The perfect tartan dress

tartan dress
Dress : Clothing at Tesco
Shoes : ASOS
perfect tartan dress perfect tartan dress perfect tartan dress perfect tartan dress
You don’t need to tell me how cute this dress tartan dress from Tesco is. I know, I know (in the most modest way, of course), it is ‘totz adorbz’. I may be in love. I do love a good bit of tartan, so when I discovered that it would be on trend this autumn, I was full of joy and excitement to see what I would find. When I saw this perfect tartan dress at the Tesco I work at, I kind of could not keep my mind off it. I walked past it about 10 times on Thursday thinking HMMMMMMMMMMM.
It felt like fate the next morning, when the clothing manager brought a massive poster to the morning managers meeting to tell us to tell our staff (sorry, colleagues, staff is not PC now, or something) that there was a 20% sale off ALL clothing. Wheeeeeeee.
I didn’t have chance to grab it on my break as everything was too busy, and the break thing didn’t really work out, but at the end of my shift I marched down to clothing and picked this dress up. Along with another dress, a top, a shirt, some pjs, a jacket and a skirt. But those are for another post. With staff discount, the sale discount and £15 of clothing vouchers, I managed to snag everything for around £60. Amazing.
I’m going to my friends house shortly, sporting this dress. We will watch Orange is the New Black (my new favourite TV show – watch it please) and drink wine and admire my new dress.
How has your weekend been?
Corinne x

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