Birthday Outfit and Wooden Coat Hangers

Bag, Earrings and Necklace : Accessorize
Dress : Dorothy Perkins
Shoes : Barrats

All these items were birthday presents from my housemates. I would really dread buying clothes for me, but I guess they have an advantage in that I have a blog so they know what kind of things I like. I am in love with the shoes. Seriously. I have never been so in love with a pair of shoes. I just want to put them on and keep them on all the time.

I have ordered another wardrobe, a chest of draws and a DVD rack to store my xbox games in. They arrive today. Between 7am and 8pm. Thank you, Argos, for your really specific delivery window, I appreciate it. I do not know how I will build these items. And when they are built, how will I get them out of my room again? Maybe I will just have to live here forever, with all my furniture, dresses and wooden coat hangers. 

I have a thing about wooden coat hangers, you see. The thing is that I have to have all my dresses on them. I bought 30 new ones from Ikea yesterday for my new wardrobe. Do you use wooden coat hangers? They make your wardrobe look so much better. In my old house, I had two wardrobes, one with wooden coat hangers which all my best dresses went on, and one with plastic hangers which I put things I didn’t like as much (including work uniform!) in. Now I am fully equipped, it is a nice feeling. 

Wish me luck building flat packed furniture! 

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