Help, I’m drowning

boohoo dress
Dress : Boohoo
Shoes : ASOS
boo hoo dress
boohoo dress
pink dress
Oh guess what, I’m having another disaster of the house variety!

So, I was washing the pots earlier. The washing machine was on and suddenly the sink stopped draining. I turned the tap off and the water went down, so I started washing zee pots again. Then it happened again. I turned the tap off but the water kept rising and rising until it overflowed over the basin.

Not knowing what to do, I grabbed a blanket and towels to soak up the water, in panic, thinking ‘what if this never stops and everything floods?!?!!?!?!?!?!??’ I turned the washing machine off as water was getting all over it and eventually the water stopped overflowing and slowly went down the drain.

Then I turned the washing machine back on and this happened.

So yes. My work uniform is stuck in the washing machine as it is mid cycle and I cannot turn it on unless I want my house to flood. This is a wonderful situation.

In other news..
I worked so hard that my toes bled.
Check out those times – not the best shift I’ve done. :/
specialized dolce
tacx turbo trainer
and my TurboTrainer came! Wheeeee.

How is your weekend?

Corinne x

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