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Sammydress and dentist.

Dress : c/o Sammydress Shoes : ASOS Watch : c/o Sammydress Hurrah, there is nothing more exciting than being greeted with an e-mail inviting me…

cute dress
Dress : c/o Sammydress
Shoes : ASOS
Watch : c/o Sammydress
sammy dress
party dress
chiffon dress
blue dress
fashion watch
Hurrah, there is nothing more exciting than being greeted with an e-mail inviting me to try out some products. Especially when I get to pick my own. Although, I am often confronted with that whole ‘What do I pick?’ wave of doom, which can be dangerous. 

When Sammydress asked me to do a review – I jumped at the chance to bag myself a new dress. And oh man, the dress tickled my pickle (so to speak) for sure! It’s always hard to guess sizing when everything is S/M/L etc, but the measurement guide was pretty accurate – this dress fits me perfectly. 
I am very excited to wear it at some point over Christmas.

I lost my watch at work a few weeks ago, therefore I was in need of a new one. Although I don’t think I will actually wear this one for work, as it is larger than expected, it’s a great fashion accessory.

Check out Sammydress for cheap clothing.

Life Stuff.

In other news – I went to the dentist last Wednesday – for the first time in 7 years or so. I was terrified, as I had noticed some ‘brown’ marks along my gum line. I was convinced that this meant I would have to have every single one of my teeth pulled out and would be fitted with a set of dentures. My dad and brothers teeth both rotted and had to be taken out by the time they were in their late 20’s. I was convinced I was going to suffer the same fate.

After a couple months of plucking up the courage of going, I decided to face my shame and just get it over with. Turns out I just needed 2 fillings and the brown lines are just staining, nothing to worry about, causing no harm at all.

I went to get the fillings done today, I was scared about the whole situation, but I hardly even felt the needle go in to numb me, and after that the only discomfort I had was having to lay for 10 minutes with my mouth open when I really wanted to swallow (that’s what she said??). 

I was numb for 3 hours – but no pain. Now I just have to wait for an appointment with the hygienist for an intense clean to remove the staining I have on a couple of my back teeth.

Here is me, after dentist, with my crooked smile.
I spent about an hour pulling faces in the mirror…

Are you scared of the dentist?

Corinne x



  1. Hello from Spain: the dress is fabulous. I really like the watch. The Sammydress brand clothing is very beautiful. I have no afraid of the dentist. Glad your stains are just stains. Keep in touch

  2. I scare of dentists so so much! I actually tend to avoid them because they are one of my huge fear (thraumatized when I was a child!), but I’m glad everything went fine. The dress and the watch are great, looking nice Corinne!:) Kisses!

  3. nice dress. looks good on you!
    would you like to follow each other (GFC, Bloglovin and FB)? Let me know.

    the white ocean

  4. Hi dear, just found your blog, it’s amazing! You’ve got such a fresh style…find it so inspiring, even if our styles may seem very different I think we’ve got a very similar point of view! I’ll come reading your blog much more doll! If you want check my blog and if you find it as interesting as I find yours we can follow each other! Just let me know,
    Laura xxx

  5. Love the dress! And you’re right, now that I think about it, going to the dentist can be scarrryy! 😀

    REAlity Bites

  6. I wore braces for 8 years, they had to surgically remove 2 of my teeth because they ‘got stuck’ and they pulled one of my wisdom teeth out about 6 months ago – I used to dentists by now.:D I don’t even twitch, they numb you anyway, so why fuss. But you couldn’t said it any better – you just lie there and all you wanna do is swallow.:D

  7. You look so pretty in that chic SammyDress ! I love their stuff and looks like you too love them,so I would like to invite you to please participate in my International Giveaway from Sammy Dress !

    International Giveaway from Sammy Dress
    Feisty Fox Diaries

  8. Such a cute dress, love it on you. And I hate the dentist. I’m not scared to go, I just hate going, haha. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I love going to the dentist! Is that weird?! haha!
    I love your dress, it looks so flattering!
    Hope all went well at your appointment!


