A few days ago, I was invited to join an online fashion community. I was intrigued, as it is not one I had heard of before. 

So, what is Stylight, exactly? 

Think Pinterest. Think Lookbook. Think fashion search engine. All rolled into one. 

Stylight gives you the opportunity to browse though thousands (when I say thousands, I mean over 400, 000!) of items of clothing, shoes, bags and jewellery. Everything is neatly categorised so you can find exactly what you want, you can also narrow down your search even further by selecting colour, price range and even the brand. 

Stumble upon an item you like? You can simply click ‘go to shop’, then you will be whisked away to the website where the item is available to buy. It is such an easy method of finding something in particular, without having to troll through dozens of websites!

So, what about the community side of things? 

You can create a profile so that when you see an item you like, you can choose to ‘heart’ the item, which saves it on your profile so you can view it anytime, or you can ‘add to board’ which allows you to create whole outfits and share them with others. You can browse other profiles and boards, liking those you wish to!

You can even add your own photo and match it with items on the website, giving other members the opportunity to not only see your style, but buy it too! You can upload videos and music too, and of course quotes!

When you have created your board, you can share it via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or e-mail to friends.

Check out a board I made here.
All you need to do to join is go to, pick the country you are from and sign up!

Please check out my profile, heart it on there and leave a link below with your profile, so I can heart you back =)

Have you ever heard of this website?
What do you think of of it?
I made a Facebook page for the blog yesterday (FINALLY) – don’t forget to like it =)

1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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