Christmas Dresses + ASOS discount code

Oh no, Christmas is coming fast, so I have put together a collection of casual items perfect for the Christmas season, these dresses are perfect for that family get together, Christmas day or meeting up with friends for a quick coffee. 
I adore the first one from PersunMall, it’s right up my street. (Actually, they are all right up my street, hence why I put them in my wish list, duh!)
perunmall dress
I did something terrible wonderful, I discovered the shoe section. As you have probably noticed, I tend to post mainly dresses on this blog. I <3 dresses. But dang, when I saw the shoe section and knew straight away I had to pick out some favourites and post them. I really love the whole rounded, thick and chunky toe on a shoe. I was kind of in heaven.
persunmall shoe
What are your favourites? 
Do you have your Christmas outfits sorted?
Today is a terrible day. Well, tomorrow is more terrible, but today feels very ‘doom’. Tomorrow I go back to work after 8 full, wonderful doffs. I do love a good doff, but 8 in a row is even better.
The worst thing about time away from work, is that doom feeling that starts to set in, usually around half way through the holiday.. that feeling that reality is looming and one day you will have to return to the real world, get up at a certain time, drive to work, ya know, be a human. Ick, that is what I have to say about that. I’m already getting text messages from work about things they need me to do tomorrow… that’s the worst thing about my job, being the only person in the position in the whole store. When something needs doing, there is nobody else to pick it up so it just waits and waits, turning into a dusty pile of workload for Corinne to deal with when she returns.
In other news – I am having a ‘Christmas’ dinner today with my housemates and my old housemate, which should be fun. And some dresses/iPhone/tablet that I am selling on eBay end today – yay money.
Corinne x
In other news ASOS has a discount code for 20% of everything until 8am Monday morning.
Just enter WKEND20 at the checkout. 
Not sure if this discount code is just UK only though.


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