Emily and Fin Alice Dress

emily and fin alice dress
Dress : Emily and Fin Alice Dress
Shoes : ASOS
Watch : Tesco
emily and fin
emily and fin alice dress
emily and fin alice dress
I really do love this Alice Dress by Emily and Fin. I love the cut of it and the cute pattern. I know I’ve worn this before on zee blog, but whateverrrrrr. Nothing makes me happier than an Emily and Fin Alice dress! If you’re wondering what I mean by ‘Alice Dress’, basically it’s the cut of it. They have a lady name for each style, like this  Lucy Dress, for example. 

I think I have injured my back. I just got back from a 12.5 mile bike ride and I think I went over a bump quite dramatically and jarred it or something. I laid over Lilly’s legs and demanded that she rub it.

I love Saturdays as I do not work, but it is nearly 8pm now which means that it is nearly over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Depression.

Tell me about your weekend =)

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