Girl does DIY

Dress and Shoes : ASOS (both old)
You may notice the two boxes next to my wardrobe. They are my other wardrobe. My friend is coming over this morning to help me build it. 

I built the DVD rack just fine.
The draws, however, were a little more difficult. It said it needed two people and I was like screw this, I’m Corinne, I do what I want. So tried it anyway.

I put something in the wrong hole and couldn’t get it out. I also snapped one of the runners. So I kind of had to blag it. 
This is how it looks in the end, the top doesn’t go on properly because of the thing I put in the wrong hole is too big. And also the top left draw doesn’t shut. But whatever, I build it, I am just trying to think of it as quirky.
I went for a run yesterday evening, up to Kirstall Abbey and ran around it a couple times, then ran home. It’s an ideal route for running, I’m going to try go twice a week. It is such a beautiful place.

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Corinne x

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