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Blame it on the weatherman.

Dress : ASOS Necklace : c/o OASAP Shoes : I don’t know, they are old. I am not sure if I like this dress or…

Dress : ASOS
Necklace : c/o OASAP
Shoes : I don’t know, they are old.
I am not sure if I like this dress or not. Should I send it back? I think it is a size too big for me which never helps!

Anyway, I am so sad about yesterday. BBC weather, I AM MAD AT YOU. YOU’RE A DICK.
I wanted to bike ride, it said it was going to rain at 12 for a couple hours, then stop. So I held out, thinking I could go when the weather was a little brighter. It didn’t rain until 2pm! I could have gone out, then they changed their forecast to rain until 8pm. Not a happy bunny!

Today is also supposed to be Corinstaweek – I only posted 6 photos on there this week and was planning on taking more on my bike ride, which I am sure would have been wonderful and amazing, but DOOM. Alas, no Corinstaweek. All because of the beeb.

I would be a lair if I said that I understood how they can calculate weather, or that it is easy, but damn, you made me mad, BBC, very mad. 

So yesterday I didn’t do anything apart from play Candy Crush.

My housemates and I have started to develop a mild (and verging on unhealthy) obsession with One Direction. After watching a documentary on fans that are mental over them, followed by their time on xFactor, followed by another documentary about them, followed by a playlist of funny moments etc etc – I’m not a massive fan of their music, but this guys are so much fun to watch! 

If you like them, you have to watch this fan made cartoon on youtube, it’s amazing!
My giveaway is now over, I will contact the company I am working with and then announce the winners soon! Thanks for all of you that participated!

How is your weekend so far?


  1. Hello from Spain: I’m enjoying the sun and heat in the pool. I’m sorry to read that in your city rains. I like the dress. I also really like the skirt mannequin. Awesome. Keep in touch

  2. Ooh – forecasting the weather in the UK is meant to be one of the hardest weather systems in the world because of the gulf stream and other stream that I can’t remember its name… depending on which stream is doing what the weather pretty much does what ever the hell it wants! It is super annoying though that it ruined your plans – I find that no matter what I plan, the weather ends up being the opposite if what one predicts >:(

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  3. haha I’m always mad about the weatherman and my BF is making fun of me ! They’re always wrong !

  4. Hi Corinne! You shouldnt sent the dress back, is so nice and suits you! You look very lovely and the shoes are so cute! Sorry for the wrong forecast, hope you could ride soon your bike!:) Happy Monday dear, kisses! xo

  5. i love the dress! keep it, hehe:-) and to answer your question, i’ve been trying to get a new job, but because i only have a month till i go back to leeds no-one will hire me for so short a time, haha! so it’s holiday time! xx

  6. Omg bbc lies, my iPhone weather app lies too, and I hate them all…

    On another note though, you look so pretty and the dress suits you despite it being a little big, I loveee the lace ahh <3

    Holly Mixtures

  7. Such a lovely dress, I wouldn’t send it back!

    Don’t be sad, it’s also a shitty weather here in France (In the north..)

  8. I think the dress looks absolutely fab on you, but if you don’t like the feeling of it, then return it. No matter what other people think (even if they’re positive thoughts about the look), if you’re not comfortable about it, then do what you think is best (: xx

  9. No matter what other said, if you don’t like it then following your guts. I listen to myself standard! but it up to you! the dress is cute though.


  10. I think this outfit looks great on you! If teh skirt is to big I would change it. The shoes are maybe old but they look great on you!
    Would you like to follow each other? Maybe we can also like each other Fb page? What do you think?
    Love from Belgium, Lima xoxo

  11. I don’t know if you sent it back or not, but I think you shouldn’t.:) It’s really sexy and elegant at the same time, those lace cutouts really look good on you! As for the One Direction craze… You’re on your own.:D You and about a billion other people, but not me at least.:)

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