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Dress : New Look Shoes : Tesco I love the pattern of this dress! It’s pretty pretty pretty.   Gosh, I have been tired lately….

daisy dress
Dress : New Look
Shoes : Tesco
daisy dressnew look dress
new look daisy dress
I love the pattern of this dress! It’s pretty pretty pretty.
Gosh, I have been tired lately. I am looking forward to the end of today. I have two full days off after today, which is exciting. 
I wish I had something exciting and important to report, but alas. I don’t. I’m not a very interesting person. I’ve been spending most of my time lately trying to be awake and trying not to eat everything in world. 
I’m totally letting myself go lately, I need to get a grip and stop feeding myself otherwise I might die. Dramatic.
I’m not feeling very body confident lately, need to get back to exercising. Or else.
Ok. Best slug on through the day so I can get back to eating and sleeping.
Corinne x


  1. Hello from Spain: I also went back to sports. Too much food at Christmas. I really like the dress with flowers. You’re very pretty. Keep in touch

  2. Sometimes we don´t feel very well with ourselves, Corinne. I encourage you to make some sport, I am sure you will feel better( that is what I do when I want to be myselfconfident) This dress is really pretty!! Kisses:)

  3. the print of the dress really is so pretty! also, eating&sleeping are such good activities, they should be more socially acceptable. really. xx

  4. Ok my goodness let me pick you up! You look great! You have a nice figure, great hair and you’re tall…you can support a few extra pounds. Think about us people under 5 feet …every single calorie SHOWS!!

    I feel the same way, I’ve been so inactive. We should start a support group. Do at least ONE 15 minute youtube exercise video this weekend and then tell me about it, and I’ll do the same. We can be virtual workout buddies. I never have time for long workouts, but if I do even 15 minutes I feel so much better and motivated to take better care of myself.

    Angie from
    reasons to dress take a glimpse into my euro mommy life

    1. Ha, I would be your workout buddy if I could promise to be a good one, but I’m kind of useless, you deserve someone better!

      Thanks for you wonderful compliments.

  5. I’m the opposite in terms of eating. I don’t feel like eating or have been skipping meals lately. Hope you feel active and get your energy levels back

  6. For me you are already good but you keep to exercise since it is good even for your mood. The dress is so lovely!:) Kisses Corinne and rest! xo

  7. Loving the print on your dress. Your blog is also really pretty too!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog!

    1. I’ve visited your blog, I couldn’t comment though, I don’t know if something is wrong with your blog but it wouldn’t let me leave one for you! I couldn’t find a twitter account or a way to contact you either to let you know, so I hope you read this! x

  8. Hope you are catching up on your running and cycling. I’m not feeling body confident because I’m losing or lost weight so all my bones are sticking out.

    Hope you feel better and get back into your normal routine

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