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Saturday night fun WHEEEEEEEEEEE

  Dress : Emily & Fin Alice dress/ASOS Necklace : New Look Bracelets : Primark Shoes : ASOS       Oh look oh lool,…

Dress : Emily & Fin Alice dress/ASOS
Necklace : New Look
Bracelets : Primark
Shoes : ASOS
emily and fin alice dress
emily and fin alice dress


emily and fin
Oh look oh lool, another Emily and Fin dress. How rare.
I wonder what I would have to do to get them to send me dresses to sample, haha. I just LOVE this brand so much. 
So, this is June. Does this mean that it is summer now? Oh no, not summer. I mean, yay, summer, but it hardly seems like we had a spring and everything is going by so so so quickly.
Saturday was doff, which is always wonderful news. I got up pretty early and was showered and dressed for 10am! This never happens for me, ha. I usually laze around for ages in my PJs before I even think about starting to make myself into a real human.
Last night I met up with Kim (a lady that used to work with Lilly and Christine) and her daughter Keri. Lilly was also there but Christine had a wedding to attend. Woe.
I wore the above outfit. It must have been a hit because
1) As soon as Lilly and I got out of the taxi, this guys came up to me and said ‘My friend thinks you are stunning, can he have his photo taken with you’. I declined, naturally. And
2) On our way to one of the pubs there was a bunch of guys dressed up in dresses, one of them looks at me and says ‘how do you girls cope with dresses, they don’t have any pockets’ and I said ‘I HAVE POCKETS, LOOK’. Then got a high five for that one.
I do love dresses with pockets. CUTE.
We met some guys that were out on a stag do. The guy who was getting married was wearing a wedding dress (I guess there is something about guys and dresses in Leeds) and Lilly spent some time trying to get it off him. Then I was talking to this guy, who was called JAMES POTTER. He let me take a picture of his driving licence and everything after I did not believe he was Harrys dad. 
Then I came up with this great idea, Lilly needed to marry this man. Then she could be LILLY POTTER. Then they can have a boy and call him Harry and put a scar on his head and it would be perfect. Then he told me he was already married. I was heart broken. I asked what her name was. Jenny. Pft. 
How did you spend your Saturday?
Corinne x



  1. i love that you met james potter, haha! and that dress certainly deserves all the attention, it’s beautiful! xx

  2. James Potter haha he is totally missing out having married a Jenny – it could have been perfect!! The dress is gorgeous, I’ve never heard of Emily & Fin but I’m about to check it out 🙂 xx

  3. Lilly and James Potter, that would have been IT 😀

    Oh, and I love dresses with pockets, and skirts for that matter. There’s nothing worse than having nothing at all to put your hands into while standing around ornamentally. No, no, not good.


  4. Lol Corinne, you are always very funny! And you were stunning indeed, I like dresses with pockets too! Happy Sunday! xo

  5. The dress is really beautiful. Poor lily, Harry Potter.. Lol

  6. You look lovely, Corinne! The dress looks like a tulip style, love those.

    This post me giggle a little, you comedian! Haha. LOL @ James Potter!



  7. It sounds like you had a really good time. 🙂 I am the same really, I laze around in my pyjamas for ages before I consider ‘beginning my day’. As for the dress – it’s so cute, and those shoesss… I love them!

  8. love your dress!
    OMG you had to speak French? My husband and I just went to Paris and french seems so hard!

    We have a tutor but it’s so hard. slowly learning! 🙂


  9. This dress is so charming, love the pockets!! They are so functional, I wish all dresses had pockets, lol, about your Saturday night escapades and finding some fans, sounds fun!

  10. Lilly Potter LOL love it !
    If that can reassure yiu, not summer in Paris either 🙁

  11. Such a beautiful dress. I agree, I love Emily and Fin dresses, there is always one I wish I could buy.

  12. That guy was right, you really looked stunning.
    Love the dress, it’s such an amazing piece of clothing. Wish I had it in my closet too ^_^

    Have a nice week, even though summer is getting closer we still can enjoy the last spring days 🙂

    Stardust Stain Blog

    Lots of love,

  13. Your dress is sooo adorable. Well it doesn’t feel like summer because of the crappy weather haha <3


  14. Merci for your lovely Comment! 🙂 You look awesome – this Outfit is great!

  15. That is such a cute dress! I think every dress should come with pockets 🙂

    The Tiny Heart
    Bracelet Giveaway!

  16. I can’t believe that your planning was for that further hahaha. I adore this dress. Once you have 1000 followers, you can try to join fashion hunter program on various websites. They give clothes for doing a review and post for them.

  17. Hello from Spain: I see that you were very pretty in that dress. I’m glad that you have lots of fun. I did not find for sale the petticoat. In my city stores do not sell. In e-bay Spain not any. I keep looking. Thanks for everything. Keep in touch

  18. Followed you 🙂
    I liked your fb page as well, it would be super cool if you liked mine

    xx Sofie

    Your Princess is in Another Castle

  19. you seem to have fun on the weekend, I love the dress with ankle boots is so modern …
    Beautiful as always!

  20. that´s a funny story!!!
    I love your floral dress, you always wear cute dresses!

  21. You look stunning and you are super fun, no wonder you get stopped in the middle of the street! Great dress, I love the cut and the print, very hot!
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  22. James and Jenny Potter. That’s wack enough, isn’t it???:D And the groom wore a shirt underneath, that’s cheating!!:)

    P.S.: I’d give you a high five for dress pockets too! Those are the sweetest pockets to have.

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