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Harry Potter Marathon

Skirt : ASOS Shoes : ASOS I got this cute skirt in the ASOS sale for £9. That is a win. I’ve had it in…

Skirt : ASOS
Shoes : ASOS
I got this cute skirt in the ASOS sale for £9. That is a win. I’ve had it in my wish list since it was £18. 

Wednesday night my housemates had some people from work over for a Harry Potter marathon. When I got home, they were onto the 3rd film. They were playing to drinking games but were not too drunk! I watched the next two with them, we ate a wonderful curry and drank a few beers. We got to the end of the 5th one and it was 12:30am! 

I woke up yesterday morning to my alarm. I hate that. I usually wake up naturally just before, or am just sleeping lightly. But I was fast asleep in the middle of a dream and all of a sudden, this painful noise comes along and ruins my life. I actually felt in pain. So that was a bummer. 

Saturday is tomorrow, thank goodness! What are your weekend plans?

Corinne x 


  1. such a cute skirt, dear 🙂

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  2. Drinking games , movie marathons , sounds like awesome fun , love the look you right that skirt is super cute .

  3. Hi Corinne, I’d love to do a Harry Potter marathon too since havent watched all the movies! You look pretty, I like the skirt, has been a good deal! Happy weekend dear, kisses! xo

  4. Wonderful post; I loved it!xo
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  5. Such a super cute skirt, dear Corinne, I understand really that you like it! And the idea to have a Harry Potter Marathon is indeed funny 🙂 Wish you that next morning you wouldn´t be awaked in a sudden – and especially only good dreams <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. i love the skirt too 😀 congrats!

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  7. I hate alarms, ruins my morning every freaking day.

    The skirt was a bargain, good on you for bagging it for £9 and especially from Asos 😛

    Weekend plan is to go oxford street and have an exam which i should be studying for instead I’m commenting on your blog, happy days 😀

  8. Used to like harry potter last time and remembering myself pre-ordering the books and queuing to grab them. time flies..

  9. lovely skirt, and your mannequin is awesome too!
    and omg im the same about my alarm!


    ♥ Ellen
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  10. You look very cute again 🙂 And yay for the Harry Potter marathon! I have never even read the books, let alone seen the movies… Yep, I am waaay behind.

  11. That´s a pretty skirt you´re wearing! Today I´m going out because it´s fiesta time in here. 😉

  12. Harry Potter marathon sounds so great right now. And I love the skirt! and the pink striped one!!

    xx Luisa @ Why Don’t You Make Me?

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