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Shoes: ASOS Dress : ASOS If you know me well, you will know that I am obsessed with giraffes. So when I saw this cute…

Shoes: ASOS
Dress : ASOS
If you know me well, you will know that I am obsessed with giraffes. So when I saw this cute giraffe print dress on ASOS, it was in by basket before you could say, um, whatever noise it is that a giraffe makes.

I need to pull myself away from candy crush and go to the gym. I was going to go for a run but it looks like it may rain at any moment, so gym it is =)

Tell me your weekend plans.


  1. Very cute giraffe print! The shoes are great, too. Love how they pop next to the black dress.


  2. Wow, you look great with that giraffe print on your dress, dear Corinne <3 And the shoes are the perfect match!

    Here in Bavaria it looks like that it would rain very soon, too, but it´s still really hot and I sit in the shadow ouf our terrace after my husband and I jumped in one of our cool mountain rivers 🙂

    Wish you many fun in the gym!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Love the dress! Wish I could walk in the shoes..! Hope you have a good weekend… Mine consists of a little bit of essay writing, some drinking/dancing, and probably a lot of hungover crap TV xx

  4. Hello from Spain: these sandals are very trendy but with too much heel for me .. Lovely dress.. Keep in touch

  5. Helloooo Corinne!! I loved your giraffes´print dress, you look great on it and I wanted to encourage you to have fun and go wherever you want..if it is the gym…good option!Kisses:)

  6. Amazing sandals!! How I eny you, because I cannot wear heels cause my poor back :(. However you look spectacular!!

  7. Love the dress! The print is just so pretty 🙂 And those sandals look pretty rockin’ too.

  8. Nice choice here. I actually like that midi skirt you had on your mannequin =)
    Weekends is almost over for me. It was a great and relaxing weekend =)

  9. Any animal print is a YES in my book!

    Great dress on you! It actually would be perfect to wear to a Bruno Mars’ Jungle Tour….I just went to his concert last night….so today just gonna stay in!


  10. The dress print is so cute! I am wondering how many dresses you own. More than 100? I am curious…

  11. SO beautiful pics:) and thanks for sweet words.

    Check out my new post…summer memories and Shop Ruche:)

    Have a lovely day dear

    LOVE Maria at

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