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How to deal with hangovers

Dress : Closet Shoes : ASOS blah blah You may note that this dress has a few slight creases. It’s because I took some wonderful…


Dress : Closet
Shoes : ASOS blah blah

You may note that this dress has a few slight creases. It’s because I took some wonderful photos, but the lighting was a bit rubbish so I had to re-take them after the party and the dress had been folded up in my bag for about 18 hours. and I don’t iron. Because I’m kind of a dick.

Saturday night was annual ‘Regional Do’ for my job. Which means all the managers in the branches in my area get together and we have a meal and drink the wine/beer/shots/anything.

It was great. Until I got very drunk and asked my manager’s manager manager if he wanted to come back to my friends house for a party. I’m very glad he politely declined, because when we got back I just passed the hell out.

Here’s a picture or two of the night:
Here is a picture or two of the morning after:

I drove home from my friends house in my PJs (and tights) and crawled straight onto my sofa.
I then donned a hoodie which did not belong to me and ‘wandered’ the earth for foodlike items.
The chip shop was closed. FUMMEL. (fummel = how I say FML if my head)
I settled for fresh juice, salty crisps, salad and humous.
Then I went back to PJS/TV/Potato of the couch variety (still in tights).
My hangover was fine until around 11pm, I felt sick and wanted to die.

How do you deal with hangovers?
These things seem to work for me :
  • Alka Seltzer (you can just feel it working as you drink the salty goodness)
  • Barocca  (I do prefer the cheaper supermarket version eg. B Active from Tesco)
  • High5 Zero Electrolyte Tabs
  • Powerade 
  • Being as still as possible
  • No coffee
  • Salty food like crisps or chips
It’s all about the rehydration for me. The sooner, the better. The four liquid options I gave all mean you have to drink a lot of liquid to take them, but also have extra perks. I have Alka Seltzer when I’ve got headache as it contains painkillers, Barocca and High5 give me the same type of benefits and powerade is great for when I’m on the go or at work. This can also be replaced with Lucozade sport or a supermarket’s own if you want a cheaper ‘thrill’.

I avoid caffeine at all costs as it just makes me feel like my head is going to explode. In extreme cases, this even includes tea. 

Corinne x

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  1. Haha… Your hangover face is classic!! Can I confess something? I’ve never been drunk enough to have a hangover! But when my friends have one I take them out for eggs and bacon brekkie and make them have heaps of OJ xo

  2. Sounds like you had a great time 🙂 Your hangover food is actually pretty much the same as mine – I can never be bothered to cook when hungover (honestly – can anyone!?) So it’s usually crisps and dips for me as well. Kudos for the orange juice – I usually opt for Oasis as my re-hydration drink haha – the good thing about not drinking though is I don’t have to deal with hangovers anymore :3
    Mr Joiee

  3. Hah , I lack of these advices because I have NEVER had a hungover . This dress is SO pretty (and I am glad Mr.Manager didn’t take it serious )

  4. Lol you made me so smile! Actually I eat much possible and drink coffee, I recently read that also the Sprite is good for it but havent tested it yet!:P Btw, the dress is so lovely, I like the pattern! Kisses dear! xo

  5. The best way to deal with a hangover, indeed!

    Nakita |

    P.S. I live round the corner from the Great Yorkshireman, it is THE best chippy in the world. Always sorts a hangover 🙂

  6. Lovely dress! the print is beautiful. I don´t like ironing either and sometimes I burnt my clothes( better not to iron) Kisses, Corinne:)
    Thanks for your help .

  7. I always try to drink a glass of gatorade before going to sleep. It definitely helps hydrate me!

  8. Haha, great post! I am officially the world’s most pathetic person when it comes to being hungover… I once cried when hungover because I had one hot arm and cold arm. YUP. My hangover cures are Lilt, Bounty bars, and salt and vinegar crisps. I don’t really know if they actually help, but I love eating them, so the hangover is quite a good excuse.

    I don’t iron either…

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  9. Usually with hard drinks, I don’t get hangovers. But with BEER, that’s when my head gets crazy. I normally have soup when I wake up, lots of water, take a bath, and sleep. LOL.

    Love your printed dress! 🙂

  10. The dress is beautiful, the hangover after the night before not so much 🙂 Top hangover cure has to be the night of going to bed has to be Dioralyte or other rehydration sachets. Flat coke the mornig after Lucy x

  11. Agh getting hangover sucks so bad! I have tried Alka Seltzer once and it works miracles! I was feeling really, really bad to my stomach and thank god it helped! Haha, though, after that time I have not got that drunk and I plan to never have that experience again! 😀
    Beautiful dress, black and white combinations always has been my favorite! 🙂

  12. I wish I could comment – I’m one of those really annoying people who never suffer from hangovers.

    Vickie xx | VickieBlogs

  13. Arrr it’s been so long since I has a hangover but I totally got sympathy pains- Apple juice, quorn scotch eggs and dariylee drinkers is my solution and a lot of “Fummel”ing (whuch I’m totally going to say now)
    Thanks for the comment- I actually dropped out first at uni so going back is a big deal even if I’m doing pretty much the same thing.

  14. I love your dress! So at least you looked classy while being heavily intoxicated lol and hangover cures for me include, forcing myself to shower, drinking looooooooots of water and eating all the carbs I can find haha


  15. Gorgeous dress, the print is absolutely stunning! The dark colour and butterfly print means that you can basically wear it all year long whether it’s summer or winter! 🙂


  16. This is such an adorable look!!

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  17. The dress is so cute! I’m glad you had a big night out and then a speedy recovery. I always find GENTLE exercise or a steam helps the day after.

  18. Hahaha.. The tights!! I have done this so many times! And keeping perfectly still.. I agree. Shouting is allowed ONLY if you are informing others to KEEP STILL. I’m usually in the school of thought of ‘feeding a hangover.’ Sadly, it has never worked for me.. I get through a fair amount of baked potatoes though.

    Love your blog! Love your style. Oh, and your writing is frikkin’ hilarious.. I’ll be back!

    pierrelecat | UK jewellery blog

  19. oh, poor hangover you! i never get hangover and it really annoys people, haha. also, i love the print of the dress! xx

  20. I haven’t been hungover in ages…. but salty food & lots of water was the only thing that ever helped!!
    The dress is cute!! Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  21. Love you dress! Try taking vitamin C before heading to bed if you drank a lot! I think it really helps!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  22. Your dress is pretty. I would never have known about the creases if you didn’t mention it. Love your photos/ Sounds like fun except for the hangovers. They’re part of why I stopped drinking. Now I don’t have to deal with them at all. I once thought I was good at drinking and avoiding getting sick. Getting the shakes isn’t fun either. I heard bread and oxygen help. Getting the food to stay down can be hard. Take it easy on that liver of yours and be careful. Just please don’t start taking another drink to cure the hangovers. You’re funny! I love reading about your adventures.

  23. love the dress! i eat the same, live off orange juice when im hungover with always chicken salads..:P my hangover cure is to have a bowl of cereal as soon as i get up or before i go to bed, the milk always helps me feel human again haah xx

  24. Love the dress!!! Hangovers are the worst!! Wish id stumbled upon this last weekend when i did not know what to do with myself the morning after the night before!!!

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