Happy New Year!

Dress : ASOS market place
Necklace : Zophra
I actually settled on wearing my other necklace from Zophra in this outfit. The dress is vintage from ASOS market place, my housemate bought it but it was too big for her, so she gave it to me. She is distressed, I am happy. Whee. Perfect new years eve dress!

Last year, we spent New Years Eve at our old house. The three of us doing a music count down, drinking and eating. We danced around our kitchen and basically made dicks of ourselves. It was great. We did similar thing three year, but added four extra people. The twins (Christine’s sisters, who we are going to Florida with) and Lilly’s sister and her husband.)

We played payday, an old game similar to Monopoly, ate tonnes of food and cheese, drank Cheeky Vimtos, did shots, and at midnight we watched the BBC countdown, had champagne  prosecco and then for some reason put on old school music, like The Music Man and Super Man by Black Lace, oh the 80’s!

I’ll stop boring you now and leave you with some photos from Instagram and my Nikon while I go and cure my hangover.

How was your NYE?

Corinne x
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