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Always try things on twice.

Dress : ASOS / Wall G £28 £12 Shoes : NO IDEA = OLD When I received this dress last week, I put it on, looked in…

Dress : ASOS / Wall G £28 £12
Shoes : NO IDEA = OLD

When I received this dress last week, I put it on, looked in the mirror and thought MEH I HATE YOU DRESS I am sending this one back. Then, I tried it on again a few days later and fell in love a little bit. 

I do not think I’ve ever had that experience before! I usually instantly fall in love with something, or hate it and then my decision is FINAL. Because stubborn like that.

Have you ever tried something on once, hated it, then tried it again and loved it?

I started packing yesterday. My DVDs, books and xbox games are all packed away now (apart from Call of Duty and Bioshock!) ready to go. I’m starting to get a little panicky about the whole experience. Our landlord wants us to move out on the 30th June, but we can’t move into our new house until the 1st July as he still has tenants living there! So basically, we are going to have a full house worth of STUFF and nowhere to put it for one night. Argh!!!

I’m not really sure what the solution is to this problem is. I think I will just bang my head against my desk. Maybe it will help.

Another thing that is kind of stressing me out is I don’t know where I’ll take photos in the new house!!! There is a barely there front garden and no back garden. Not even a massive kitchen with a brick chimney breast =( I might just spend my last day at this house taking a million outfit photos – just incase! Oh dear, blogger woes.

Hope you are all well and thanks to everyone for all your wonderful comments and follows lately =)

Corinne x


  1. Oh no, what an annoying situation… I am moving on July 1st too, but I have three days overlap before I have to leave my current apartment. I hope you find a solution! X

  2. Nooo, don´t hate this dress, Corinne; it is great for the new summer season. I love it and the shoes are incredible.Kisses:)

  3. It depends on the mood, sometimes I try something before I buy and I love it and than come back home, hate it and wanna return it. Women indeed are complex beings 🙂

    Stardust Stain >> NEW POST || Playing With Denims

  4. Hi Corinne! The dress is soooo cute! Hopefully you changed your mind since I love the navy mood and the stripes of it! Btw, I’m sorry about the big stress, hope you can find a solution, I’m sure you will find also in the new house a place where taking photos! Bloggers have a creative mind!;) Kisses dear! xo

  5. the dress’s style is somehow different than most of your dresses, but it still looks good! and it sounds like you’ll have to try and find new locations to take pictures at, ha! moving can be so stressful, though.. xx

  6. Hello from Spain, lovely dress. IT is very cheap. You are very pretty. I whish you you can find in your new house a place where you can talking pics. Keep in touch

  7. I had the same thoughts about blogger photos when I chose my university accommodation! I know how you feel haha! Lovely dress xx

  8. Corinne, have you talked to your current landlord and explained the situation you’re in. Maybe for a few extra dollars he’ll allow you to move out a day after??? It wouldn’t hurt to talk to him. What an ordeal. I’m sure something will work out. Love your outfit and glad you kept the dress. That’s happened to me before. Hang in there girl.

  9. Can’t the current landlord be a bit more lenient?? It’s one frigging day!! How about if you just bring all of your stuff to that new place, put it in front of the house and set camp for the night, surely they’ll let you in if they see you there!

    Why don’t you take outfit pics in a park or somewhere outside the house for a change of scenery? Take one of your housemates with you.:)

  10. Aww man I hope your landlord can maybe give you some leeway in the form of 24 hours – so unfair! Plus 24 hours more to take photographs haha…
    I’m sure you will find somewhere even if it’s the corner of a room, just enough to get a full length shot, it’s so hard I know – I have the space but a very uncooperative boyfriend who refuses to take my pictures haha, meaning I mostly have to go to my mums where there is zero natural light and zero space 🙁

    Bad times ey!!

    Holly Mixtures

  11. It was lucky that you tried the dress on again – what a bargain! 🙂 I hope you manage to find somewhere to go with your house full of stuff for the night!! If there’s nowhere to take photos in your new house you’re gonna have to venture out and take photos in public – even worse blogger woes with the staring people!! xx

  12. It does look really lovely on you! 🙂 Definitely a keeper.

    If experienced that a lot, hating something first but then ending up loving it. Sometimes the other way around, too! 😀

    Thanks for the comment 🙂 I hope you stop by sometime again x I received the In Love with….-order today, and I hope to be able to photograph & style them soon 🙂

    xx Indie by heart

  13. lovely look, stripes look pretty bold.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If you want we can follow each other on GFC ,Bloglovin/Facebook..Let me know !

  14. Oh, this dress doesn’t look like a dress but is amazing (I LOOOOVE stripes!!!)
    Hope in the end all will be fine with your moving.. Why can’t you stay just 1 day longer in your old home?? 🙁

    :*, Nina

  15. Yes many times I need to reconsider something in order to like it! Nice that you kept it cause it looks good on you!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  16. I agree with you, you have to try clothes twice:-)

    Kisses from Dublin

  17. That never happened to me, because I’m an instant dress lover/hater too! Well would your landlord be ruined if you stayed one night longer??? I don’t understand these people!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  18. What a LOVELY dress! I’d totally steal it from you and wear it forever, haha.
    Just kidding, but this is really pretty.
    I’ve never experienced clothes growing on me, but I have so many things that have grown off me. I’d love it in the shop but when I’m at home I’m like “Nah, maybe I’ll wear you someday…not”

    Moving is so annoying =/ Hope, you’ll ride this out well.


  19. Beautiful look! I love the stripes and cute shoes! I know what you mean about hating something one minute and loving it the next, I am constantly changing my mind depending on my mood! LOL!


  20. You will upload new photos of your new house, ¿really? ^^
    Love your “vintage” shoes, are lfkjrgkndf <3 hahaha
    Have a good days Corinne, have a god luck in your home!

  21. Beautiful dress and shoes!!
    Have a wonderful weekend! and my g+ for you!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  22. I love love love this dress. It’s so cute

    Plz dont bang your head against the wall, it’s not going to help. Tell your stupid landlord that you are moving out on 1st. He/she just cannot tell you to go if you guys do not have place to stay. At least that’s the least he/she can do after all the stuff you guys had to go through

  23. The striped look is fantastically chic on you, I adore the shoes, they had a lovely vintage feel about the,

  24. Those shoes are adorable! Yeah I always hate things when they come in the mail, then try them on again and am like ok because I’m too lazy to go to the post office…and then wear it outside and fall in love!

    Sophisticated Lace

  25. Ooh, glad you tried it on a second time! I love the stripes.
    Aha, for me I usually hate it on the hanger and then I try it on and end up loving it.
    And I know, I’ve never had to share a room with anyone before, so its a learning experience. But I’m just glad I get along with my roommates so well!

    Trendy Teal

  26. Marvelously lovely shoes – they channel such a wonderful 1920s (on into the 30s) vibe. You look so summery and stylish, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  27. Shit – what you gonna do? could you leave it all on a hire truck for the night? Or is that reddick?
    Get this, I leave the UK in a week and have to go back to NZ where I have no home and no job – all my stuffs in a storage unit 😉
    You should find a nice park or cool wall somewhere to take your outfit photos!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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