Glasses story.

Dress : Boohoo
Necklace : c/o Christine
Glasses : c/o Firmoo
Shoes : ASOS
When I was in year one at school, which would have made me 5 years old, I remember an old school friend named Janet walking into class in the morning. She looked different on that day – she had glasses on. 

For years after that moment, I desperately wanted to wear glasses. I had keyboard lessons during my childhood, and one day, in the middle of the lesson, I decided to do something proactive about my love/need/want for glasses. 

I pretended I couldn’t see.

I made out that I was struggling to read the notes on the music and carried this little lie around with my the next week or two, until Mum decided to take me to the opticians. 

I sat in the chair and the optician looked into my eye as I read out letters on the chart. I could see every one clearly, but as the letters got smaller I said I couldn’t read them. I was very excited, this was it – the moment I would get glasses!!!

Well, not exactly. 

The optician said my eyes were perfect, he could not understand why I could not see and told my Mum to take me to the doctors, as there was probably something wrong with my brain.

When I left that optician’s office, I magically regained my sight.

A couple weeks ago, I had an e-mail in my inbox from Firmoo. Firmoo is a website which offers very affordable and very fashionable glasses – both prescription and non-prescription. They have a First Free Pair program and also a virtual try on system to ensure the glasses you want suit you!

The e-mail offered me to try and review a pair of glasses. I picked a pair I liked, and only 2 days later, they arrived. Finally, I am able to wear glasses like I had always wanted – if only this website was around when I was a child. It probably would have been easier than trying to lie my way into a pair.

Thanks, Firmoo!
Firmoo has offered me a voucher code for $30 off – just enter via the rafflecopter below – don’t forget to leave your e-mail so I can contact the winner!

Corinne x

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