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How long is your body?

Dress : c/o Persunmall Necklace : c/o Persunmall Shoes : ASOS I picked this dress from Persunmall because it looked absolutely adorable on the website….

bird necklace
Dress : c/o Persunmall
Necklace : c/o Persunmall
Shoes : ASOS
persunmall dress
I picked this dress from Persunmall because it looked absolutely adorable on the website. What I didn’t do, stupidly, was measure the length of it. I’m 5ft 8. Actuatually I’m 5ft 7.5. Or sometimes 5ft 7, depending on my mood. Okay fine! I’m really 5ft 7 but I like to say I’m 5ft 8. It makes my BMI smaller, you see. Clever trick. Anyway, back to the topic. This dress is lovely and all, but it’s so so so short!

There are a lot of clothing websites like Persunmall where all the sizes run really small, I’ve found this with various others. I usually have to measure my waist/hips before ordering because although I am usually a size 10 or Small in most clothes from the UK, I often find myself having to order a large, or even an extra large in some of these online stores from overseas. Which is probably one of the reasons why I have to pretend I’m 5ft 8. Being a lower BMI makes me feel better about myself when I am ordering an extra large dress. Self deception, you’re my best friend.

I have never thought to take into consideration the length of an item before, but I will now! I do understand that this is my fault, and not Persunmalls fault, as the measurements are clearly stated on their website, I’m just a bit of a knob. and a noob. 

The dress fits lovely on my housemate who is around 5ft 3. I’m not sure if she would let me take a photo of her in it though for the BLAWG. I’m pretty sure she is sick of me talking about my blog lately and probably just wants to burn it down. ‘Look Christine, look at my blog, Christine! Blog BLOG, look at it, did ya look at it? Blog blawwwg. Christine! Look, I changed my header, look, I made this column wider. Christine, can you see what I changed? Christine, Christine, CHRISTINE, help me Christine, I’m operating on my HTML and I’m terrified. Christine. Blog.’ 

(Speaking of HTML, I’ve made a few changes to my layout and ting. I hope you you like it.)

In other news, the necklace fits me I picked out fits me like a glove….
personmall necklace

Moral of the story:
Don’t forget your measuring tape when shopping online!
Thank you so much for those of you that took the time to read and comment on my last post.
If you missed it, check it out here:


  1. The dress is cute, but it’s hard with ordering from all those sites. Even arm length is shorter on their button downs. It is always important to measure. I’m 5 ft and received a dress that was super short once from another site. Since I’m so short, I didn’t think it was necessary to measure length. Oh yes, it is! Lol! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hello from Spain: Dresses and skirts Persunmalls guilt are always too short. I use small size and measured me and Persunmalls size does not match the size of other stores like Zara. Your dress is very pretty. I love polka dots. The worst is that this dress is too short. A pity! Keep in touch

  3. I love the dress! Polka dots are my favorite. You can always wear the dress over a longer one to lengthen it. I’ve done this before. I’m 5’6″, but things can still be short on me. You could also wear the dress over a skirt, or wear it under a skirt, or whatever you like. I’ll stop now. 😀 Thanks so much for the comments you leave on my blog. I really enjoy hearing from you.

  4. im a quite short and maxi dress just trail on the floor with me lol ! I am 5’2
    you do suit the dress , would be nice with leggings if you don’t like the length 🙂
    The Inked Blonde

  5. Whoa mama that is one short dress! I’ve made that same mistake myself, too. It seems whenever ordering from Asian countries, it’s best to ignore the size altogether and just use the measurements provided (though other times I tried that route, and still, the item was too small). On the bright side, you get to be 5’8″!! And also, I bet that dress would look awesome with some skinny jeans underneath 😉

  6. Maybe that dress was made for someone like me, heheeh I am quite short ( 1, 58 or 5feet2- I looked for the equivalence in your messure system) but I think it is really beautiful and maybe with dark tights the effect is longer. You ´ve got beautiful legs so you can wear it .Kisses, Corinne:)

  7. Love the dress, but it is short. I had the same problem with a skirt from there, its so short at the back (skort like shape so longer at front thankfully) and it nearly shows my bum, noooot good at all! Still looks cute though, polkda dots always do!


