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How to play the uklele

Jumper – c/o OASAP Skirt – New Look Tights – Tesco Uklele – c/o being wasted A jumper with a cat on. What could be…

Jumper – c/o OASAP
Skirt – New Look
Tights – Tesco
Uklele – c/o being wasted
A jumper with a cat on. What could be better? That’s what I thought when feasted my furby-like eyes on this Jumper  on  OASAP. Get in my basket. Get in my life.

Last Tuesday, I woke up to sore head and an e-mail letting me know that my ukulele had been dispatched. What?

Apparently, after a bottle of wine, I had decided that I MUST HAVE a ukulele. I had no prior desire to learn how to play, I have two guitars already which I have not touched in years, so why I thought this was a great idea is beyond me.

Maybe when I’m drunk next, I’ll regain my need/love/want for this instrument and maybe actually do something useful with it. For now, it is just another addition to my shit-i-don’t-need pile.

Corinne x

In other news, it’s 4 weeks today since I started Stoptober.


  1. Ah you will have to check out the Marc Jacobs cat ballet flats. They would go perfect with that jumper.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  2. hahaha love the jumper. and the post. hey, maybe drunken revelations are the best. i personally love the ukelele. well, the sound of it at least. reminds me of a tropical paradise.


  3. Can you play the ukelele? hehehe, that sounds great! As for your look, I loved the sweater; I want one like yours. Kisses, Corinne:)

  4. Lol, I would not be able to play it either!:) You look very nice Corinne, I’m in love with the cat sweater!:) Kisses! xo

  5. love your jumper! and i’d also really like to learn to play the ukulele, almost bought one last year, haha! you should start playing it because it’s too adorable:-) xx

  6. So stunning! Chic and stylish outfit 😉

    Girl About Town Blog
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  7. Hello 🙂 you are so funny. i like how you write.
    So I got in your GFC box. Got to be your follower.

    followed you via GFC 🙂
    follow for follow? 😀
    Get in my GFC box. get in my life. HAHAHA

    have a nice day

  8. Oh Corinne, at least you just ordered a ukele and not something very expensive. I hope you manage to play the instrument.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

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