Saturday night fun WHEEEEEEEEEEE

Dress : Emily & Fin Alice dress/ASOS
Necklace : New Look
Bracelets : Primark
Shoes : ASOS
emily and fin alice dress
emily and fin alice dress


emily and fin
Oh look oh lool, another Emily and Fin dress. How rare.
I wonder what I would have to do to get them to send me dresses to sample, haha. I just LOVE this brand so much. 
So, this is June. Does this mean that it is summer now? Oh no, not summer. I mean, yay, summer, but it hardly seems like we had a spring and everything is going by so so so quickly.
Saturday was doff, which is always wonderful news. I got up pretty early and was showered and dressed for 10am! This never happens for me, ha. I usually laze around for ages in my PJs before I even think about starting to make myself into a real human.
Last night I met up with Kim (a lady that used to work with Lilly and Christine) and her daughter Keri. Lilly was also there but Christine had a wedding to attend. Woe.
I wore the above outfit. It must have been a hit because
1) As soon as Lilly and I got out of the taxi, this guys came up to me and said ‘My friend thinks you are stunning, can he have his photo taken with you’. I declined, naturally. And
2) On our way to one of the pubs there was a bunch of guys dressed up in dresses, one of them looks at me and says ‘how do you girls cope with dresses, they don’t have any pockets’ and I said ‘I HAVE POCKETS, LOOK’. Then got a high five for that one.
I do love dresses with pockets. CUTE.
We met some guys that were out on a stag do. The guy who was getting married was wearing a wedding dress (I guess there is something about guys and dresses in Leeds) and Lilly spent some time trying to get it off him. Then I was talking to this guy, who was called JAMES POTTER. He let me take a picture of his driving licence and everything after I did not believe he was Harrys dad. 
Then I came up with this great idea, Lilly needed to marry this man. Then she could be LILLY POTTER. Then they can have a boy and call him Harry and put a scar on his head and it would be perfect. Then he told me he was already married. I was heart broken. I asked what her name was. Jenny. Pft. 
How did you spend your Saturday?
Corinne x


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