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Saturday Saturday Saturday yay

Dress : Vila Floral Tea Dress Blazer : Primark Shoes : Internacionale Hmm. I need to figure out the best time to take photos now the…


Blazer : Primark
Shoes : Internacionale

Hmm. I need to figure out the best time to take photos now the sun is actually visiting England, as much as I love the warm weather, it is not very good lighting for my photos. Oh dear.

Is it sad that my only concern about moving into the new house in July is that I am unsure where I can put my body and take photos for le blog? Oh dear.

Anyway, happy Saturday everyone. What are you all up to on this fine day? 

I am going to my friends house tonight to drink the wine, it will be fun times. I should probably start getting my shit together and finding out what time she requires me, I shall go and do that now.

Corinne x


  1. Awwww I want your dress!!!
    I have that blazer haha 🙂
    Have a good night, I too am hitting the wine later 🙂
    Leila xx

  2. Hello from Spain: your plan for the night is fun. I really like that dress with flowers. A very spring style. You look beautiful. Keep in touch

  3. The dress is so nice Corinne, love the bright colors! Have fun with your friends!! I’m going to have a TV sat evening:P Kisses! xo

  4. Sounds good, that you don´t have only the sorrow where you can take photos in your new home 😉 But this only by the way …

    The importanst thing of this post: You! And you´re looking really wonderful in this flowered dress with the blue balzer – I like it and your such a beauty <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  5. You got a fiiiine pair of legs on you gurllll, haha 🙂

    Love the dress and blazer combo!!

  6. have a great saturday night : this flower dress will make the sun come back 🙂
    You’re moving soon ? Is it a bigger house ? gonna miss your kitchen ;))

  7. Omg, I really love this dress! Perfect floral print and style for your body! Love love love! xx Pip

  8. Beautiful!

    I like your blog and I am your new follower now) Would you like to follow each other?)

  9. So how was drinking?:)

    Can this dress be even more adorable?!?! It actually looks as if it were made for you…

    As for the photo taking issue – I want to take photos inside too, it’s really annoying coming up with places to shoot. I live in a hell hole, there’s a limited amount of cool places. But my apartment is also uncooperative.:) Hope your new house is nicer to you…

    P.S.: Poor Ollie! And you… But yeah, you were kind of in no place to argue.:) I actually take my dog out 4 times a day (the last time is right before we go to bed) but the post was getting too long.:D

  10. seems like you have tons of beautiful dresses! :O
    taking outfit photo inside house is the safest because there’ll be no strangers walking around and staring at you._. but there must be a nice wall to take photo with in your new house!
    my Sat was great-I had massive dinner with my family, bet yours was amazing too!
    as for my holiday, I’m going to stay for few days near the beach in the end of May hehe where are you planning to go to? 😀

  11. How pretty is that dress???
    I love it!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  12. love this dress! <3

    Maybe we could follow each other? 😀
    -> I already follow you! (name: “fille”)
    Would be really glad, if you follow back ♥

    My fashion blog 🙂

  13. Such a pretty floral dress, very flattering shape too. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. 🙂

  14. corinne, really, i have to say: you are the f***ing queen of dresses! i’m impressed evertyime i come over. great! love <3 tones.

  15. Beautiful vest! love it! Thank you so much for coming to me! Check back soon to see me on Inside Me!

  16. Thanks for your kind words on my blog, they sweetened my day!
    I really like your outfit here, the dress is just adorable! And your hair looks so lovely!
    I’m sure you could out some oils into the candles to make them smell – great idea! But real beeswax also smells very nice.

    Have a great week,

  17. Looooove the outfit! I wouldn’t mind raiding your closet! Speaking of which, we get way too much sun here, perhaps trade countries? haha! Hope the wine drinking went great! :p

  18. Aw, dear. that dress looks stunning on you and you look beautiful!
    maybe you wanna follow each other? 🙂

  19. you look so pretty!
    love the dress!

    Très Jolie fashion blog
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  20. Hey chick!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog
    Your blog is wonderful 🙂
    I’m following you now via twitter, bloglovin, instagram & gfc so we can be blogger buddies!

  21. Hi darling! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Your today’s post is great! I follow you back!


  22. Aaaawww!!!! This dress…. LOOOOVE!!!
    Really, it’s just beautiful! And I love it worn with this blue blazer..

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