Emily and Fin Floral Lucy Dress

emily and fin lucy dress
Dress : Emily and Fin Lucy Dress (via Aspire Style)
Shoes : ASOS
emily and fin floral dress
emily and fin lucy dress
Heeeeeeeeeee. You guys have no idea the grin on my face when I think about this lovely Lucy dress by Emily & Fin.

It all started back in around April last year. I spotted this dress and fell in love. The same kind of love as with my orange and lemon print dress (another Emily and Fin beauty!). But I could not justify paying £60 for it, because even though it is BEAUTIFUL, the cut, the pattern, the colours, the EVERYTHINGABOUTIT….. I live in England. and it rains a lot. and is generally cloudy and depressing and even in summer, there is not always the opportunity to wear such delicious finds. 

Annnyyyywaaayyyyyzzzz. While checking out stalking Emily and Fin’s twitter account, I saw that this dress was on sale at Aspire Style for £29. The deal was done.

I’ve never heard of Aspire Style before. But if you’ve ever heard of the American website ModCloth and drooled over their wonderful, cute, vintage, twee, pretty, beautiful and wonderful (wait, did I say that already?) dresses, then you will love Aspire Style. It’s kind of like the UK version of that, but without the 10 day wait for UK shipping. And they have a wicked sale on at the moment, I may or may or not have bought 5 dresses from them. 

Not only are the dresses wonderful, but I’ve been having a cheeky chat every now and again with ‘The Human(s)’ behind their twitter account, who has been absolutely fabulous! I wanted a dress which was out of stock, they phoned around stores for me to find one in stock, gave me the phone number and told me I could pay over the phone and get it sent out to me! All this over twitter. Gosh, I love 2014. If that ain’t good customer service, then I don’t know what is. 

This is why I thought a wish list of my favourite items from Aspire Style would be the perfect ‘Thank You’ =)

One. Two. Three.
Four. Five. Six.

Which is your favourite? 
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