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The above image describes the jewellery website, Zophra, perfectly. It does not lie when it boasts about it’s bold pieces.

I was sent some products to review.

You can view delivery information here, they offer international shipping and free UK shipping for orders over £35. I ordered my products on Friday and they arrived on Tuesday – 3 working days, which was well within the 3-5 working days stated on the website. I was surprised it would be so fast as it was Christmas.
The packaging made me ‘oooo’. It really did, I don’t know what I was expecting it to come in, I have had a lot of jewellery sent to review in the past and most of it comes in plastic bags, but these items came very well presented in these beautiful boxes. I could have just handed these out as Christmas presents, they looked that nice! Presentation is so important if you are wanting to buy a gift for somebody else, and was very impressed with the boxes Zophra’s items came in.

Let’s move on to the items.
This gold flower necklace is clearly my favourite piece! The detail on it is stunning! The camera does not capture the wonderful detail of this item – please click the picture to enlarge it so you can see it better.
This gold multicolour necklace is also another stunner – like the above necklace, it is quite weighty – not in a bad way, but more in a sturdy way, if that makes sense. The clasps on both the necklaces seem good quality – I can’t comment long term as I have only worn each item one day each, but no breakages or issues so far. I love the colours and the boldness of this! 
This watch style bracelet is my least favourite item. The quality is not as good as good as the other two items, one of the round stickers was smudged off, but it retails at only £3 and I always say you pay for quality! The two necklaces were slightly more expensive but the quality is brilliant.

I am very impressed with the website. The delivery is fast, the packaging is brilliant and they have so many amazing statement necklaces on there, amongst other things such as earrings, broaches, hair accessories and earrings. Although I was not as happy with the bracelet as the other two necklaces, this does not put me off the website at all, I would recommend this to my friends as the other necklaces were so stunning and the packaging just made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The prices are good too. If I’m every stuck for a present for somebody, I will be visiting this website for sure!

You can check out the rest of the items here.
Don’t forget to check out their social networking sites! 

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