 20-50 per post I share.

facebook reach

After a bit of detective work, I’ve managed to discover a few reasons why this has happened. This may seem complicated so I’m going to try and keep it as simple as possible!

The reason why your Facebook is going down:

Basically, Facebook recently (December 2013, I believe) changed it’s algorithm. OMFGWTF is an algorithm you ask? Well, in Laymen’s terms (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to say that!), it is the way Facebook selects what content appears in your News Feeds. According to Facebook, it’s changed this so that you get higher quality content about things you are interested in, rather than having your page cluttered with memes and other annoying pictures. This is based on a survey by Facebook in which it found that it’s users preferred links to the current affairs to pictures of a cat with a pancake on it’s head. 

facebook advertising
Example of Facebook advertising windows

Unfortunately, this meant that most page owners saw a drop in their reach. Currently, my Facebook content is only shown to only 1-2% of my fans and the click through rate is even worse. In order to get your content out to your fanbase, you have to pay to ‘boost’ your post. With the choice of sending it out to your fans and their friends, or to a targeted audience. This has many a blogger frustrated because if you have paid to boost your page previously and gained some ‘Likes’ that way, you now have to pay again if you want get these people actually see your content. Seems like extortion, right? There has been talk of this change being made for the purpose of ‘forcing’ Page owners to pay for advertising. 

facebook status
URL embedded status update

On 21st January 2014, Facebook announced changes to it’s algorithm AGAIN. This time Facebook explained how a text status update from a friend is much better received than a text status update from a Page. They are learning that content posted by a friend gets a different reaction and interaction than news stories from a Page. So you should expect your text status updates to have reduced reach, but other story types my increase. They suggest using ‘link shares’ rather than embedding links in posts as this tends prompt more clicks, links and shares. 

embedded link facebook
Link Share

There’s always a flip side to the story, though. Some people could thank Facebook for keeping their news feeds free from spam and marketing, and believe it is perfectly reasonable for Facebook to only show a selection of posts in News Feeds – would you really want every piece of content from every page you Like to show up in your Feed? Probably not. 

I think for businesses that are selling something, it is a great idea and I would be willing to pay for Facebook advertising. But as a blogger, I earn very little money through my blog and do not offer any products for my followers to buy, so it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth.

I’m going to do a bit more research and do a post about the best ways of using Facebook in light of these changes. 

Have you seen a decrease in Facebook views? Do you agree with what Facebook has done?

Oh, and don’t forget to Like my Facebook page 😉

Corinne x

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  1. Thx for this interesting post Corinne. I am not on FB but was toying with the idea, let’s say it’s on my bucket list for to do things 2014, well OK, now I am not so sure if it is worth it. It’s not a priority any longer, I suppose I better concentrate on other social media like Instagram et cetera.

    1. I wouldn’t make it a priority, you could still try getting a Facebook and see how it works for you. I think people with a lot of readers that aren’t bloggers or who invite their friends and family on Facebook to their blog would benefit. If most of your audience is other bloggers, I’d stick to GFC, bloglovin and twitter!

  2. I do not have facebook now I confirm that I will never join I agree its an extortion and I believe a waist of time for a bloggers I bet you lucky if you could get an honest reader or a visitor to check out the blog great post doll.

  3. I set up a FB page as soon as I started by blog. I only have a small number of followers, most of them are my mates. I noticed that FB was useless right from the start and, yes, I saw that all my posts went right to the bottom of any news feed, so it was useless. I was curious enough to try FB advertising though, so I spent maybe £12 in total to see what happens just out of curiosity. It’s a waste of time, effort and money. I personally think that Facebook is the past, a gossip material, we should focus on our future, which is probably google+, Twitter and maybe some other networks that I don’t know much about. They enable us to think forward rather than dwell on the past, meet new people and develop new relationships. Recently I have hardly been logging into Facebook at all, mainly to upload a new post pointlessly…

    1. I can see why it would be a waste of time – I feel like Facebook users are less likely to click out of Facebook by links and tend to just look at/like contend on the pages.

      How well do your friends interact with Facebook?

  4. This is why I always share my posts on my ‘standard’ Facebook as well as the page specifically for my blog – though obviously even then there’s still a lot of people on my friends list that it won’t reach. Sneaky Facebook trying to get people to pay to promote their content – shouldn’t be that way at all!
    Mr Joiee

  5. I wont never get this stuff, really. Hopefully there you are, Corinne. I noticed the same and I suspected it from fb..honestly is also blocks my number of photos I can upload thinking I am a spam while from my profile account I get so much spam inbox lol! I dont know their policy! But thanks for your research, I learnt something more. Kisses dear, have a goodnight! xo

  6. I heard a little about this- and am like you, not going to shell out money to boost my post on facebook.

    Great post, doll. I’m sure this will help a lot of our fellow bloggers sort out just why their engagement has gone down. 🙂


  7. I’ve been feeling the same way about my reach. I posted once that I wanted to see my reach a to like the post if you saw it. I got 65 likes and that boosted my reach to 475 as apposed to my normal 100-200 person reason. What it seems like is one like means about 20 people see my post, two like bumps it to forty people, and so one. So the more like the more people get to see it. Interesting huh. And annoying, it’s definitely that too.

