How to deal with hangovers

Dress : Closet
Shoes : ASOS blah blah

You may note that this dress has a few slight creases. It’s because I took some wonderful photos, but the lighting was a bit rubbish so I had to re-take them after the party and the dress had been folded up in my bag for about 18 hours. and I don’t iron. Because I’m kind of a dick.

Saturday night was annual ‘Regional Do’ for my job. Which means all the managers in the branches in my area get together and we have a meal and drink the wine/beer/shots/anything.

It was great. Until I got very drunk and asked my manager’s manager manager if he wanted to come back to my friends house for a party. I’m very glad he politely declined, because when we got back I just passed the hell out.

Here’s a picture or two of the night:
Here is a picture or two of the morning after:

I drove home from my friends house in my PJs (and tights) and crawled straight onto my sofa.
I then donned a hoodie which did not belong to me and ‘wandered’ the earth for foodlike items.
The chip shop was closed. FUMMEL. (fummel = how I say FML if my head)
I settled for fresh juice, salty crisps, salad and humous.
Then I went back to PJS/TV/Potato of the couch variety (still in tights).
My hangover was fine until around 11pm, I felt sick and wanted to die.

How do you deal with hangovers?
These things seem to work for me :
  • Alka Seltzer (you can just feel it working as you drink the salty goodness)
  • Barocca  (I do prefer the cheaper supermarket version eg. B Active from Tesco)
  • High5 Zero Electrolyte Tabs
  • Powerade 
  • Being as still as possible
  • No coffee
  • Salty food like crisps or chips
It’s all about the rehydration for me. The sooner, the better. The four liquid options I gave all mean you have to drink a lot of liquid to take them, but also have extra perks. I have Alka Seltzer when I’ve got headache as it contains painkillers, Barocca and High5 give me the same type of benefits and powerade is great for when I’m on the go or at work. This can also be replaced with Lucozade sport or a supermarket’s own if you want a cheaper ‘thrill’.

I avoid caffeine at all costs as it just makes me feel like my head is going to explode. In extreme cases, this even includes tea. 

Corinne x

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