Finally – an outfit post!!!

Dress : ASOS
Jacket : Primark
Shoes : ASOS
 Ok, wow! It’s been over a week since my last outfit post. I just had so much other stuff to blog about instead!

This is the outfit I wore on Saturday, when I met up with my old university friends. As you can see, I stole Maria’s jacket

I’ve been working out tonnes lately!

Saturday I rode my bike for about an hour, although I was just practicing so it wasn’t a hard workout. Sunday I biked for an hour, Monday morning I ran 3 miles before work, and yesterday I biked 10 miles and then ran 4 miles! Wheee. The running is getting so much easier! Just need to build the muscles in my legs so the biking also gets easier. Some of those hills are damn tough.

Somebody just posted this on Facebook – a newspaper clipping from a dance show I did when I was little. Can you guess which ones is me?
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