Clara Oswald’s Tartan Dress

green tartan dress
Dress : Florance and Fred
Shoes : ASOS
Necklace : c/o Persunmall
The Doctor’s newest companion, Clara Oswald (played by Gemma Coleman) has the cutest outfits. In one episode (7X13: The Name Of the Doctor) Clara was sporting the most wonderful dress, you know, the type that makes your heart swell until you let out a mini-gasp. I was sat on the edge of the sofa trying to stop my eyeballs consuming the TV whole, pondering whether this pain caused by this swelling was love or jealousy, when my housemate came home.
‘What’s wrong, Corinne?’. 
I struggled to reply, but eventually managed to overcome my stutter and explain like a real human (by this I mean: other than the flapping and squealing and pointing at the TV) why I appeared so distraught. This is the dress Clara was wearing ->
I know what you’re thinking. Oh, Corinne, not ANOTHER TARTAN DRESS? Really?
As soon as I saw this beauty, I set out on my quest to find my new version of my perfect tartan dress. This time not in red, or blue, or a bit-of-everything, but green. Just like Clara’s. =)
I managed to uncover that the actual dress that she was wearing was from House Of Fraser. But it’s sold out now, so I took my grumpy face and went on the search. I went to ASOS, Boohoo, eBay and more stores looking for a similar one. But nothing. Nada.
Then, while at work, I saw this:
clara oswald dress
As soon as locked my eyes on it, the skies opened wide like a tide and a beam of light fell onto the dress. Music started playing the whole world stopped and watched as picked up the dress in slow motion and held it in the air, then everyone cried and clapped and cheered and..
Ok, that didn’t happen. I did do a little dance though.
I then did the whole ‘should I, shouldn’t I?’ internal debate, as I have two other dresses in the same style but different colour. I asked many work collegues and got the same answer – buy it buy it BUY ITTTT. So I did. And I’m really happy I did, it’s lovely colour. At least I’m not sulking over my-lack-of-the-Clara-dress anymore and I can get on with my life which is always a plus.
green tartan dress
There’s only problem is yesterday I saw the same tartan dress – but in black and white…
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