  8. Thanks for the tip, I would have never thought of measuring, when I find dresses too short, I used a short black tulle skirt underneath to give it length, that or wear it with tights and boots. Have an enjoyable weekend dear Corinne

  9. Lool, I’m 5’5 but I often say 5’6 loool! Don’t even know why! I don’t buy clothes on them chinese website because I wear uk16 and they just don’t fit me.. Sometimes I get mens clothes though lool

  10. I guess I would never thought of measuring my self, but I’m so petite that I usually don’t have that problem! Dress is cute though!!! XO

  11. Yes it’s a bit short but it looks adorable!! The necklace is pretty too. I have ordered a dress there too btw. It arrived yesterday and it’s shorter than I expected but I’m not that tall. So I guess it’s okay. Grettings to Christine!!! She should read your blog!!! Have a happy weekend!

    xx Mira

    1. Ha, she does read and unfortunately has now created an account so she can comment and spams me on a regular basis. Bad friend.

  12. That necklace is cute!! And yeah, that dress is quite, quite short! I’m a couple inches shorter than you, but I still wonder how I would fit into some of these ultra-short dresses. Leggings help a lot!

  13. Love that necklace! Shame about the dress, it does look lovely. I’ve been playing around with my layout too, it’s addictive!

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  14. Oh I hate it when dresses turn out to be tops 🙁
    I am a blog bore at the moment. Upped my SEO and still no improvement, waaah :/

  15. My husband is totally sick of me talking about the blog! I now keep talking about “posts” and “blogger friends” down to a minimum!

    Can we work with this dress? Ok, it IS REALLY SHORT on you, but I see some potential. Could you pair this with a solid color pair of tights (like not panty hose but actual leggings), and also a KILLER pair of open toe heel in navy blue for a stunning and sexy going out look in the summer? Think navy blue tights, mustard yellow or burgundy.

    Or even layering overtop a fuzzy, brown, wool knit cardigan (open) that comes down below your waist but is shorter than the dress + dark brown leggings + cowboy boots or havana heeled boots, and dare I say a cute blogger hat?

    Or even a grey long sleeve top underneath, medium grey leggings (even wool knit leggings), a thick black belt that fits perfectly around your waist and either black flats or the shoes you are wearing, with a black hobo bag or a grey clutch (depending on if you want to dress it up or down).

    The shape and cut of this dress are VERY flattering on you because they accentuate your small waist, so don’t get rid of it, think of it as a way cuter option instead of a long t-shirt or sweater to wear with leggings.

    What do you think?

  16. I LOVE the way that polka dot dress looks on you! I love the length of it too (I love short dresses). I have trouble judging the length of the blouses and babydolls I buy for the OOTDs on my own blog and I’m guessing that dress lengths are equally hard. It helps me when shopping online if the length is given but it seems I never know for sure until I actually get them and try them on. Some of them are just too long for me and some are too tight or too loose. Thanks again for your recent comment!
    Did you know that your height changes during the day? Everyone’s does. The discs between your vertebrae compress during the day as you’re sitting or standing and then uncompress while you’re lying down sleeping at night. You might well be 5’8″ tall in the morning and 5′ 71/2″ tall by bedtime.
    Your fancy bronze birds necklace from Persunmall is very pretty too!

  17. That dress is really short, but it would make a cute top with jeans! 🙂 Hopefully you can give it to your shorter friend instead, or return it for a refund 🙂

    Away From Blue

  18. Thx for the tip Corinne. Well the dress is…………hmm short…..;-)
    Happy Sunday sweetie

  19. I love the polka dots! They’re super fun. That necklace is uber chic and I’m stoked to recently become a member of your Blogger Forum on Pro Boards. You have wonderful promotion technique. Keep it up girl and stay your fashionable self.

  20. The dress is really cute! Perhaps try layering it with thicker stockings, a jacket and maybe flat boots. I’m sorry it didn’t meet your expectations! I find I have a similar problem sometimes except I’m 5ft so dresses tend to be way too long on me. Best, CD. ican’taffordmylifestyle

  21. The dress is super cute! Maybe you can pair it up with leggings with ankle boots? 🙂
    It is hard buying stuff online. I’ve stopped and always try clothes on before buying. Lesson I learned from being such a shopaholic hehe.

    Anna Czarina

  22. I’m 5″7 and I feel you! Above all, playsuits are a GAD DAYM MAREEEEE!! The amount of times a lovely, cute playsuit has been in severe danger of creating more camel toe issues/wedgies than life is worth is beyond comprehension.
    Sad times for us tall girls 🙁


  23. Thanks to create recommendations to such a wonderful information about shopping with us. Please keep on posting so that I can keep myself tailored.

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