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  1. Hi Corinne! They all are lovely but the second one is for sure my fav. Looking forward to see what you are going to share in the new year. Happy Sunday! xo

  2. Oh wow , your shoes are dreamy sweetie ., want them so bad !!!you look beautiful in these outfits



  3. Ooooooh, the Cinderella necklace outfit is my favourite! That skirt is amazing!
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  4. Love all your outfits! The leggings are all so cute! Of all, I like the last piece best (tartan dress) !

  5. You have the prettiest dresses, I love them all. My favourite would have to be the outfit with your cinderella necklace and the bright, full, striped skirt. That’s the perfect skirt.

  6. Just came across your blog. The plaid dress is very cool and so 90’s. Love that.

  7. You’re such polished and stylish dresser! You’re every mom’s dream. Well, at least my mom’s, she always wants to see me in skirts and dresses, but I almost never wear them…:) I really like that full midi skirt from Cinderella Necklace! And the whole outfit from More Thieving! too, but you basically look great in everything.;)

  8. Amazing with your dresses, Corinne! I specially like the one with butterflies print. Kisses:)

  9. Hi Corinne. I just found your blog and I am glad! I love your feminine style and the way you pear colors. I especially like the red skirt you have on in one of the outfits (and on the mannequin behind you). It looks 50s inspired which the the era that influences my style a lot too. Oh, and btw, the tartan dress really is perfect 🙂

  10. Hi sweety, hope your start to 2014 has been a great one 🙂 Loved browsing through your amazing style…so many fantastic looks, the midi skirt and tartan dress rank as my favs

  11. Thanks for checking out my blog! I thought I’d return the favor. I really really like this post, the outfits are awesome 🙂 -April

  12. Hi Corinne, Thx for visiting me @theboxqueen and your nice comment. I really like the outfits in this post and my favorite is the one with the blazer commenting how you made lamb; adorable:) I would love it if you found me via my social media; would love to see you around more:) I am doing the same right now. Xo, Elif

  13. Hi Corinne, thx for visiting me@theboxqueen and your nice comment. I love this post and my fave outfit is the first one with the blazer worn making lamb:) I would love it if you found me via my social media would love to see you around more; I am doing the same right now <3 xo,Elif

  14. Hi Corinne

    These outfits are lovely & its so nice to see the sun shining in them, remind me of summer lol, i love the Cinderella necklace outfit, the skirt is gorgeous xx

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