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3 hours in Tesco.

Dress : Boohoo Shoes : ASOS Hi friends. First of all, the flood situation is now fixed. When my housemates got home, Christine opened the…

boohoo dress
Dress : Boohoo
Shoes : ASOS
cocktail dress
boohoo evening dress
Hi friends.

First of all, the flood situation is now fixed.

When my housemates got home, Christine opened the washing machine door. Drum full of water and all. It emptied all onto the tiles, leaked through the floor and made my bedroom ceiling all wet.

The landlord came the following morning and rectified the situation. Phew. 

My housemates sister and her husband moved to England from Greece a few days ago. They got their house keys on Monday, they only live 5 minutes away from me and today I took them both to Tesco as they don’t have a car, and only 4 suit cases of stuff. We spent 4 hours walking around a Tesco extra. 

Being a supermarket manager, I find it SO hard going to a supermarket without getting my ‘management’ head on. It must have been busy because the shop was trashed and I just wanted to ask a member of staff to sort it out. I bit my tongue and continued. One member of staff was picking a dot com shop and couldn’t find a product. He kept scanning in the wrong product and the scanner kept making that horrible ‘you’re wrong noise’. I glanced at his gun, picked up the right product and gave it to him. He asked me if I wanted to help him do the rest. That was my only interfering thing I did, I promise. I even resisted the urge to take cardboard off the shelf. I need a new job.

They spent £350 in the end, wow.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent at a supermarket?


  1. Haha, you must be awesome as a manager! ^^ Love your look, the dress is so pretty and feminine, you look amazing ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  2. Hi Corinne! Glad the trouble is fixed. Lol for the supermarket. Usually I did a big shopping so spend much in food..prices are also expensive. Btw, you look great, I like the dress! Kisses! xo

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog 🙂

    Wanna follow each other on GFC???

    Just let me know and I will follow back right away

  4. Hello from Spain: I’m glad you do not have flooding in your home. Great. I like your dress. You’re very smart. I read your story in the supermarket … keep in touch

  5. Yeah I always say all bad things happen in November. Glad you got it fixed. Must have been really bad. At least you look amazing. You still don’t have the giveaway. Jeez it takes a long time. Yeah please let me know when you have it. I think the most money I spent in a supermarket is 100 €. Happy Monday sweetheart!

    xx Mira

  6. Woah £350 is a lot. I think the most I’ve spend is probably £50 -£100 at once. Hope the water leakage is fine.

    It is hard not to interfere 😛

  7. Ah £350! I always find it hard to not just buy random things in the supermarket like sweets and chocolate – it’s too tempting! xxx

  8. hon, why are you always taking pictures next to the mannequin? lol. you’re cute :’D (and how come the mannequin only wears a red skirt.. haha!!)

    also, good to know that the flood crisis is over! wish there was BooHoo here. the clothes look fincredible!

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