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Hurrah, there is nothing more exciting than being greeted with an e-mail inviting me to try out some products. Especially when I get to pick my own. Although, I am often confronted with that whole ‘What do I pick?’ wave of doom, which can be dangerous. 

When Sammydress asked me to do a review – I jumped at the chance to bag myself a new dress. And oh man, the dress tickled my pickle (so to speak) for sure! It’s always hard to guess sizing when everything is S/M/L etc, but the measurement guide was pretty accurate – this dress fits me perfectly. 
I am very excited to wear it at some point over Christmas.

I lost my watch at work a few weeks ago, therefore I was in need of a new one. Although I don’t think I will actually wear this one for work, as it is larger than expected, it’s a great fashion accessory.

Check out Sammydress for cheap clothing.

Life Stuff.

In other news – I went to the dentist last Wednesday – for the first time in 7 years or so. I was terrified, as I had noticed some ‘brown’ marks along my gum line. I was convinced that this meant I would have to have every single one of my teeth pulled out and would be fitted with a set of dentures. My dad and brothers teeth both rotted and had to be taken out by the time they were in their late 20’s. I was convinced I was going to suffer the same fate.

After a couple months of plucking up the courage of going, I decided to face my shame and just get it over with. Turns out I just needed 2 fillings and the brown lines are just staining, nothing to worry about, causing no harm at all.

I went to get the fillings done today, I was scared about the whole situation, but I hardly even felt the needle go in to numb me, and after that the only discomfort I had was having to lay for 10 minutes with my mouth open when I really wanted to swallow (that’s what she said??). 

I was numb for 3 hours – but no pain. Now I just have to wait for an appointment with the hygienist for an intense clean to remove the staining I have on a couple of my back teeth.

Here is me, after dentist, with my crooked smile.
I spent about an hour pulling faces in the mirror…

Are you scared of the dentist?

Corinne x


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