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Help, I’m drowning

Dress : Boohoo Shoes : ASOS Oh guess what, I’m having another disaster of the house variety! So, I was washing the pots earlier. The…

boohoo dress
Dress : Boohoo
Shoes : ASOS
boo hoo dress
boohoo dress
pink dress
Oh guess what, I’m having another disaster of the house variety!

So, I was washing the pots earlier. The washing machine was on and suddenly the sink stopped draining. I turned the tap off and the water went down, so I started washing zee pots again. Then it happened again. I turned the tap off but the water kept rising and rising until it overflowed over the basin.

Not knowing what to do, I grabbed a blanket and towels to soak up the water, in panic, thinking ‘what if this never stops and everything floods?!?!!?!?!?!?!??’ I turned the washing machine off as water was getting all over it and eventually the water stopped overflowing and slowly went down the drain.

Then I turned the washing machine back on and this happened.

So yes. My work uniform is stuck in the washing machine as it is mid cycle and I cannot turn it on unless I want my house to flood. This is a wonderful situation.

In other news..
I worked so hard that my toes bled.
Check out those times – not the best shift I’ve done. :/
specialized dolce
tacx turbo trainer
and my TurboTrainer came! Wheeeee.

How is your weekend?

Corinne x


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like the color. Beautiful fabric … you are very trendy. Too bad with the overflowed water … a lot of cleaning …

  2. Oh wow, so sorry about the washing machine situation dear, mine wouldn’t rinse the clothes yesterday but yours is much worse, I gotta give it to you haha ! Did it all work out?

    The outfit is superb, adore the dress! You look wonderful! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  3. ooops! I am sorry for the disaster. Last week I had to clean the vasin because it got stucked too. As for your dress is lovely. Kisses, Corinne and have a nice day:)

  4. Oh Corinne, seems you had a messy weekend! Hope you can fix the trouble of the swashing machine, have just seen the video. Sorry for the toe, it looks achy! Love the dress and your hair!:) Have a good start of the week! xo

  5. Haha oh no that’s definitely not good, and im sorry but stop working so hard!! lovely dress, i think it’s the colour what i like the most 🙂

  6. hope you aren’t flooding anymore! and those toes look seriously sore. but despite your misfortunes, you’re looking lovely and that dress is so pretty! xx

  7. This happened to me when we moved in to our house!
    Ny bf did some cray cray DIY plumbing on our sink because it seems whoever lived there before had also DIY’ed it and made a complete mess – we had 2 U-bends under the sink and the washing machine outflow thingy joined our sink one which was trying to flow uphill…*worst description everrrr* anyhoo his cray cray DIY involved buying pieces of pipe and hoping for the best, having never touched a sink before to do anything but wash his handsm and somehow it worked!

    Hope your amazing landlord gets on it again haha…also what’s a turbotrainer? I want one.
    P.S Sending a plaster for those tootsies ouchh 🙁

    Holly Mixtures


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