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Jacket – Topshop Skirt – c/o OASAP Boots – ASOS Necklace – c/o Zophra Okay, I know I am wearing this necklace for two posts…

Jacket – Topshop
Skirt – c/o OASAP
Boots – ASOS
Necklace – c/o Zophra
Okay, I know I am wearing this necklace for two posts in a row. Get over it, it’s cute.

I adore the pattern and colour of this lovely skirt from OASAP. Nothing makes me happier than getting my monthly OASAP package. Hurrah. I started working with them around June and I swear, their clothing gets better and better. I can’t wait to share with you the other item I got.

I went out for a run yesterday, first time in about 7 weeks. I’m a little out of practice but I did okay!
 photo 5F661F3D-90FD-41FC-8102-AE37C4CC7446.jpg
 photo 8d7987d1-77e4-42cf-a98f-d4981544a0ff.jpg

 photo 13B1CC30-5D36-4D43-AFE7-5A53799FF42E.jpg
 photo C3573217-31C4-45D3-8391-3C6F61E03CEF.jpg
Now I have a favour to ask you all!
I’ve set up some forums, because I sure do love forums and I’ve not found one suitable for fashion/lifestyle bloggers. I have spent most of my adult life on various forums, and was saddened when I could not find any for bloggers.

Please visit, register, and share you links, tips, posts, social networks and make some friends. I’ve only launched it today so it’s quite at the moment – please support by joining and sharing some of your links!

I only launched it on 01/01/2014 so it doesn’t have many members yet, but I am hoping some of you lovely ladies (and lads) will join up and share your blog to help me get started. 
Tell me what you are resolutions are here.
Introduce yourself and your blog here.
Join me on my exercise adventure here.
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  1. You look amazing! I love the cute skirt and congrats on your new forum. I have checked it out. Wish I had the time to join but I’m too busy. I hope many bloggers will join it. Wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2014!!

    xx Mira

  2. Ah, you did so well on your run! I am terrible with exercise of any form – I used to get my mum to write me a sick note on the day of the cross county aha! xxx
    p.s. Happy New Year!

  3. I knew your necklace was lovely and it fits you really well. Your skirt by Oasap is really nice too, Kisses, Corinne.
    Sorry , but I have no time for forums, my dear friend:(

  4. Well, you’ve gotta wear a necklace more than once when it’s that cute. 🙂 Good for you for running! I run nowhere, for nothing. Ha!

  5. I work with OASAP too and LOVE them!!! Love your skirt and your jacket. I really want that jacket!

  6. Hello from Spain: I like the print of your skirt. Nice outfit for the first few days of the year! Keep in touch

  7. Love the shape and style of this pretty skirt, perfectly styled with the chic jacket. Hope you’re having a fantastic start to the new year!

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