    1. That’s interesting that likes bump it too! I thought it was mainly ‘shares’. When did you try this ‘experiment?’

  8. Oh, wow–hmm…I guess I can understand why it works this way, though it’s definitely kind of complicated! Thanks for taking the time to do the research and write out the explanation for the rest of us! 🙂

  9. I rarely get anyone visiting my blog through facebook unless I post it on my personal facebook page. All this information is really interesting. I would rather spend money on other things blog related than to boost my facebook post reach though!

  10. That’s why my boyfriend said I don’t need to make a FB fan page for my blog, luckily. I don’t have FB myself and I actually hate social media so I was very happy when he said I’m not gonna get much of it for the reasons that you described. But another very important fact in my opinion is this right here:”Would you really want every piece of content from every page you Like to show up in your Feed? Probably not.” People are so caught up in how many likes a post or a page has that they basically beg for them and then they end up with tons of likes from people who couldn’t care less about their content, they just wanted to get that like in return. So I just don’t fucking bother, I don’t fucking care, like for like policy doesn’t get you anywhere.

    1. Totally! Some people, especially new bloggers, get very caught up in number of followers etc! I know I did when I first got started. There is no point in having tonnes of followers/fans across any platform if they don’t read and/or engage in your content. It just deceives advertisers and websites/brands wanting to collaborate with you. Nobody wins in the end and you end up looking like a dick and they won’t want to work with you again.

  11. I had no idea about all these, but honestly, I am not a huge FB fan at all. I use it once in a while, but as a supplement rather something to rely on. Really enjoyed the post, though. x

  12. Great explanation!

    I’m really not that worried about increasing my blog reach or anything, so I just do it as a hobby. I barely touch twitter, and facebook is mostly just auto-posts of my blog posts. Instagram is the only other social network I’m really active on, haha! I’m pleased to see numbers go up, but not the end of the world for me if they don’t 🙂

    Hope you can work around the changes and get the results you want 🙂

    Away From Blue

  13. I do have a Facebook page for my blog, however don’t really update it I have BlogLovin post updates on posts on there but that’s about it really. Much prefer Twitter for my blog 🙂

  14. I really think this is the beginning of the end for Facebook. This is frustrating on so many levels. I operate 3 pages – one for my business, one for my blog, and one for an event I help coordinate. All of our views and reach are way down, across the board. We have done the paid post thing for our business page, but even then, the results were marginal. I definitely wouldn’t do it for my blog page, because that’s a hobby, nor my livelihood. I know that Facebook owns Instagram, but once IG starts enabling hyperlinked photos and URLs within comments, it’s all over. It’s a much more elegant and appealing format. Especially for bloggers.

  15. I never get more than 10-20 views from Facebook, Twitter is my boss! This info is just awesomeness. But Facebook is turning kinda annoying when it turns to pages. And the issue of “Updates in Newsfeed” sucks!

  16. Thanks for this great info, I don’t really have views on Facebook too. It sucks!

  17. It really discourages me to use Facebook page anymore . The only reason is my family who tracks post from my page (shortly , they hate visiting me so probably they just see posts on facebook) . Facebook , we all hate you for being greedy and running after moola!

  18. It really discourages me to use Facebook page anymore . The only reason is my family who tracks post from my page (shortly , they hate visiting me so probably they just see posts on facebook) . Facebook , we all hate you for being greedy and running after moola!

  19. Great post, we just started with our facebook page and we only have 5 likes, its very hard to get people to join and like the facebook page

  20. I’ve been hearing a lot of changes with facebook, I’m wondering if they’re only hurting themselves.

  21. Great post ! Clearly Facebook makes me sooo upset about that ! I mean I could understand that not everyone sees my feed but 1%, really ?

  22. I decided quite a while ago that Facebook sucks. I also noticed that when I tried to delete my account they wouldn’t let me do it. They apparently think they own everything people put on there. I also don’t like their constantly changing terms, the censorship (they apparently think babies should be blindfolded while breast-feeding), that it appears people’s information is getting sold for marketing purposes, and a host of other stuff about it. I’m not on Facebook any more and hope Google avoids making the same mistakes Facebook did. I am on Twitter. I feel no need to tell the world what I had for breakfast. It would be nice if YouTube stopped requiring Google plus to comment there, but so far at least I can watch the great videos you post on your YouTube channel and either comment here or on your Twitter. I noticed you have a new Twitter @krinklett? I’ll make sure I follow you there!

    P.S.: Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog at

  23. This is an awesome post Corinne! We have a page for my online shop on FB and I was wondering why my posts have got a huge drop in reach. Thanx so much for explaining. I thought there was something wrong with my page that people didn’t want to see my postings anymore.

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