  10. Mmmmmmmm, the dentist…niceeee haha.

    I moved dentists this year and it seems my old dentist had ignored my teeth since I was 12 and just told me they were fine when in fact they were not…my face was similar to your picture almost solidly for a month of appointments haha 🙁

  11. That dress looks really pretty on you! And that watch is lovely.

    I have the same fear of dentists 🙁 I’ve had several bad experiences since I was in Kindergarten. Just the thought of going to the dentist gives me horrible anxiety!

    Just found your blog and I’m glad I did 🙂 I really like your style. I’m now following you on GFC and Bloglovin.

    xo Azu

  12. Hate going to the dentist (of course) but glad your experience is over. Love big watches and that one still looks feminine. Nice dress too!
    atelier zozo

  13. hi girl i were following your blog on GFC 🙂 for a while … its a pink flower called Ambi page 🙂 i just started to follow you on bloglovin . thanks for following my blog 🙂 xx i would love to follow each other on twitter and Facebook 🙂 xx

  14. Loving your dress!<3
    Would you like to follow each other via gfc and bloglovin? Let me know! (:

  15. I am petrified of the dentist after my last encounter that was more than 10 years ago. The experience scad the hell out of me. Good on you for gathering the courage.

    Sammy dress items are very cheap and the outfits are really good. Corinne, did you pay any taxes?

  16. Hi Corinne, the dress is such a lovely piece, very elegant and it can be styled up or down. Stunning watch too. I am lucky to have my brother as a dentist so I can tell him when its terribly discomforting, as these procedures can be. Good to hear all it well

  17. I HATE the dentist, mostly because I know they’re probably going to hurt me, even if it’s just a cleaning, and it’s going to cost me a lot of money.

  18. Ohh, sweetie, at least you’ve taken care of that now 🙂 I’m extremely sensitive about my teeth, everything needs to be perfect and that’s why I need (must!) to visit dentist every 6 months. So I can act in time when something is diagnosed 😉
    Sammydress has so many lovely things, I’ve came across the page quite a while ago and I’m at least browsing regularly there. The dress you’ve chosen suits you so well, it’s so feminine and elegant. The same goes for a watch, it’s quite a piece 🙂
    p.s. If you’d like to follow each other (gfc, bloglovin), just let me know. xx


  19. That dress is super fabulous!! Amd I love that watch!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  20. that’s a lovely dress:-) i quite like going to the dentist, or i used to ’till i was 18 and had to start paying for the treatments (so expensive!) xx

  21. I have never been invited to try some products but I must confess I would be very pleased, I understand your excitement. You were lovely in this original dress. Kisses, Corinne:)

  22. Great outfit. Although I see my dentist four times/year I am still scared. Dunno why, it’s silly I know, but I can’t help it.

  23. What a lovely dress. It sure is the best to read those emails offering you free things especially new dresses. I actually don’t know Sammydress so I must check it out. I lost my watch at work the other week too. I am devastated. Not only was it sentimental, I have so much trouble finding extra small watches that suit my wrist. It is such a loss It must have been so scary to go to the dentist for the first time in 7 years (I went last year for the first time in 5 years), but definitely good on you for going. Very pleased for you that the outcome certainly wasn’t as bad as it could have been. (Also thanks for following my blog…I often notice that it’s the ones I have been reading for ages and assume I’m following are often the ones that I am not).

  24. Lovely dress.I love the watch also,very classy! Hey you should enter the giveaway that I’m holding, not wishing good luck to others. So I’m waiting you to subscribe it!:)

  25. idk why but i’m rather obsessed with teeth-related things and love visits to the dentist. lol! hope your teeth are all shiny & clean and awesome now! 😀 *zing

    also, you have noooo idea how much i relate to the “wanting-a-kid” thing but i guess my boy friend’s just “not ready” for that. (he doesn’t ever seem to be “ready” for a lot tbh..)

    ah, well.

    tick tock, goes the biological clock. lol!

  26. That dress is adorable on you! And I just wait impatiently at the dentist, really hoping he tells me that everything with my teeth is just perfect!

  27. I absolutely love the dress you chose.x It looks so elegant on you! Gorgeous watch as well! I know exactly what you are talking about, for about a year now I am trying to convince myself to actually visit the dentist, but I guess I am to scare and I always find excuses.x

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